Low Impact Weights (Chest & Triceps) and Cardio

Low Impact Weights and Cardio is cardio + strength workout from Yvette Bachman. For this workout you will alternate strength and core exercises with cardio exercises. The focus of the strength work is your chest and triceps. For the chest and triceps your goal is 12-15 reps, so choose your weights accordingly. The cardio is … Continue reading Low Impact Weights (Chest & Triceps) and Cardio

Cathe Live: Push Pull Total Body Heavy Weight

Yes! Another awesome heavy weight strength workout from Cathe! Please Cathe! Keep creating these! I knew I would love this workout before I did it. I did it this morning--LOVED IT! #309 Push Pull Total Body Heavy Weight is a total body strength workout from Cathe Live using the push-pull method. Push-pull is a training … Continue reading Cathe Live: Push Pull Total Body Heavy Weight

Barlates: Gentle Home Workouts/Cardio Sculpt

Cardio Sculpt is part of Linda @ Barlates Gentle Home Workout Series. I really enjoyed this workout. I have enjoyed all of Linda's Gentle Home Workouts but this one may be my favorite so far. I use these workouts as recovery day workouts. I just read over my review for her Gentle Home Workouts: Combinations … Continue reading Barlates: Gentle Home Workouts/Cardio Sculpt

Cathe Live: Bootcamp Heavy Weights

I treasure these new Cathe Live workouts where Cathe is lifting heavy. I have one more to try (next week) unless she creates more, which I hope she does. This morning was #303 Bootcamp Heavy Weights. It is a cardio + strength total body workout. There is so much I loved about this workout. My favorite part … Continue reading Cathe Live: Bootcamp Heavy Weights

30 Minutes to Fitness: Box Fit

Box Fit is one of Kelly Coffey-Meyer's new workout DVDs. It contains two approximately 30 minute workouts. One cardio boxing and one total body metabolic strength. There are also several longer premixes that combine the two workouts into cardio + strength workouts, including a special premix that is featured along with the two main workouts … Continue reading 30 Minutes to Fitness: Box Fit

Cathe Live: Burn Sets Biceps & Triceps

#304 Burn Sets: Biceps & Triceps is the 3rd and final workout in Cathe's Burn Sets Live workouts. Between the 3 workouts Cathe hits every major muscle group and she works them thoroughly. The other two workouts are Back, Chest & Shoulders and Express Legs Heavy Weight. I love these workouts. I also love how hard … Continue reading Cathe Live: Burn Sets Biceps & Triceps

Barlates: Gentle Home Workouts/Walking

Walking is part of Linda @ Barlates Gentle Home Workouts Series. Linda created these workouts to be low impact enough to be done in an apartment or other small space. They are also gentle on joints. Today is my rest/recovery day so I was looking for something gentle and low key. This was perfect. I … Continue reading Barlates: Gentle Home Workouts/Walking

AngieFitnessTV: Resistance Band Upper Body

Resistance Band Upper Body is part of AngieFitnessTV's 15 Minutes to Fit Series. I am really impressed with this workout! Don't misunderstand, I have loved all of Angie's 15 Minute to Fit workouts but for some reason, I never expect a lot out of resistance band workouts. Angie thoroughly worked my upper body in this … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: Resistance Band Upper Body

AngieFitnessTV: Rebounder Light Weight Cardio Sculpt

Rebounder Light Weight Cardio Sculpt is another fun and effective cardio + strength rebounder workout from AngieFitnessTV. It is not total body strength but the muscles that Angie does work, she works them well (well, all except triceps). The first 30 minutes of the workout is cardio and light weight upper body sculpting. The second … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: Rebounder Light Weight Cardio Sculpt

AngieFitnessTV: Strong & Sweaty Step

Strong & Sweaty Step is the full version of a step cardio workout I have already reviewed here: Step Strong 4 Combination Class. Check out that review for more information about the step cardio segments of this workout. This workout alternates step cardio combos with strength training circuits. This is an excellent total body cardio … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: Strong & Sweaty Step