The Method: Cardio Boot Camp

Cardio Boot Camp is another collection of short (15 minute) cardio workouts from The Method and led by Tracey Mallet. It is a good thing I got this DVD used and super cheap at Goodwill because one of the 3 workouts on this DVD is on another Method/Tracey Mallet DVD that I had already bought … Continue reading The Method: Cardio Boot Camp


The Method: Jab, Kick & Burn

Jab, Kick & Burn is another Method workout collection led by Tracey Mallet. It is the second Method collection I've tried and I purchased 3 of Tracey's Method workouts. As I mentioned in the review for her Cardio Kick workout, the workouts appear to have been originally done as TV show-type workouts. The set is … Continue reading The Method: Jab, Kick & Burn

The Method: Cardio Kick

I bought Cardio Kick because Tracey Mallet is the trainer and I am a fan of her workouts. Cardio Kick contains two 20 minute cardio workouts. I knew nothing about The Method workouts before I bought this DVD, but apparently (not 100% certain) The Method was a exercise TV show. I hesitate to say streaming … Continue reading The Method: Cardio Kick

Svelte U: Workout Two

Workout Two is the second of the Svelte U workouts created by Tracey Mallett. Like Svelte U: Workout One, there are actually three 20 minute workouts on this DVD. So if you purchase Workout One and Workout Two you would get six 20 minute workouts that actually work very nicely together. I did all 3 … Continue reading Svelte U: Workout Two

Svelte U: Workout One

Tracey Mallett has created two new workout DVDs. They are both titled Svelte U. One is Workout One and the other is Workout Two; however they both contain three 20 minute workouts. This is obviously a review of the first DVD. Though it does contain 3 workouts, I did them all in one session, back … Continue reading Svelte U: Workout One

The Booty Barre : Beginner’s & Beyond

I'm a big fan of Tracey Mallett's workouts but I put off purchasing this one because of the subtitle: Beginners & Beyond. I am not advanced in the barre realm but I also don't want a beginner workout. But the more I read about it the more I decided I might like it anyway. The … Continue reading The Booty Barre : Beginner’s & Beyond

Lose the Belly Flab

Lose the Belly Flab is another new-to-me workout by Tracey Mallet. I decided to get this one because she mentioned it in Get Your Body Back. She tells you to use the two workouts together. So I checked this one out and though it is core focused it also has lower body work, so I … Continue reading Lose the Belly Flab

Get Your Body Back

Get Your Body Back is another Tracey Mallett workout. The theme of this workout is to "lose the baby fat"--but trust me, this workout is not just for new moms. This workout is excellent for anyone. There are a lot of ways you can approach this workout. If you are new to exercise for any … Continue reading Get Your Body Back

6 Minute Quick Blast Method-Total Body Calorie Blast

Another workout by Tracey Mallett. I just keep buying them! This one is different from her others that I've done so far. Just like the title says (6 Minute Quick Blast Method), this workout is made up of seven 6 minute segments plus a warm up and cool down. You can take these seven segments … Continue reading 6 Minute Quick Blast Method-Total Body Calorie Blast

Bikini Body: Bootylicious

I am now a big fan of Tracey Mallett. After doing the fabulous F.I.T. and The Booty Barre: Total New Body, she is filling up my wishlist. Her workouts are hard, effective and she brings such a warm and personable presence to her workouts. She is encouraging and likable and I just love doing workouts … Continue reading Bikini Body: Bootylicious