Barlates: Barre Bootcamp Series

Barre Bootcamp Series contains three 40 minute barre bootcamp workouts: Total Body, Sculpt, and Box. Here is a video clip showing all 3 workouts. I wanted these workouts very bad. But when Linda first announced them the only way to even pre-order them was through Total Fitness DVDs and even then it was only available … Continue reading Barlates: Barre Bootcamp Series

The Method: Cardio Boot Camp

Cardio Boot Camp is another collection of short (15 minute) cardio workouts from The Method and led by Tracey Mallet. It is a good thing I got this DVD used and super cheap at Goodwill because one of the 3 workouts on this DVD is on another Method/Tracey Mallet DVD that I had already bought … Continue reading The Method: Cardio Boot Camp

A-Team Boot Camp

A-Team Boot Camp is a cardio + strength circuit workout by Amy Bento. I have had this DVD for a long time. I keep meaning to do it but it would get swapped with other workouts--usually Cathe Live. But I finally decided today to do it. On the back of the DVD it is rated … Continue reading A-Team Boot Camp