Barlates: Target 10/Squats & Lunges

Target 10: Squats & Lunges is part of Linda @ Barlate's Target 10 series. Linda has 3 "Target" series: Target 10, Target 15 and Target 20 and I bought all 3 DVDs. Each DVD contains 10 focused workouts that fall within the title's time range. Squats & Lunges contains 10 exercises that “target” your lower body. You … Continue reading Barlates: Target 10/Squats & Lunges

Barlates: Target 15/Weighted Upper

Target 15: Weighted Upper is part of Linda @ Barlates Target 15 series. I really like Linda's Target Series. She has Target 10, Target 15 and Target 20 workouts and I bought all 3 DVDs. Each DVD contains 10 focused workouts that fall within the title's time range. Weighted Upper contains 15 exercises that “target” your … Continue reading Barlates: Target 15/Weighted Upper

Barlates: Bounce Intervals/Singles & Doubles

Bounce Intervals: Singles & Doubles is intense! Linda @ Barlates has created yet another winner with this workout. It wore me out! I was working so hard. I have now done all of the rebounder workouts Linda has created. At least at this point in time. Hopefully she will continue to create more of them since … Continue reading Barlates: Bounce Intervals/Singles & Doubles

Barlates: Bounce Intervals/Total Burn

Bounce Intervals: Total Burn is another tough rebounder workout from Linda @ Barlates. I am down to her last rebounder workout. I have now done all of them except Bounce Intervals: Singles & Doubles which I will do next weekend. Until Linda creates more rebounder workouts, I have done all of hers. It makes me … Continue reading Barlates: Bounce Intervals/Total Burn

Barlates: Total 20/Bounce Sculpt

I was super excited when Linda @ Barlates started creating the workouts for this series. The Total 20 Series consists of 8 workouts that are 23-29 minutes in length. They are advertised to give you a total body workout in 20 minutes--plus you get a warm up and stretch, which is what makes the workouts … Continue reading Barlates: Total 20/Bounce Sculpt

Barlates: Total 20/Weights

Total 20: Weights is a short and to the point total body strength workout. The Total 20 Series was created by Linda @ Barlates. I was very excited about this series of workouts from the time the first one appeared on YouTube. Total 20 consists of 8 workouts that are 23-29 minutes in length. They are advertised … Continue reading Barlates: Total 20/Weights

Barlates: Bounce Intervals/ Up & Down

Bounce Intervals: Up & Down is another cardio rebounder workout from Linda @ Barlates. Since I have fallen in love with rebounding, I approach every rebounder workout with hope that I will love it. Unfortunately I was disappointed in this workout. It is a tough and advanced workout and I did not enjoy it. I … Continue reading Barlates: Bounce Intervals/ Up & Down

Barlates: Bounce Series/Barre

Bounce Series: Barre is a cardio + strength workout from Linda @ Barlates. The strength is barre-style exercises and the cardio is, of course, rebounder bouncing. This was a tough and relatively thorough workout. Of course, Linda burns the lower body out hard. For this workout, Linda has the T bar attached to her rebounder. … Continue reading Barlates: Bounce Series/Barre

Barlates: Bounce Total Body

Bounce Total Body is a series of 4 rebounder workouts from Linda @ Barlates. Unlike many of Linda's other workouts, these are not available for free on YouTube. You can purchase the DVD that contains all 4 workouts, which is what I did, or you can purchase the individual workouts via download from Linda's website. Despite … Continue reading Barlates: Bounce Total Body

Barlates: Bounce Express

Bounce Express is a collection of five 16 minute workouts plus a warm up and a cool down/stretch from Linda @ Barlates. All of the workouts are done on the rebounder. There are no premixes on the DVD, so it is for you to pick and choose which workouts you want to do. All of … Continue reading Barlates: Bounce Express