Barlates: Bounce Total Body/Cardio Band

Bounce Total Body: Cardio Band is part of Linda @ Barlates Bounce Total Body Series that was previously only available on DVD. I’m not sure why, but she is now releasing the full workouts for free on YouTube. I have already reviewed the entire Bounce Total Body DVD but I have decided to now post each workout individually for people who were not willing to purchase them. Now you can do the workouts for free. Here is the original post reviewing all 4 workouts on the DVD: Bounce Total Body. They are all cardio + strength workouts done on a rebounder. This is the final workout of the 4 that Linda has released on YouTube. The other 3 are Cardio Barre, Cardio Mat and Cardio Pilates.

Cardio Band is 62:30 minutes; 45 second intro, 2:30 minute warm up and 4:30 minute stretch. Equipment: rebounder and a pilates band/dynaband. You use the pilates band for the warm up. I’m not exactly sure when the warm up ends, but I start the breakdown when the exercises become more aggressive. Here is a trailer for this workout. This was an excellent total body cardio + strength workout. I am so impressed and pleased with it. Linda works your back really well, too, which is always my complaint about some “total body” workouts–the back is skimped on or completely ignored. Not in this one. It is the first muscle group Linda hits and she hits it hard. Of course, how hard it is truly hit all depends on your band strength and how much you choke up on the band. I used 3 bands for this workout. A heavy, a medium and a light strength band. I used the light strength band for all of the cardio. When back was worked I combined the heavy and light band and choked up on it to give me lots of resistance. I used the heavy band for the bicep work (done right after the back work) and for the remainder of the strength exercises I used the medium band. I had some serious muscle burn out during this workout. The cardio was easy to do–nothing complicated–but since you are using the band you feel it more. You are getting arm/shoulder work during the cardio circuits which also helps to elevate your heart rate even more. Another excellent rebounder workout!


  1. Holding one end of pilates band scrunched up in each hand so that there is about 2 feet of band between hands, band is held taut, do jumping jacks, raising and lowering the band; changes to double jacks (hop 2x in each position)
  2. Continue doing jumping jacks but in an X shape–one leg forward and one back (both legs are still wide) and one arm forward and up and one arm down and back (arms are still wide), alternate arm and leg positions
  3. Pendulum the legs, arms are held out straight with band taut and move arms in opposition to legs (Linda calls theses Wacky Jacks)
  4. Jumping jacks, pulling band wider when lifting arms overhead and pulling band wider when lowering arms down to thigh level; changes to doubles
  5. Repeat #2-4, doing 8 reps of each


  1. (Wrapped the band around trampoline bar in front of you; I wrapped 2 bands–my heavy and my light to get the most resistance) Hinge forward with legs wide and holding one end of resistance band in each hand, do back rows, keeping arms close to sides; changes to fast alternating back rows
  2. Stand up straight, legs still wide and do hammer curls (still holding one end of band in each hand); changes to fast alternating hammer curls
  3. (remove band from tramoline bar) Stand on one end of the band and hold the other end of the band in opposite hand, elbow is close to side and hand/arm turned out to side, do wide bicep curls in this position; add an overhead press after bicep curl (curl up then push band overhead, lower arm then curl down)
  4. (move band so you are standing on it with other foot, but you are still holding the other end of the band in the same hand) Extend arm/band out away from body then do a cross curl, bending elbow and bringing hand/band to opposite shoulder
  5. In same starting position as #9 but with elbow bent, push arm further out to side then straighten arm, pushing band away from you (tricep kickback out to the side) + cross curl (see #9)
  6. Repeat #8-10 on other side of body


  1. (wrap band around back and bring it under arms, hold one end of band bunched up in each hand) Prance-hop side to side to while pushing arms/bands overhead
  2. Cross jacks while also crossing arms/band in front of body
  3. Scissor legs while raising and lowering arms/band in front of you
  4. Jump forward and back in a V jump (feet close together then wide when jumping to the front), cross punch arms in front (pull elbows back at shoulder level then punch arms in front of you, crossing arms)
  5. High knee runs with single arm speed bag arm
  6. (hold band in front of you, one end wrapped around each hand and about 2 feet of band between hands) Wide squat jumps, raising and lowering arms/band
  7. 4 wide leg hops holding arms/band overhead + one wide tuck jump bringing hands/band down to knees
  8. 180 hop turns, punching to side each time you are facing the side (you are also doing one little hop to change sides, so it’s not really a full 180 hop turn); remain facing one side while doing double time punches with one arm (and hopping the entire time)


  1. (Tie one end of the band to the front edge of her rebounder) Stand on the rebounder with other end of band in one hand, step one foot off the back of the rebounder while also doing a single arm back row then tap foot back up on rebounder
  2. Keep one foot on rebounder, the other on the floor, one hand is still holding one end of the band, keep that arm straight and push arm/band straight behind you as you lift floor leg up straight behind you; hinge forward holding edge of rebounder with other hand, raise one leg straight behind you and pulse leg up while also pulsing straight arm up in time with leg (Linda also gives you the option of lowering to your knee to make it easier)
  3. Repeat #20-21 on other leg
  4. (untie band from rebounder) Fold band in half and hold one end of folded band in each hand, sit on edge of rebounder, knees bent and toes on floor, lean torso back and, keeping arms extended straight, alternate lifting/straightening legs while also rowing band down to side
  5. Loop band around one foot and hold both ends of band together in one hand, lean torso back with other hand on rebounder for balance, bicycle legs in this position (while bicycling legs you are pushing out against the band with one foot)
  6. Lay back on rebounder, raise both legs straight to ceiling, band is looped around the bottom of both feet, lower straight legs then raise them back to ceiling, lower straight legs out to side then raise back to ceiling, lower straight legs to other side then raise back to ceiling, continue alternating through these 3 versions of the move
  7. Get on hands and knees on top of rebounder, band is looped around the sole of one foot and you are holding both ends of the band together in one hand, in this position, bend knee in under body then push leg out straight behind you; bend knee and raise leg behind you so knee is in line with hip and pulse/push foot up to ceiling


  1. (set band aside) Get into pike position on rebounder, hands holding the edge of the rebounder and legs wide and straight, from this position do butt kick runs with legs while remaining in pike position; changes to frog squats to pike (start in pike, then jump feet into hands, lowering glutes so you are in a deep yoga squat then jump feet back out to pike)
  2. Stand on rebounder and do high knee runs; changes to prancing side to side
  3. Scissor runs while raising and lowering arms
  4. Twist hop hips side to side
  5. Cross jacks

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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