Barlates: Bounce Total Body Cardio Mat

Bounce Total Body Cardio Mat workout is part of Linda @ Barlates Bounce Total Body Series that was previously only available on DVD. I’m not sure why, but she is now releasing the full workouts for free on YouTube. I have already reviewed the entire Bounce Total Body DVD but I have decided to now post each workout individually for people who were not willing to purchase them. Now you can do the workouts for free. So as Linda releases them, I will do a separate post for each one. I probably won’t post the review immediately since I am trying to revisit the workout before I repost. For instance, Linda uploaded this on 01/11/21 and I just revisited it this morning. Here is the original post reviewing all 4 workouts on the DVD: Bounce Total Body. They are all cardio + strength workouts done on a rebounder. So far, the only other Bounce Total Body workout she has released on YouTube is Cardio Barre.

Cardio Mat is 65 minutes; 5 minute warm up and 4:30 minute stretch. Here is a trailer for this workout. The only equipment needed is the rebounder. This is a cardio + lower body strength workout. The strength is all bodyweight mat based exercises but they are done on the rebounder which gives the legs far greater range of motion than when the exercises are done on a mat. And wow–did I feel the difference. The lower body mat work was excruciating at times. It is also high rep, which mat work traditionally is, and I was definitely fighting to eke out those final reps of many of the exercises. The cardio on the other hand was fun. It was all basic and easy to do but effective cardio moves–athletic drills, old school cardio moves and boxing. All while bouncing on your rebounder. Overall I got an excellent cardio + lower body workout. Normally I am all about form when exercising and I worked really hard to perform all of the exercises properly including boxing punches. However, executing perfect punches while bouncing on a rebounder is a game changer. My punching form was hideous and all over the place. The hardest cardio circuit was the old school cardio moves. <–The last sentence, btw, is an update to the original review. I now have stronger bungees on my rebounder and was able to keep up with Linda on all of the moves. Stronger bungees allows you to bounce faster but you also are working harder. My legs were already worn out from the first lower body strength circuit so coordinating myself for the old school cardio continued to fatigue my legs. By the end of workout my legs were jelly-like. It has been almost 2 hours since I finished the workout and my legs are still singing. Also, I found my punching form greatly improved with the stronger bungees.

  1. Cardio: butt kick runs; changes to high knee runs; changes to double hops side to side; hopping hip twists; keep repeating all of these cardio moves first for 8 reps each move then for 4 reps each move then for 2 reps each move (all of these cardio moves are done with various arm movements)
  2. Intensity Burst: fast butt kick runs, pulling arms down from overhead; changes to fast high knees while crossing straight arms in front of you and straight out to sides
  3. Kneeling squats (kneel on rebounder with knees wide and toes together, lower glutes to heels then straighten body pressing hips forward, fingertips are together with elbows out to side when squatting, open arms out straight to side in T when pressing hips forward)
  4. Still kneeling on rebounder with knees wide and toes together, remain straight from knees to shoulders and do fast hip tucks
  5. Still kneeling on rebounder with legs/knees together, lower glutes to heels and when you raise, tuck hips forward and to the side, alternate sides
  6. On rebounder, lower onto one hip, bottom knee bent and leaning on bottom elbow, raise and lower top straight leg; bring top knee into chest then press foot out straight to side; extend straight leg in front of you but on a diagonal, raise and lower straight leg in this position; bring knee into chest and push foot out in front of you but on a diagonal; extend top straight leg behind you, raise and lower in this position; bring knee in front of you then push foot behind you
  7. Repeat #6 on other leg
  8. Cardio: hop with knee raise, alternate knees; changes to knee raise, tap foot behind other foot then knee raise again (hopping the entire time), alternate legs; changes to knee raise then tap foot in front of other foot then knee raise again (hopping the entire time), alternate legs; changes to hop skips; changes to hop skips kicking legs out to side; changes to jumping jacks; repeat everything, decreasing the reps like you did in #1
  9. Intensity Burst: fast hop skips; changes to fast jumping jacks
  10. Get onto all 4s on rebounder, extend one leg straight behind you, raise and lower straight leg
  11. In straight arm plank with hands on rebounder and feet on floor, bring one knee to same side elbow on outside of body then press leg straight behind you
  12. Get onto all 4s on rebounder again, with knee bent, press one foot up to ceiling then extend the leg straight behind you, bend the leg again and lower knee
  13. Repeat #10-12 on other leg
  14. Cardio: alternating front punches with hops to change leads; changes to single arm punches to side (with hops); punch low then high to side (with squat hops); changes to jumping jacks; alternating upper cuts (with hops side to side); changes to alternating hook punches (with hops side to side); repeat upper cuts and hooks only, decreasing the reps like you did in #1 & 8; single arm speed bags (while hopping); changes to double arm speed bag (while hopping)

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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