Barlates: Bounce Total Body Cardio Barre

This workout is part of Linda @ Barlates Bounce Total Body Series that was previously only available on DVD. I’m not sure why, but she is now releasing the workouts for free on YouTube (or at least this one so far). I have already reviewed the entire Bounce Total Body DVD but I have decided to now post each workout individually for people who were not willing to purchase them. Now you can do the workouts for free. So as Linda releases them, I will do a separate post for each one. Here is the original post reviewing all 4 workouts on the DVD: Bounce Total Body. They are all cardio + strength workouts done on a rebounder.

Cardio Barre is 58 minutes; there is a warm up but I am not sure when it ends and the workout begins. The first 40 seconds is intro and the next 2 minutes is low prancing then hopping. The break down starts when the workout gets more aerobic. The cool down/stretch is 4 minutes. Equipment: rebounder, light dumbbells (Linda is using 1kg or 2 pounds) and something to hold onto. Linda is using a barre. She says you can have a chair with a high back close to the rebounder to use. My rebounder has a bar on it, so that’s what I used. This was a very tough workout. Very tough. For several reasons. First, this is Linda and she just creates brutal barre workouts but in addition, I found a lot of the moves in this workout awkward to perform. I won’t lie. I got an excellent and exhausting workout but I just found so many of these moves awkward that I doubt I will return to this workout. It is primarily a cardio + lower body workout but the use of light hand weights gives your arms and shoulders some work, too. <–This was written after I did this workout at the beginning of April 2020 when I was using a very inexpensive spring bound rebounder.

***01/07/21 UPDATE: I have returned to this workout now that I have a Bellicon rebounder with extra strong bungees and it made a world of difference. This is still an advanced and challenging workout but it was far less awkward with a high end rebounder with extra strong bungees. I enjoyed it a lot more. It was still an exhausting workout. That didn’t change, but the strength of my bungees and the quality of my rebounder made everything far less awkward. I also now do rebounder workouts where you are on the rebounder for the entire workout without shoes and I think that makes a big difference, too. I have found that shoes tend to make rebounder workouts more awkward. When I did this workout back in April 2020 I was wearing shoes. So the combination of the low end spring bound rebounder and wearing shoes contributed to how awkward the workout was for me. That and I was new to rebounding. I have been rebounding a lot since then, so I am definitely a lot more conditioned to it. These are all things to keep in mind when approaching this workout. I burned 456 calories when doing this workout. That is a really good burn for a cardio + strength workout where the strength work is barre work. So it was intense!***

  1. Hops with alternating front kicks, raise and lower arms overhead; continue the kicks but on an angle out to side; continue kicks but out to sides of body; continue kicks but kick legs behind you
  2. Twist hips side to side with arms moving in opposition
  3. (barre or chair should be beside rebounder) Hold onto barre with one hand and hop while also kicking outside leg straight in front of you
  4. A sort of rocking horse hop, lifting outside knee in front of you and lifting inside leg behind you
  5. Little hops while repeatedly kicking outside leg (you are no longer holding the bar and you are raising and lowering both arms in front of you as you kick)
  6. Repeat #3-5 doing 4 reps of each
  7. Hold onto barre beside you again and hold one DB in other hand, lift outside leg straight in front of you, keep it raised but bend knee, extend knee straight again then hinge forward while lifting leg straight behind you (you are also doing arm movements with DB arm); changes to remaining upright, leg remains raised to the front, bend and extend knee; hinge forward, extending leg straight behind you, raise and lower leg
  8. (move barre or chair to other side of rebounder) Repeat #3-7 on other side of body
  9. (move barre or chair back to other side of rebounder) Prance on rebounder while raising and lowering arms
  10. Start with heels together and toes turned out, kick one leg out on angle then cross heel in front of other foot while also doing “swan arms”; changes to lifting leg out to side; continue lifting leg to side but now you tap foot behind other leg after kick; alternate between these 3 kick versions, doing 4 reps of each
  11. (get one DB) Place one hand/forearm on bar and hold one DB in other hand, raise outside leg out to side in hydrant, from this starting position, bring elbow to knee then extend leg out straight behind you while reaching arm/DB straight in front of you
  12. Bend outside knee straight out to side with sole of foot against inside of other thigh, elbow of outside arm is held against waist, arm/DB is extended out to side with palm facing ceiling, from this starting position, rotate knee and hand/DB to the front (keeping foot against other thigh and elbow against waist), rotate knee/hand/DB back to side then extend leg out straight to side while also pushing arm out straight (palm still facing ceiling)
  13. Raise bent outside leg to side in hydrant with foot higher than knee, rotate leg, raising knee higher than toe while doing this leg motion, arm/DB will extend out straight when knee is higher, then bend elbow, bringing DB in to shoulder when toe is higher (the entire time, your arm from shoulder to elbow will remain extended straight out to side–you are only moving from the elbow)
  14. Leg is still raised to side in hydrant, holding hydrant pose, push foot directly behind you
  15. (move barre or chair to other side of rebounder) Repeat 9-14 on other side of body
  16. Prance on rebounder while raising and lowering arms; with heels together and feet turned out, do narrow plie hops; continue doing plie hops but bring one foot in front of the other and switch feet with each jump; changes to 4 hops with one foot in front of the other + 4 narrow plie hops+ 4 hops with other foot in front; changes to 2 of each hop version
  17. Prance hop side to side; changes to wide high knee runs; changes to alternating front kicks; alternate the wide high knee runs with the alternating front kicks, first 8 reps of each then 4 reps of each

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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