The Firm/Zip Trainer: Firm & Cardio

Firm & Cardio are the deluxe add on workouts available at the time the Zip Trainer program came out (see that review for more info on what a Zip Trainer is). This deluxe add on came with a 7 pound core ball but the core ball is no longer available, only the DVDs. Firm & … Continue reading The Firm/Zip Trainer: Firm & Cardio


The Firm: Total Body Lite

Total Body Lite is pink Firm workout. It is led by trainer Emily Welsh. This is another workout that uses the CardioWeights. This workout is a recovery workout--so it is meant to be easier than other Firm workouts. During the workout Emily states you are meant to use light weights. I had a hard time … Continue reading The Firm: Total Body Lite

The Firm: Power Half Hour

Power Half Hour is a pink Firm and is led by Emily Welsh. It came out around or just after the Firm's CardioWeight System. The CardioWeight System is a collection of workouts that came with a pretty cool dumbbells set. It had inter-changable/screw-on bells and weighted bars. I still use those weights but I keep … Continue reading The Firm: Power Half Hour

The Firm: Zip Trainer

The Zip Trainer fitness program was created by The Firm. It contains 8 short workouts and comes with the Zip Trainer, a nutrition guide and a fitness guide. The workouts are led by 6 Firm trainers: Emily Welsh, Allie Del Rio, Stephanie Huckabee, Alison Davis, Kelsie Daniels and Annie Lee Coffey. The fitness guide introduces … Continue reading The Firm: Zip Trainer

The Firm: Burn & Shape

Burn & Shape is a pink Firm workout led by trainer Emily Welsh. This is another total body cardio + strength workout. I didn't think I remembered the workout before I did it, but once I did it this morning, I remembered why I didn't like this workout. I have no problem with compound exercises … Continue reading The Firm: Burn & Shape

The Firm Express

The Firm Express is a 30 day fitness program that contains 12 twenty minute workouts and 2 bonus 10 minute workouts. The workouts in this program are based on a specific HIIT protocolĀ of 8 seconds of high intensity work followed by 12 seconds of recovery, repeated 4 times. The 8:12 HIIT protocol is supposed to … Continue reading The Firm Express

The Firm: Cardio Party

Cardio Party is a pure cardio workout led by multiple Firm Trainers: Alison Davis, Emily Welsh, Rebekah Sturkie, Annie Lee and Allie Del Rio Pointer. This workout is available on its own but when I got it, it was a bonus workout included in The Firm's CardioWeight System. The CardioWeight System is a collection of … Continue reading The Firm: Cardio Party

The Firm: Target Toning (Zero-in-Ten)

Target Toning (Zero-in-Ten) contains five 10 minute workouts led by Rebekah Sturkie and Emily Welsh. Each 10 minute segment targets a different muscle group and one is a pure cardio workout, though all of them contain cardio bursts. Do all 5 and you will get a total body cardio + strength workout. You can select … Continue reading The Firm: Target Toning (Zero-in-Ten)

The Firm: Complete Aerobics & Weight Training

Complete Aerobics & Weight Training is part of The Firm's Body Sculpting System 2 and is led by trainer Emily Welsh. Emily wasn't one of my favorite Firm trainers but I did like her, which is good because she leads a lot of Firm workouts. This system came with 3 workouts: this workout plus Maximum … Continue reading The Firm: Complete Aerobics & Weight Training