The Firm: Zip Trainer

The Zip Trainer fitness program was created by The Firm. It contains 8 short workouts and comes with the Zip Trainer, a nutrition guide and a fitness guide. The workouts are led by 6 Firm trainers: Emily Welsh, Allie Del Rio, Stephanie Huckabee, Alison Davis, Kelsie Daniels and Annie Lee Coffey. The fitness guide introduces the trainers, describes the program and the Zip Trainer, and gives you a 2 month rotation calendar. It tells you how to care for your Zip Trainer, how to customize the workouts and includes a fit test. The nutrition guide contains a mix and match meal plan with recipes. It has a chart telling you how many calories you need based on how much you weigh, gives tips and tricks and snack options.

The Zip Trainer is a 5 pound squishy ball that unzips and has a hollow inside. You can put a 3 pound core ball that comes with Zip Trainer in the hollow to make it heavier or a 7 pound core ball that came with the deluxe add on and is no longer available–the deluxe DVD workouts are available but not the 7 pound core ball. You place the 3 or 7 pound ball inside of the Zip Trainer then zip it back up, increasing the weight of the Zip Trainer to 8 or 12 pounds.

The Zip Trainer is designed to be used in multiple ways (and the fitness guide shows you all of the ways it will be used in the program) but one of the ways is unzipped and open, with the dome sides facing up. When used this ways it simulates two small bosu balls placed next to each other. In theory this is pretty cool because it works the same as a bosu ball. A bosu ball is filled with air; it is larger, more stable and has a different kind of “give.” Though very cool for the purposes of this program, I prefer a real bosu ball any day over the Zip Trainer when used in bosu fashion. But, of course, the Zip Trainer can be used in many ways that a bosu cannot.

You can play each workout individually or you can customize a workout. And the customization menu is very cool. It is set up in a series of screens. The first screen makes you choose 1 warm up (one of the warm ups from any of the workouts, so you have 3 warm ups to choose from). Once you choose one warm up it automatically takes you to another screen in which the 3 workouts are listed: Cardio, Sculpt and AMP Reps. You can choose one, two or all three. Next it takes you to the cool down/stretches and just like the warm ups, you only choose one. You can’t mix Rev and Peak workouts together, but you can create your own premixes within each phase.

Each workout is led by a different trainer and they have 2 crew members behind them. One is always doing beginner modifications and the other is doing more advanced versions of the exercises. There is only one warm up and stretch per type of workout. So for Cardio 1 and Cardio 2 you have the same warm up and stretch but the actual workout is different; same with Sculpt 1 and 2 and AMP Rep 1 and 2.

Summary: I did the main workouts (Cycle 1 Rev and Cycle 2 Peak) in 2 separate approx. hour long workouts using the customization menu. Before I go into thoughts on the program as a whole, I want to talk about the warm ups and stretches, since they are important when using the customization feature. I liked Stephanie’s warm up and stretch (Sculpt workouts). I did not like Emily’s warm up (AMP Rep workouts) but I loved her stretch. Allie’s warm up and stretch were okay but not great (Cardio workouts). So, for my own future reference I will always do Stephanie’s warm up and then either her stretch or Emily’s stretch. Since the workouts are chaptered, here is what I have been doing: when I customize I can only add one stretch. So after the workout is done, I go to a Cardio workout and skip forward to Emily’s more thorough stretch and add it onto the end so I am getting really stretched out (so 2 stretches, but since the stretches are short anyway, its not a big deal). That is probably how I will continue to use it. Customize using Stephanie’s warm up and stretch, then end with Emily’s stretch.

All of the workouts are structured the same. They are circuit workouts. They all contain 4 circuits alternated with 4 “Short Bursts,” which are basically 30 second HIITs. All of the workouts are approx. 20 minutes but that is with the warm up and cool downs. The actual training time for all of them is approx. 15 minutes. Which means when customizing, you can do all 3 + warm up and stretch in under an hour.

I found these impressive little workouts. I liked all of the workouts and will return to them–either as short add ons or all 3 for an intense hour long workout. I didn’t care for the Abs bonus but everything else is excellent. I am really glad I bought this before they were all gone! Since The Firm no longer exists, when these are gone you will have to search them out used. And they will be much more expensive then. I started looking for used TransFirmer and it is ridiculously expensive now. I really wish I hadn’t given mine away.

The Deluxe add on to this program (which will be reviewed soon) used to come with a 7 pound core ball to make the Zip Trainer even heavier. Now you can only purchase the DVD. But you can buy core balls online in different weights. I own 4 pound core balls already that are the same size as the 3 pound ball that came with this program. Here are some in different weights sold on Amazon. They are all the same size, regardless of how much they weigh. So these workouts can grow with you. You can make these workouts more advanced by purchasing heavier core balls to load the Zip Trainer with.

Jumpstart is 16 minutes long; 30 second intro; 2:30 minute warm up and 2 minute stretch. Jumpstart is led by Emily. It is based on the 8 “signature” moves that are used in the Zip Trainer program. However you don’t actually use the Zip Trainer. Emily simulates using the Zip Trainer and explains how you would use it in each move. Between each of the “signature moves” there is a 30 second cardio burst. I enjoyed this little workout. It is Emily only, no background exercisers and though it isn’t difficult, it’s not beginner level either, though she does begin each move at beginner level and you can stay there if you need to. It’s not advanced either. It is a low intermediate bodyweight workout with some moderately intense cardio blasts. I really enjoyed it and think it is a nice add on to any workout if you are looking for a little bit more.

  1. Step squats; add overhead reach; alternating side lunges; add a knee raise after each side lunge
  2. Pivoting wide plie squats; add a toss–as if tossing ball overhead
  3. Burst: soccer drill–fast/low insole jog
  4. Alternating forward lunges
  5. Forward lunge + rear lunge other leg + side lunge (first leg) + squat; add simulated arm movements as of holding the small weighted ball
  6. Burst: reach down cardio lunges side to side
  7. Alternating rear lunges w/ a squat in between; add reaching for the floor w/ one hand each time you lunge; place both hands on the floor and walk both feet out to plank and back in then stand; changes to jumping feet out; add jump at top (Emily is layering you into a full burpee–sans push up)
  8. Burst: high knee marches; changes to high knee runs
  9. Angle to side, legs in split stance, reach overhead then hinge forward
  10. Push ups on knees; push ups on toes; plank hold
  11. Burst: child’s pose + push up on knees; changes to child’s pose but keep knees off floor+ push up on toes
  12. Get on all 4s and reach one arm out straight and opposite leg out straight and hold

Cycle 1: Rev! I did not do these workouts by themselves. I used the customization menu and did all of them, one right after the other, in the order listed below (with one warm up and one stretch–see summary above for thoughts on warm ups and stretches). I got a very good workout. Total time was a little less than an hour but I found it intense. I did not think I ever went into my peak heart rate zone but my FitBit tells a different tale. I also didn’t feel like any of the Short Bursts in this cycle were actually HIITs, but again, my FitBit says I was in my peak heart rate zone several times so apparently my body found some of them HIIT level. I am not as fit as I used to be due to cancer treatment, so an advanced exerciser might find these too easy, but I did not. I got an excellent workout doing all 3 of them in a single workout and burned 450 calories. If these aren’t intense enough for you–or your fitness level increases and you need more–there are ways to make this more challenging. Add the core ball to the center of the Zip Trainer. Use heavier dumbbells. I looked online and you can buy core balls in different weights–see my note about that in the summary above.

Cardio 1 is 21 minutes; 45 second intro; 2:30 minute warm up and 3 minute stretch. Cardio 1 is led by Allie Del Rio. This wasn’t the best cardio workout I’ve ever done. I did like it though I found some of the moves in Circuit 3 weird and didn’t care much for that circuit. I probably wouldn’t return to this on it’s own, but since I did like the other two Cycle 1 workouts a lot, I would use it when customizing. When the workout starts, the Zip trainer and core ball are separated and the Zip Trainer is on the mat in front of you for the warm up. Though in each circuit the moves are only listed once, you repeat every move. Allie builds the combos by layers. Each Short Burst is 30 seconds long.

Circuit 1: Open up zip trainer and place it open on the mat with the dome sides up.

  1. Step hamstring curl one dome 4x, then repeat on other dome; changes to hamstring curl plus knee lift w/ clap under thigh plus hamstring curl
  2. Step squat side to side; changes to squat jump + 2 hops
  3. Pivot kick (step kick on dome, alternate domes); add a mambo cha-cha on the floor

Short Burst 1: hopping 8 toe taps on domes + 2 jump squats (holding yellow core ball)

Circuit 2: Zip trainer is still open on the mat just like in Circuit 1 and you are holding yellow core ball.

  1. Grapevine w/ hamstring curl while stirring the pot w/ core ball
  2. Side lunge while rowing ball from foot to shoulder; add side leg lift + lifting arm w/ ball out straight to side
  3. Step tap while doing bicep curls w/ ball (ball held in both hands)
  4. Low impact lateral skaters; add tricep push downs (still holding ball in both hands); changes to tricep kickbacks passing ball from hand to hand

Short Burst 2: Lateral skaters passing core ball from hand to hand and reaching ball down towards the domes

Circuit 3: Set yellow core ball aside and re-zip zip trainer and set beside core ball. This circuit starts without using either the Zip Trainer or the core ball, at #6 below you use the Zip Trainer..

  1. Single, single, double march
  2. V step forward
  3. Stomp one foot while pivoting other so you move in a circle
  4. Some kind of dance step that is like a boxers shuffle but dancy
  5. 2 stomps and circle arms overhead
  6. Grab zip trainer and step touch
  7. Step knee while twisting ball to side
  8. Step knee to front w/ ball toss
  9. Step squat side to side and toss ball overhead when standing

Short Burst 3: Squat + jump + 4 high knee marches

Circuit 4: You are holding the Zip Trainer.

  1. Low impact lateral skaters, pushing ball down to side
  2. Alternating side leg lifts while pushing ball down and forward
  3. Step hop side to side while circling ball; changes to toss and catch overhead
  4. Pendulum legs; changes to a jog
  5. Holding zip trainer under one arm, step forward and kick front, alternate legs
  6. Step squat side to side, never raising out of squat
  7. Push ball overhead, lower to floor and, keeping hands on ball, jack legs
  8. Side lunges while holding zip trainer under one arm

Short Burst 4: 1-2-3 fast steps side to side while hinged forward and rolling the ball side to side (like lateral skaters but w/ triple steps at each side)

Sculpt 1 is 22 minutes; 50 second intro, 2:30 minute warm up and 2:30 minute stretch. Stephanie Huckabee leads this workout. It is based on PHAT or peripheral heart action training, which means you alternate upper and lower body strength exercises. For only being 16 minutes (training time) this is actually a pretty effective little total body strength workout. Stephanie hits all of your major muscle groups. The Short Bursts did not seem terribly intense but they do get your heart rate elevated. I enjoyed this little workout a lot. Equipment: Zip Trainer, core ball and dumbbells. The workouts starts with the unloaded Zip Trainer on the mat in front of you. Each Short Burst is 30 seconds.

Circuit 1: Open up zip trainer and place it open on the mat with the dome sides up.

  1. Stand on top of domes (one foot on each dome) and do squats; changes to squats w/ isometric hold at bottom of squat (18# DBs)
  2. Still standing on the domes, hinge forward and do double arm rows; changes to alternating rows (18# DBs)
  3. Stand behind domes and do alternating 4 count forward lunges onto the domes; changes to lunge onto dome, bringing other foot up to tap the other dome, return to lunge then step back to start, alternate legs (15# DBs)

Short Burst 1: jump squats holding core ball

Circuit 2: Zip Trainer is still open on the mat just like in Circuit 1

  1. Stand behind domes and do squats; add cross heel taps onto top of domes after each squat, alternate legs (18# DBs)
  2. Stand on domes and do bicep curls; changes to wide bicep curls; alternate the two curls (regular curl alternated with wide curl) (12# DBs)
  3. Deadlifts standing on domes; changes to one deadlift + 2 upright rows; continue doing just upright rows (no deadlifts) (12# DBs)

Short Burst 2: (rezip Zip Trainer) hamstring curl hops while doing figure 8s w/ zip trainer

Circuit 3: Open up Zip Trainer and place it open on the mat with the dome sides up.

  1. Stand beside domes, step squat onto dome (placing one foot onto one dome) (15# DBs)
  2. Reverse lunges on floor (15# DBs)
  3. Alternate 1 & 2 (one squat + one reverse lunge)
  4. Do push ups w/ one knee on each dome, still gripping DBs (or one foot on each dome for advanced version)
  5. Repeat 1-3 on other leg

Short Burst 3: cardio lunge side to side while tapping core ball to tops of domes, passing ball from hand to hand

Circuit 4: Zip Trainer is still open on the mat just like in Circuit 3

  1. Stand beside domes and do side lunges onto top of dome (placing working foot on top of dome); add a side leg lift after lunge (15# DBs)
  2. Stand behind domes and do French press (overhead tricep extension) (one 20# DB)
  3. Repeat #1 on other leg

Short Burst 4: (rezip Zip Trainer) lateral skaters bringing zip trainer side to side

Amp Reps 1 is 21:30 minutes; 50 second intro, 2:30 minute warm up. After the official warm up you do another minute of warming up (shuffling in place briskly) while Emily Welsh (who is leading this workout) gives more info on what’s to come in this workout. It ends with 4:30 minute cool down/stretch. Amp Reps stands for “as many possible reps”. You will do 8 exercises. Each exercise is done for 1 minute and during that minute you do as many reps as possible. Then you get a 30 second recovery after each exercise. The only equipment needed is the core ball and Zip Trainer. This was tougher than I expected it to be. One minute is a long time to be doing some of these moves and I got worn out on some of them. #1 and #3 I couldn’t remain in the runners lunge for the entire minute and had to lower my knee to the ground! This is a really good endurance workout. As mentioned in the summary above, I wasn’t crazy about the warm up but I really liked the stretch. And this workout in particular can grow with you. Use a heavier core ball (see summary above about that) and load the Zip Trainer when it’s in its zipped up position.

  1. Holding the core ball, come into a deep lunge w/ the zip trainer under your hip (knee is raised off floor), pass the ball from hand to hand under front thigh and fly hands/core ball out to side of body
  2. Alternating side lunges bringing zip trainer down to heel when lunging and circling ball overhead between lunges
  3. Repeat #1 on other side of body
  4. Squat and tap floor w/ zip trainer and when you stand, toss and catch ball overhead
  5. Unzip trainer and lay it domes side up and vertical, lay on the domes and do push ups, at bottom of push up, rest body on domes and raise both hands off floor, squeezing shoulder blades together
  6. Rezip the zip trainer, hinge forward, pushing the zip trainer down to the floor, when you stand, pivot to side and push zip trainer out to side, alternate sides
  7. Pivot lunge side to side, when lunging bring zip trainer down to front foot and as you pivot to other side, arc zip trainer overhead
  8. Unzip zip trainer and place dome side up horizontally in front of you, get into wide plank over domes, jump feet so both knees lower and both tap one dome then jump feet so each knee lowers and taps it’s own dome then jump feet so both knees lower to tap the other dome

Cycle 2: Peak! Whew! I did Cycle 2 the same way I did Cycle 1–I used the customization feature and did all 3, one right after the other. And it was a tough workout! Definitely more challenging than Cycle 1. You use a mat underneath the Zip Trainer and both my mat and my Zip Trainer were covered in my sweat! Of course, I seem to drip sweat a lot more during workouts since I have no hair to absorb the sweat (fell out from chemo).

Cardio 2 is 22 minutes long; 45 second intro, 3 minute warm up and 2:30 minute stretch. This workout is led by Alison Davis. As noted above, this workout has the same warm up and stretch as Cardio 1. Alison does the intro, then Allie leads the warm up. Alison leads the actual workout. Then its back to Allie for the stretch. The Zip Trainer is on the mat in front of you for the workout. You are still doing 30 second Short Bursts but this time you repeat each Short Burst and you only get 15 seconds of recovery. As mentioned above, I found this workout more advanced and tougher than Cardio 1. It is a great little cardio workout.

Circuit 1:

  1. Squat, pick up zip trainer and lift it overhead, squat and set zip trainer on the ground and stand, raising arms overhead; changes to doing a lunge w/ hands on zip trainer when you set it on the ground and raising zip trainer overhead every time; lunge changes to cross-back lunge
  2. V steps forward and back, straddling the zip trainer; add a step tap to side of zip trainer after each V step; step tap changes to glute lift w/ one hand on zip trainer; V step changes to jumping forward straddling ball then jumping back

Short Burst 1: squat jump forward, straddling Zip Trainer, jump back and pick up Zip Trainer, raising it overhead; repeat burst but this time when you squat jump straddling the Zip Trainer, lower bottom so that it taps the Zip Trainer

Circuit 2: unzip Zip Trainer and lay it vertically on the floor in front of you, domes facing upward

  1. March beside Zip Trainer, facing it and holding the core ball, side step w/ cross back tap; add lowering core ball down to tap dome when doing cross back tap; you will do this on the other side of the open zip trainer and when you change sides, you will jump over the trainer

Short Burst 2: holding core ball, leap side to side over open Zip Trainer and pass core ball from hand to hand; repeat burst but this time jump side to side over Zip Trainer (keeping feet together when jumping)

Circuit 3: Zip Tainer is still in same position as Circuit 2 and Short Burst 2

  1. Step tap onto one of the domes; add a tap out to side when stepping on dome
  2. 3 knee repeater; changes to knee + front kick + knee
  3. Hamstring curls straddling zip trainer; changes to a single, single double hamstring curl pattern, w/ a turn to the side when doing the double

Short Burst 3: tap dome w/ one foot and front kick with other; changes to a jump kick (no longer tapping dome); repeat burst on other leg

Circuit 4: Zip Trainer is still unzipped but now turn it in the horizontal position in front of you

  1. Burpee mogul (place one hand on each dome and jump feet back, jump feet up to right then back then jump them up to left and back, jump feet in and stand, reaching arms overhead); reach overhead changes to a jump when standing
  2. Tap feet to opposite dome; add a hop

Short Burst 4: holding core ball in both hands do fast feet then step one foot back and do 3 fast rows (no holding ball in one hand), alternate sides; repeat burst

Sculpt 2 is 21 minutes; 55 second intro, 2:30 minute warm up and 2:30 minute stretch. This workout is led by Kelsie Daniels. Like the others, this uses the same warm up and stretch as Sculpt 1 led by Stephanie. The actual workout is led by Kelsie. Unlike in Cardio 2, you are only doing one 30 second Short Burst but recovery is reduced to 15 seconds. Equipment: Zip Trainer, core ball and dumbbells. I really enjoyed this workout. I did not like it as much as Sculpt 1 in the strength sense. This is more metabolic and I would definitely count it as cardio–not strength, but you are working your muscles too (just as you would in any metabolic workout that uses weights to increase cardio intensity). The Zip Trainer is an unstable surface and that instability is used a lot in this workout. In Circuit 4 however, I could not do the single leg deadlifts w/ my back foot on the Zip Trainer. Due to having metal plates and screws in both of my heels I am too balance challenged so I modified the single leg deadlifts w/ my back toe tapping the floor (Cathe style).

Circuit 1: Unzip Zip Trainer and place horizontally in front of you, dome side up

  1. Squats with one foot on each dome and holding DBs at your shoulders; add a knee lift after each squat; add a reverse lunge after knee lift; add another knee lift after the lunge; add an overhead press with each knee lift (10# DBs)
  2. Tricep pushups w/ one hand on each dome

Short Burst 1: short lunge while tapping core ball to one dome top, stand, passing core ball to other hand and do a side kick and punch, punching with the core ball

Circuit 2: Zip Trainer is still in same position as Circuit 1

  1. Stand with one foot on each dome and do a deadlift, pausing at the bottom of the move; add one back row after each deadlift; add a 4 count curtsy lunge after each row, alternate legs; add 2 hammer curls w/ 4 count curtsy lunge (13# DBs)

Short Burst 2: same move as Short Burst 1, but on other side of body

Circuit 3: Zip Trainer is still in same position as Circuits 1 & 2

  1. Side lunge onto top of one dome; add tricep kickbacks; add a front lunge on floor after each side lunge; add a back row when doing front lunge (9# DBs)
  2. Repeat #1 on other side of body

Short Burst 3: (load core ball inside Zip Trainer and rezip it) Start holding Zip Trainer, place on ground in front of you, squat jump forward, straddling ball and squatting down so bottom taps ball, jump back and pick up ball, and pivot to side, pushing ball up to side, alternate sides

Circuit 4: Set Zip Trainer on floor (still zipped up w/ core ball inside)

  1. Single leg deadlift w/ one foot on Zip Trainer behind you; add rolling Zip Trainer back as you lower into deadlift then rolling Zip Trainer back in as you straighten; add 2 bicep curls between each deadlift (13# DBs)
  2. Get into plank w/ Zip Trainer under shins, do one push up, then roll Zip Trainer in underneath you, bringing knees to chest
  3. Repeat #1 on other leg

Short Burst 4: (Zip Trainer is still loaded w/ core ball) While holding the Zip Trainer, 3 alternating jump lunges + one front kick

AMP Reps 2 is 21:30 minutes; 55 second intro, 2:30 minute warm up and 4 minute stretch. This workout is led by Annie Lee. As in the others, this uses the same warm up and stretch as AMP Rep 1 led by Emily. The actual workout is led by Annie. This workout is structured the same as AMP Reps 1–8 exercises, each done for 1 minute followed by 30 seconds or recovery. During each one minute interval, you try to do as many reps as possible. Equipment: Zip Trainer, core ball and dumbbells. At the beginning of the workout, the advanced exerciser (Kelsie in this workout) loads the Zip Trainer with the core ball so the zip trainer now weighs 8 pounds. After the warm up you will spend the next 2 minutes previewing interval #1 and doing the moves at a lower intensity. This was a tough workout just like AMP Rep 1. It seriously challenged me. I only have three other workouts led by Annie. Hi Def Sculpt, Cardio Party, and Slim without the Gym. I don’t remember much about Slim without the Gym but I know she seemed a bit awkward and unnatural in Hi Def Sculpt and Cardio Party. However, she seems much more at home and comfortable in this workout.

  1. 4 high knee runs holding Zip Trainer (knees tap bottom of Zip Trainer) + burpee (so rather than hands touching floor at bottom of burpee, your hands are on the Zip Trainer)
  2. Unzip Zip Trainer and lay open vertically on floor, domes facing up, get into a plank over zip trainer domes with a DB in each hand, do one row into a tricep kickback then do a push up, alternate arms (8# DBs)
  3. Turn open Zip Trainer to horizontal position in front of you and grab your core ball, side to side cardio lunge, tapping ball to top of dome each time you lunge, passing ball from hand to hand
  4. Zip Trainer in same position as #3, place one foot on one dome and holding one DB in same side arm, do a side lunge reaching DB down toward foot then at top of lunge do a knee raise w/ a bicep curl (one foot is always on dome) (one 10# DB)
  5. Repeat #4 on other side of body
  6. Rezip Zip Trainer (and load with core ball if doing advanced version), squat jump holding the Zip Trainer then place Zip Trainer on floor and walk out to plank and raise one arm straight in front of you while in plank, then walk hands back and stand, picking up Zip Trainer as you stand (alternate arm raise during plank portion of combo)
  7. Unzip Zip Trainer and place horizontally in front of you, domes facing up, start standing on the domes (one foot on each dome) holding the core ball, rear lunge off dome and twist core ball to side while in lunge then return foot to dome and raise ball overhead, alternate legs
  8. Zip Trainer in same position as #7, get into plank with one hand on each dome, rotate into side plank, lifting bottom leg out in front of you and top arm to the ceiling, alternate sides


Barefoot Abs is 16 minutes; 1 minute intro; 2:30 minute warm up and 1:30 minute stretch. This bonus is led by Alison Davis. The workout starts with Zip Trainer zipped up into a ball on the mat in front of you and the 3 pound yellow ball beside your mat. You use the ball for the warm up. Alison says it was designed to be performed barefoot. Since I have plates and screws in my heels I rarely do anything barefoot, so I wore shoes. This is an effective core workout but I didn’t love it. I probably won’t ever return to it. There are better core workouts out there that I enjoy more.

  1. Grapevine holding the Zip Trainer; add side leg lifts; add pushing Zip Trainer out to side when raising leg to side; add holding for 3 counts while standing on one leg, other leg extended and ball held out to side; while balancing on one leg w/ other leg extended, add bringing knee to Zip Trainer then extending back out to side
  2. Wide plie squats holding Zip Trainer in front of you; hold plie squat and lean torso side to side; add pushing the Zip Trainer toward opposite knee when leaning to side
  3. Still in wide plie squat, raise Zip Trainer overhead, bring elbow down to thigh, alternate sides; add raising knee to meet elbow
  4. Burst: place Zip Trainer on floor in front of you, hands on Zip Trainer (hinged forward), jump feet back into plank then back up 2x (fast) then stand and raise Zip Trainer overhead
  5. Zip Trainer is on floor in front of you, alternate tapping toe to top of Zip Trainer
  6. Unzip Zip Trainer, open it up and place on floor (pink domes facing ceiling), and grab the yellow core ball, place one foot on top of one dome and hinge forward while raising core ball out in front of you; add lifting back leg as you hinge forward; add raising knee to side at top of move while doing an upright row with core ball
  7. Kneel on Zip Trainer, a knee on each dome, stand up (not using hands, just legs) on domes then lower back to knees (this was very challenging)
  8. Remain kneeling on open Zip Trainer and extend core ball in front of you (holding it in both hands), keeping torso straight, lean back then return to start; add lifting core ball overhead at top of lean; add bringing the ball down toward one foot w/ one hand while leaning back then transfer to other hand at top
  9. Repeat #6 on other leg
  10. Burst: hinge forward and place a hand on each dome, walk feet out to side into a diagonal plank then walk feet back in and stand, alternate sides; changes to jumping feet out into diagonal plank and jumping back in
  11. Alternate tapping toes to top of domes
  12. Turn opened Zip Trainer at an angle, sit on top of one dome w/ feet on floor, lean torso back and open arms to side, core ball in one hand, pass ball from hand to hand under knees; raise and lower feet off floor when passing ball under knees
  13. Lay on belly on top of open Zip Trainer, legs extended straight and raised off floor, flutter feet fast as if swimming, extend arms out to side, ball in one hand and pass ball from hand to hand behind back (this challenged my balance more than I expected it to)
  14. Burst: Zip Trainer is still open, sit on one dome, hands on floor behind you straddling other dome, legs extended straight in front of you and raised off floor, scissor the legs fast; add scissoring straight arms in front of you
  15. Rezip Zip Trainer closed again, lay on back and place feet on top of zip trainer with glutes close to zip trainer, lift and lower hips; add keeping hips raised and extending one leg to ceiling then lowering hips, alternate legs

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