fit-tubeI wasn’t sure what to title this page–YouTube? Streaming? I went with Streaming. Thanks to my AppleTV and readers of this blog, I have discovered FREE workouts! It all started w/ BeFit in 30 Extreme. The same day I posted it, I was informed that the workouts I was reviewing, as well as the entire series, are available for free on YouTube! I have also discovered another free workout “channel” on YouTube called Popsugar. I decided it was time to create another page to help me organize the free online workouts I have done. They will appear as posts on my blog like any other workout, but they will also be linked here. I will summarize each “channel” before I list the workouts I did from that channel. Also, just to help me distinguish between some of these workouts as the lists grow, I am adding “(cardio)” onto the end of some of the workout names, just to help me distinguish which workouts contain a cardio/metabolic aspect.


CoffeyFit Raw is a collection of YouTube workouts by one of my favorite DVD trainers Kelly Coffey-Meyer. She does 30 minute workouts in the basement of her home and uploads them to YouTube.

Lower Body & Kettlebells (25 minutes) (cardio + strength)



Barlates is my newest venture into YouTube workouts. I had taken a hiatus from doing YouTube workouts with good intentions to return but I hadn’t yet. I discovered Barlates through a DVD workout I purchased by Linda Wooldridge. She has hundreds of workouts on YouTube (and probably 100s available on DVD). I am doing both. I’ve now purchased 7 of her DVDs and I have a huge playlist of her YouTube workouts. She does everything–barre, pilates, kettlebell, cardio, strength training with bands and dumbbells, and yoga. Her workouts are tough, unique and effective.

Cardio Interval Tone 45/30 (29 minutes) (low impact cardio)

Back Strength (42 minutes) (strength)

Cardio Sculpt Fat Burn (36:30 minutes) (cardio + strength)

5 Best Butt Blasting Exercises (11 minutes) (barre/bodyweight strength)

5 Best Hip Exercises (13 minutes) (barre/bodyweight strength)

Holiday Barre HIIT (13 minutes) (cardio)

Full Body Barre Express (21 minutes) (cardio)

Full Body Ballet Box Express (21 minutes) (low impact cardio)

Full Body Weights Express (21 minutes) (metabolic weight training)

JessicaSmithTV is a channel by trainer Jessica Smith. She does many DVD workouts, too, and lots of free workouts on YouTube. She does strength, cardio and barre workouts–all different lengths and the workouts are appropriate for most fitness levels since Jessica shows modifications and advanced levels.

High Intensity Interval + Abs (27:30 minutes) (cardio)


PSfitnessPopsugar is a whole website with all kinds of subjects you can read about: Fashion, Beauty, Love, etc. I am of course only really interested in Fitness. And of course, within Fitness, Workouts. I was pretty excited when I discovered their YouTube page. I have been following them on Facebook for a while and have been saving a lot of the workout videos they post on Facebook but I had no idea how I would ever do them since I refuse to do a workout using my iphone. Then, when I was checking out BeFit, YouTube suggested Popsugar to me and I was ecstatic! The reason I am so excited about this channel is because they have a huge library of workouts that fit into specific time lengths; tons of 10 minute workouts, lots of 20 minute workouts and a decent amount of 30 minute workouts. They even have a few 40 minute workouts. I am primarily interested in the 10 and 20 minute workouts for add-ons. Now, I already have a lot of little 10-20 minute add ons on DVD but now that I am doing so much Cathe Live, I really like the idea of doing my add ons after a Cathe Live workout off of my Apple TV–so streaming the entire thing. Popsugar fits the bill perfectly. And btw–Cathe Live needs add ons. Though I love Cathe Live, I workout every morning for at least an hour. Cathe Live workouts are frequently 40-50 minutes long. So I need something short to round out my hour.

Now that I have done quite a few Popsugar workouts, here are the basics. The majority are led by trainer Anna Renderer and I like her a lot. Sometimes they are led by guest trainers, but Anna is always present and doing the workout with the guest trainer (and Anna introduces them as well). All of the Popsugar workouts I’ve done have music that is loud enough to hear but not drown out the trainer and it is always motivating and appropriate music. So far, I have liked every single Popsugar workout I’ve done. They have all been challenging in their own way and I would put them at intermediate to high intermediate level.

Popsugar Workouts:

Bye-Bye Cottage Cheese Thighs (5 minutes) (cardio)

Stretch for Leaner, Longer Limbs (5 minutes)

Namaste Your Heartbreak Away Yoga Flow (8 minutes)

8 Minute Full Body Tabata (9 minutes)

At-Home Cardio Sweat (10 Minutes) (cardio)

Ultimate Inner Thigh Workout (10 minutes) (cardio)

Skinny Jeans Workout (10 minutes) (cardio)

Ultimate Bikini Bottom (10 minutes)

Full Body Stretching (10 minutes)

Beat Belly Bloat Yoga (10 minutes)

Rock Your Bottoms Bikini Butt Workout  (10 minutes) (cardio)

Leg Sculpting Hot Pants Workout (10 minutes) (cardio)

Butt Lift W/ Blogilates Cassie Ho (10 minutes)

The Butt-Lifting Workout That’s Better Than Spanx (10 Minutes)

Reboot Your Butt (10 minutes)

Active Stretch Supermodels Use To Get Balanced (10 minutes)

Pop Physique Legs & Butt (10 minutes)

Cardio Jump Workout to Burn Major Calories (10 minutes) (cardio)

Squat & Plank Challenge (10 minutes)

Bigger Booty Workout (10 minutes)

Cardio Barre (10 minutes)

Strapless Dress Arm Workout (11 minutes)

Tabata Workout to Tone Everything (11 minutes)

15 Minute Bootcamp Workout (cardio)

200 Calorie Blaster (20 Minutes) (cardio)

No Running Cardio Workout (20 minutes) (cardio)

Super Shred Full Body Workout (20 minutes) (cardio)

Bikini HIIT (20 minutes) (cardio)

Metabolism Boosting Workout (20 minutes) (cardio)

20 Minute Kettlebell Workout (cardio)

25 Minute Calorie Crushing Cardio & Legs Workout (26 minutes) (cardio + strength)

Fat Burning Pilates (30 minutes) (cardio)

Burn 300 Calories in 30 Minutes (cardio)

Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout You can Do Anywhere (34 minutes)

BeFit2BeFit is apparently a nutrition company but they have a lot of free workouts on YouTube. They have complete workout programs, too–all free. And their workouts are separated into multiple series: BeFit, BeFit in 90, BeFit in 30 Extreme, BeFit Yoga, BeFit Intensity and more.

BeFit Workouts:

Strong Ass Glutes Bootcamp Workout (10 minutes)

Hard Out HIIT for Fat Loss (10 minutes) (cardio)

Plyo Box Lower Body Workout (15 minutes) (cardio)

Maximum HIIT for Weight Loss (15 minutes) (cardio)

BeFit in 30 Extreme (90 day program)

gymraGymRa appears to be a workout/fitness streaming channel that costs $4.99 a month to subscribe to. However, they have a ton of free workout videos on their YouTube channel, so not sure why you would pay for them. Under their HIIT category alone they have 30+ free workouts! Here is what their YouTube page says: “Tell us your goals & preferences & we’ll take care of the rest!” So it appears they develop a program for you. I am obviously only doing free workouts.

GymRa Workouts:

Tabata Extreme (24 minutes)

Burn 300 Calories Metabolism Booster HIIT Workout (24 minutes)

LSWLivestrongWoman is a Livestrong YouTube channel devoted to women’s topics. They have lots of different little videos–beauty videos, food videos and of course, fitness videos. They have a whole yoga series with a lot of yoga workouts led by Tara Stiles. That is what I will be reviewing on this channel–Tara’s yoga routines that I try.

Flexibility Flow (10 minutes)

Open Hips Routine (10 minutes)

stylecrazeStylecraze Fitness is a fitness channel with all kinds of free workouts and exercise tutorials. They have pilates, strength, HIIT workouts and more.

HIIT Upper Body Workout (24 minutes)