Barlates: Weekend Recovery Stretch

Barlates Weekend Recovery Stretch is wonderful. Usually everything Linda Wooldridge creates is difficult and often painful–even her “yoga” workouts. This workout however is full of deep wonderful stretching and I loved it. Zero pain. She even uses a heavy dumbbell to increase the depth of some of the stretches. I did this workout after her Back Strength workout this morning (which I adore) and it was a perfect follow up to that. I have also saved and bought some of her lower body workouts and I think it will finish those off beautifully, too. Tho this is a total body stretching workout, there is a strong focus on back and lower body.

Though I did the YouTube version of this workout this morning, I plan to buy it, along with several other Barlates favorites. I discovered something recently–Linda’s Ebay store. If you cannot find a workout of hers that you want on Amazon or Total Fitness DVDs, then go to her Ebay page. It is usually there for sale on DVD and download. And if you can’t find it there, then you will find it on her website for sale on DVD or download. So you can have any of her workouts you want. And her prices and shipping are very reasonable–especially considering its being shipped from Australia.

Weekend Recovery Stretch is 29 minutes long. Equipment: a mat and a one 20 pound dumbbell.

  1. Standing w/ head rolls followed by neck stretches
  2. Shoulder rolls
  3. Dynamic arm swings
  4. Roll into forward fold then hang w/ hands gripping opposite elbows; swing side to side
  5. Roll back down but this time grip the handle of the DB w/ both hands and round back, pulling up on DB but keeping DB on the floor; slowly roll bring DB with you; roll back down–roll up and down several more times but sometimes you do it leaning to the side slightly
  6. Down dog; cobra; up dog; return to down dog, bring on foot through to runner’s lunge and twist torso toward front leg, raising arm to ceiling; stretch other arm to ceiling facing other direction; return to runners lunge and lift torso and hold stretch; triangle; return to runners lunge and lower back knee to ground; repeat the lunges on other side of body
  7. Seated forward fold; bend one leg back and lean back on elbows; lay on back and do figure 4 stretch; w/ legs still crossed, twist legs to side; do figure 4 and spine twist on other side; bend other leg back and lean back on elbows; seated forward fold again
  8. Sit cross-legged and reach arms overhead, leaning to side; come into child’s pose and thread the needle; bring same arm straight out to side (still in child’s pose) and press shoulder down, stretching arm/shoulder
  9. Cat/cow; camel pose; still kneeling, separate knees and sit between feet and leaning back on elbows; sit cross-legged and round back, reaching arms forward; interlace hands behind you and stretch chest; grab knees with opposite hands and round back

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.



5 thoughts on “Barlates: Weekend Recovery Stretch

  1. Hi! I love Barlates and have been using them for two years. They are fun and effective! Linda has recently produced 5 new DVDs that were to be sold on Amazon as well. It has been over a month and still they have not released them. Amazon is saying they have issues. Being a Prime member makes it very convenient for me to purchase these. Because Linda is located in Australia ordering on her website or eBay would incur extra expense and time. I wonder what the problem is?


    1. I saw her little coffee talk about all of her new workouts. Have you checked They carry different Barlates DVDs than Amazon does–plus Linda’s Ebay store. I just ordered several of her new ones from her ebay store that aren’t available anywhere else. Yes, it takes a little longer to receive it because it is coming from Australia but it only takes about a week. I’m an Amazon Prime member, too so I am used to getting things quick, bit Linda’s workouts are worth the wait in my opinion.


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