SaraBethYoga: 10 Minute Morning Yoga Stretch to Wake Up

We are currently in a polar vortex. I live in the midwest where it rarely gets in the single digits and never below zero. Unless there is a polar vortex. So we are stuck in the house for several days at least (maybe longer). We have been limited in our activities anyway thanks to the … Continue reading SaraBethYoga: 10 Minute Morning Yoga Stretch to Wake Up

Yoga Fusion: Strength & Sculpt

Yoga Fusion: Strength & Sculpt is currently only available on VHS. It is the sister workout to Yoga Fusion: Power, which I reviewed last Sunday. As I shared in the review for that workout, I have had these 2 VHS workouts on my Amazon wishlist forever, waiting for them to one day appear on DVD. … Continue reading Yoga Fusion: Strength & Sculpt

Yoga Inspired Full Body Workout

Yoga Inspired Full Body Workout is a wonderful, feel good dynamic and flowing yoga workout from Heather Robertson. It has everything--flexibility, mobility, and strength. I broke a sweat during this workout and I was working. But I wasn't working hard. And the stretch at the end? Seems pretty long for a 30 minute workout, but … Continue reading Yoga Inspired Full Body Workout

SaraBethYoga: 30 Min Yoga Stretch to Unwind Tight Neck & Hips

30 Min Yoga Stretch to Unwind Tight Neck & Hips is a really nice flexibility yoga practice from SaraBethYoga. In fact, I love the combination of neck and hip focus. Adding shoulders would have worked for me, too! These are all places my muscles get tight and/or achy. Anyway, this felt really good. No advanced … Continue reading SaraBethYoga: 30 Min Yoga Stretch to Unwind Tight Neck & Hips

Perfect 30: Perfect Flow

Perfect Flow is part of Cathe's Perfect 30 series. Perfect Flow contains one 30 minute mobility workout, one 30 minute yoga workout and a 9 minute core bonus. The other two workouts included in the Perfect 30 Series are Perfect HIIT and Perfect Pump. I won't be doing Perfect Pump until the beginning of December … Continue reading Perfect 30: Perfect Flow

Focus: Reach Further

This workout is part of Tracie Long's Focus Series. She says it is the 4th in the series and there is a total of 6 workouts in this series (I think). With this workout, I've now done all of Tracie's Focus workouts. This is an excellent workout. In 30 minutes you will get yoga, flexibility, … Continue reading Focus: Reach Further

Full Body Stretch // Recovery Day Workout

Full Body Stretch // Recovery Day Workout is a nice yoga inspired stretch routine from Heather Robertson. There is a lot of dynamic stretching and you also hold some of the stretches. You can use this as a recovery day workout, or you can use it like I did this morning--to finish one of Heather's … Continue reading Full Body Stretch // Recovery Day Workout

Yoga Snack for Shoulder, Side Body, Chest, Back & Neck Stretch

A reader of this blog introduced me to the idea of Yin Yoga and recommended the Yoga Ranger as a great YouTube Yogi. I did some research on Yin Yoga and visited the Yoga Ranger site on YouTube. I really liked what I saw. The Yogi is Aprille Walker and she has a lot of … Continue reading Yoga Snack for Shoulder, Side Body, Chest, Back & Neck Stretch

Gentle Yoga Stretch

Gentle Yoga Stretch is another yoga/flexibility collection from Jessica Smith. Jessica has quite a few of these types of workouts and she does them very well. These are more excellent and thorough yoga practices to add to my collection. I didn't find them as gentle as the title promises but that could be due to … Continue reading Gentle Yoga Stretch

Yoga Fusion Fix

Yoga Fusion Fix is another of Jessica Smith's new releases. This one contains 3 intermediate level yoga practices of varying lengths. Jessica is by herself. All of the workouts are set on a wooden deck with the ocean in the background. I enjoyed all of these yoga practices. The longest one, Strength + Flexibility, was … Continue reading Yoga Fusion Fix