10 Minute Full Body Mobility and Flexibility Routine

10 Minute Full Body Mobility and Flexibility Routine is great flexibility routine from Heather Robertson. She has several of this short, approximately 10 minute flexibility routines. I used them to stretch out after many of her workouts that do not contain cool downs and/or stretches. That is how I used it this morning. Like most … Continue reading 10 Minute Full Body Mobility and Flexibility Routine

Total Stretch

Total Stretch is a new workout from Jessica Smith. It contains 3 flexibility workouts. Two are approximately 30 minutes and one is 18 minutes. Just like Feel Good Fusion, these new workouts from Jessica are exactly what I need at this time in my life. Sadly I have had days recently where I cannot even … Continue reading Total Stretch

Barlates: Lower Body Stretch

Linda Wooldridge has literally hundreds of workouts available for free on YouTube. Many of them have warms ups and stretches included in the workout, and many do not. Sometimes the warm up and/or stretch is very short, and maybe you want something longer. Well, Linda has you covered. She has created an 8 minute warm … Continue reading Barlates: Lower Body Stretch

JessicaSmithTV: Stretch, Rest & Relax

Stretch, Rest & Relax is a 30 minute full body stretching routine from Jessica Smith. It is nice and gentle, and Jessica stretches you out thoroughly from head to toe. It is filmed in Jessica's backyard. I think I've seen every inch of Jessica's house--inside and out! Just from doing her workouts. Equipment: a mat, … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: Stretch, Rest & Relax

JessicaSmithTV: Recovery Day Routine

Recovery Day Routine is another nice, relaxing flexibility routine from Jessica Smith. The title says it is 20 minutes but it is actually 26:30 minutes long. This was exactly what I needed after a week of Barlates. This morning (and yesterday) every single muscle in my body was hurting. I started with Jessica's Kickboxing Ballet … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: Recovery Day Routine

Popsugar: Active Stretch Supermodels Use To Get Balanced

Active Stretch Supermodels Use To Get Balanced is the first Popsugar workout I didn't really enjoy and will not be returning to. In fact, after I post this review, I will be removing it from my YouTube playlist so I do not choose it by accident. First, the title is silly. Who cares if supermodels use … Continue reading Popsugar: Active Stretch Supermodels Use To Get Balanced

Popsugar: Full Body Stretching

Full Body Stretching is another 10 minute workout from Popsugar and led by Anna Renderer. It's a pretty simple and gentle stretching workout, perfect to finish off a more intense cardio, lower body or total body workout. All you need is a mat. You will be stretching your entire body. I used it to finish off … Continue reading Popsugar: Full Body Stretching