AngieFitnessTV: Move Healthy Mobility-Flexibility

Move Health Mobility-Flexibility is exactly what the title indicates–a long flexibility and mobility routine from AngieFitnessTV. I love long stretches like this one to add on to the end of intense workouts that clock in at 35-45 minutes. Angie includes this workout in her Triple Threat fitness program.

Move Health Mobility-Flexibility is 15:10 minutes. Equipment: fitness mat and optional yoga strap. The yoga strap is used for one exercise and it’s only if you are not flexible. I am pretty flexible so I did not need it.

  1. Rock forward and back, toes to heels
  2. Roll wrists
  3. Holding arms in front of you, palms to ceiling, fingers extended wide, bend and straighten elbows, extending fingers toward the ground at bottom and fingers toward you at top
  4. Interlace fingers behind body and lift, stretching/expanding chest
  5. Elbow shoulder rolls; straight arm shoulder rolls
  6. Crescent knees
  7. Stand with legs wide and rotate spine around behind you, wrapping arms around you and looking behind you
  8. Forward fold
  9. V sit on floor, legs wide, loop strap around one foot and fold torso over leg, pulling back on strap (strap is optional; if you are flexible enough you can hold your foot with your hands)
  10. Still in wide V sit, hinge forward at the waist and place forearms on floor between legs
  11. Place one knee on floor, same side hand is also on floor, top leg is extended straight, foot on floor and top arm is reaching overhead and to the side, opening chest to ceiling
  12. Cat-cow stretch
  13. Down dog
  14. Child’s pose
  15. Up dog
  16. Child’s pose
  17. Kneeling lunge with arms raised to ceiling
  18. Sit cross-leg, side bend reaching one arm overhead to other side of body
  19. Still sitting cross-leg, spine twist, looking over shoulder behind you
  20. Neck stretches
  21. Raise both arms overhead, alternate reaching one higher while also bending to side
  22. Repeat #11, but flow from one side of the body to the other
  23. Sit cross-leg and take deep breaths, reaching arms overhead

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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