Rebound Fitness: HIIT Rebound Compilation 2

I am always looking for more workouts done on a rebounder. There are actually quite a few rebounder DVDs out there that I have resisted buying because they are all pretty expensive for a workout DVD ($17-24). But I decided to give Rebound Fitness a try. If I like it, they have quite a few compilation DVDs I can purchase. And I am always looking for more rebounder workouts. Rebounder Fitness workouts are created in the UK. Two of the workouts are done in a gym setting but Sandweight Conditioning is done outside in front of some castle ruins. Very cool! Having done all 3 workouts now, there is only one I will probably return to frequently. I wasn’t crazy about Bounce HIIT and Sandwieght Conditioning, though an excellent workout, was really advanced for me–so there is a dread factor in returning to it. Box Fit Rebound was my favorite and right at my fitness level.

Rebound Fitness: HIIT Rebound Compilation 2 contains 3 workouts and a 1:30 minute tutorial that teaches you how to jump on your rebounder with intensity. Rather than using your rebounder like a trampoline, which is fun and you can get a decent workout, you push your feet down into the trampoline. You will not jump as high but you definitely work harder. This is an important jumping technique to learn to get the most out of your rebounder workouts. You can’t really qualify a rebounder workout as a HIIT workout without using this jumping technique.

Bounce HIIT is 29 minutes; the first minute is intro; 5 minute warm up and 2 minute cool down/stretch. This workout is led by a trainer named Pamela. For this workout you alternate cardio moves on the rebounder with bodyweight strength moves on the floor but using the rebounder. I was not terribly impressed with this workout. It was a good workout but I didn’t love it. For one, I could barely hear the music so I had to use Spotify to get some motivating music. Then there is the fact that my rebounder is so different from the one the trainer is using that I could not keep the same time with her. I am used to that but my favorite rebounder trainers (AngieFitnessTV and Barlates) also use a bungee rebounders (like mine) and I can keep time with them the majority of the time. And finally, I am accustomed to burning about 220-260 calories during my doubles workouts lately. I did this as a doubles workout and burned 173 calories in the course of this workout. It is an interval workout but my heart rate never got out of the cardio zone and it dipped into the fat burning zone every time we did a body weight strength exercise. I don’t know. I feel like I am being too hard on this workout. It was a solid workout. I just was disappointed with it and probably won’t return to it.

  1. Tricep dips, feet on floor and hands on frame of rebounder; add a leg kick at the top of each tricep dip
  2. Double jacks; changes to single jacks
  3. Place one foot on rebounder and the other on the floor, lunge in this position then push up into a knee raise on rebounder
  4. High knee run; add pushing arms overhead; changes to double knee hops; fast feet sprint
  5. Uneven squats (one foot on rebounder and one on the floor)
  6. Fast hop with legs together, pushing arms overhead then down with directional changes
  7. Push ups with hands on rebounder and feet or knees on the floor; changes to straight arm plank hold; rock forward in back while in plank
  8. Scissor run on rebounder
  9. Repeat #7
  10. Double hops side to side with legs together; changes to single hops side to side
  11. Lay on back on rebounder, arms overhead, hands gripping frame behind head, knees are bent and feet raised off floor, do a reverse crunch in this position; changes to straightening legs at bottom of crunch then bending them when raising hips
  12. Double hop twist hips side to side with legs together, arms are extended to sides at shoulder level, alternate bringing hand to shoulder as hips twists; changes to single hop twist hips with same arms
  13. Lay on back on rebounder, arms overhead, hands gripping frame behind head, raise legs straight to ceiling, alternate lowering and raising straight legs; changes to raising and lowering both legs together
  14. Hopping knee pulls, arms are bent, twist arms/torso toward knee as it raises, 16 reps each leg; changes to 4 each side; changes to 2 each side
  15. Single leg squat with one foot in the center of the rebounder and the other resting on the frame (all of your weight is on leg that is in the center of the rebounder); add a kick out to the side with foot on edge of rebounder frame after each single leg squat; remain at bottom of single leg squat and pulse squat
  16. Alternating front kick hops while also punching both arms in front of you with each kick
  17. Repeat #15 on other leg
  18. Alternating knee raise hop, punching arms down on either side of leg as it raises; changes to double knee raise hops; changes to 4 knee hop raises each leg
  19. Stand on floor with rebounder directly behind you, jump (on floor), sit back on rebounder and roll back onto your back, do one crunch then sit all the way up and stand
  20. With legs together do 2 hops forward on a diagonal, jump back 2 hops then 2x jump forward on a diagonal in the other direction; same move but changes to single hops

Box Fit Rebound is 38:30 minutes; no real warm up though you march on the rebounder for about 20 seconds before #1 and there is a 2 minute stretch. Equipment: rebounder and weighted gloves. The trainer who leads this workout is Jeannine. This was a pretty good workout. It is cardio boxing and core focused though there are some kicks and some basic rebounder cardio moves. I liked Jeannine but the form for some of her punches are some of the worst I’ve seen and I’ve seen some pretty bad form in workout DVDs. Nevertheless, she was likable, upbeat and put together a fun and effective workout. It is extremely varied as you can see by the breakdown below. So no boredom! Jeannine’s voice was clear but the music is not very loud so feel free to add your own music. I burned 306 calories and was in my cardio heart rate zone 76% of the workout. I was in my peak heart rate 4 minutes of the workout and I “walked” 3,539 steps.

  1. High knee run with arms in guard; add punching both arms overhead
  2. Jumping jacks
  3. Repeat #1
  4. Large arm circles
  5. High knee run with arms in guard; add punching one arm overhead; punch both arms overhead
  6. Stand on rebounder and do alternating front jabs
  7. Repeat #2
  8. Jab + cross; changes to double jabs + double cross
  9. Repeat #2
  10. Repeat #8 on other lead
  11. Repeat #1
  12. Jab + cross
  13. Repeat #1
  14. Repeat #12 on other lead
  15. March on rebounder while punching both arms straight to sides
  16. Hop side to side with legs together
  17. Stand on rebounder with legs wide while punching arms forward then out to sides
  18. Repeat #16
  19. Alternating front jabs
  20. Stand on rebounder with legs wide and arms in guard, twist arms/torso side to side
  21. High knee run with arms in guard
  22. Hopping front kicks
  23. Repeat #21
  24. Repeat #22 on other leg
  25. Repeat #20
  26. 2 front kicks + 2 jabs
  27. Fast feet
  28. Repeat #26 on other lead
  29. Wide squat march
  30. Remain in wide squat and do speed bag arms; straighten and raise arms overhead while continuing to speed bag
  31. Knee pulls on one side of the body
  32. Front jabs
  33. Repeat #31 & 32 on other side of body
  34. Repeat #30
  35. Repeat #31
  36. Repeat #31 on other side of body
  37. Fast alternating front punches
  38. Lay on rebounder, knees bent and feet on floor, arms are extended straight to ceiling, do basic crunches, reaching arms to ceiling; raise bent knees while continuing the crunch
  39. Still laying on rebounder, feet are on floor again, do speed bag arms; raise bent knees and add crunching upper body as you continue doing speed bag arms
  40. Stand on rebounder and do 2 jabs + 4 upper cuts
  41. Repeat #40 on other lead
  42. High knee run
  43. 4 side jabs then turn to front and sprint while doing fast upper cuts
  44. Repeat #2
  45. 4 hopping front kicks each leg
  46. Alternating front jabs
  47. Fast feet sprints
  48. Stand on rebounder and do jab + cross+ upper cut + hook
  49. Repeat #48 on other lead
  50. Repeat #20
  51. Single arm hooks
  52. Jumping jacks
  53. Repeat #51 on other arm
  54. Repeat #52
  55. Elbow plank with forearms on rebounder and feet on floor; add tapping knee to floor, alternate knees
  56. Tricep dips with hands on rebounder and feet on floor
  57. Return to elbow plank; cross one ankle over the other; add tapping knee to floor (ankles are still crossed)
  58. Repeat #56 but with one ankle crossed over other knee
  59. Repeat #1; arms change to punching both arms in front of you
  60. Repeat #20
  61. High-low punches to side, squatting during the low punch
  62. Repeat #61 on other side of body
  63. Repeat #20
  64. Repeat #61 & 62
  65. Stand on rebounder with legs wide and do speed bag arms
  66. High knee sprints
  67. Repeat #65 & 66
  68. Lay on back on rebounder, knees bent and feet on floor, arms are extended to ceiling, do basic crunches reaching hands to knees when crunching; raise knees; place feet on floor again and hands behind head, crunch up faster; raise legs and extend them straight at a 90 degree angle, and continue crunching
  69. Straight arm plank with hands on rebounder frame and feet on floor, alternate bringing knee under body to opposite elbow; continue the leg movement but add raising opposite hand off rebounder as knee crosses toward it
  70. Stand on rebounder and squat
  71. Fast high knee run with fast alternating front jabs
  72. Repeat #70 & 71
  73. Repeat #65
  74. Fast high knee run
  75. One minute break
  76. High knee run with arms in guard; add punching arms overhead
  77. Bounce on rebounder with arms in guard
  78. Alternating front jabs
  79. Front kicks
  80. High knee run with arms in guard
  81. Repeat #79 on other leg
  82. Fast alternating front jabs
  83. Hold wide squat isometrically with arms in guard, alternate slow high knee marches while remaining in deep wide squat
  84. Jump on rebounder with legs together while punching both arms out straight to sides
  85. Stand with legs wide and continue punching arms out straight to sides
  86. Twist hop side to side
  87. Alternating upper cuts
  88. Jumping jacks punching both arms straight overhead
  89. Repeat #87
  90. Fast high knee runs with fast upper cuts
  91. Side jabs
  92. Squats, at top of squat reach arms overhead
  93. Repeat #91 on other arm
  94. Repeat #92
  95. High knee run with speed bag arms
  96. Stand on floor facing rebounder, squat and place hands on rebounder frame, jump feet out to plank, jump feet back in, step onto rebounder and do fast feet run; add a push up while in plank
  97. Stand on rebounder and weave side to side with arms in guard
  98. Hook punches
  99. Repeat #97 & 98 on other side of body
  100. Repeat #20
  101. Fast high knee runs; add alternating front punches
  102. Lay on back on rebounder, knees bent and raised, hands behind head, do basic crunches; add punching one arm toward heel when crunching, alternate arms
  103. Still laying on back on rebounder, extend legs straight to ceiling, crunch up, reaching hands to feet; hold at top of crunch and pulse hands to feet

Sandweight Conditioning is 41 minutes; no warm up and 5:30 minute stretch. Equipment: sandweights and rebounder. You are holding the sandbag weights from the very beginning. This is an advanced cardio + strength metabolic workout. This excellent workout is led by Vikki. It is total body conditioning–well, not total body. You don’t really work your back or chest but everything else is hit hard! Mostly shoulders, lower body and core. There is cardio, too, plus the pace of this workout makes it very metabolic. I was working very hard. As mentioned above, this workout is set out doors in front of castle ruins. Beautiful scenery. This is the only workout of the 3 that the trainer’s voice and the music were the appropriate volume and balanced. I burned 283 calories, I was in my cardio heart rate zone for 48% of the workout and was in my peak heart rate zone for 9 minutes of the workout.

  1. High knee run on rebounder
  2. Jump with jump rope arms
  3. Jumping jacks
  4. Cross jacks
  5. Scissor runs
  6. Stand on rebounder and tap feet while doing alternating arm hooks to the front
  7. Hold sandbags together in front of you, arms straight and at chest level, twist arms/sandbags side to side
  8. Squat, reaching sandbags to rebounder then reach the sandbags overhead when you stand
  9. Still standing on rebounder, alternating straight leg front raises, reaching hands/sandbags from overhead to foot when it raises
  10. Repeat #1 & 2
  11. Repeat #5
  12. Repeat #3
  13. Repeat #6-9
  14. Shift hop side to side; add speed bag arms
  15. Jump on rebounder while punching in front of you with one hand while also doing a tricep kickback punch behind you with the other hand, alternate arms
  16. Stand on rebounder while swinging sandbags from hip to overhead on a diagonal, alternate arms
  17. Hop on rebounder while doing bent arm side raises into front punches
  18. Repeat #14-17
  19. Elbow plank with elbows on rebounder and feet on ground; alternate reaching arms/sandbags in front of you
  20. Straight arm side plank with one hand on rebounder and feet on ground, top arm is still holding a sandbag, tap rebounder with top hand/sandbag then reach it overhead
  21. Repeat #19
  22. Repeat #20 on other side of body
  23. Single arm tricep dips, one hand is on rebounder frame and other arm is doing bicep curls, same leg as arm that is holding rebounder frame kicks out straight with each dip
  24. Repeat #23 on other side of body
  25. Set sandbags on rebounder, both hands on frame and feet on ground, raise hips into reverse plank, alternate raising straight leg
  26. Get on all 4s on rebounder, hold a sandbag in one hand and the other hand is on the rebounder frame, one knee is on the rebounder and one leg is extended straight behind you (opposite leg from hand holding sandbag), sandbag arm is extended straight out to side, hold this position while raising and lowering sandbag arm
  27. Repeat #26 on other side of body
  28. Stand on rebounder, balance on one leg and do single leg deadlifts tapping sandbags to rebounder at bottom of deadlift and raising sandbags/arms overhead at top
  29. Repeat #28 on other leg
  30. Squat pulse while extending arms/sandbags straight in front of you–pulse 8x then quarter turn hop, continue doing this until you are facing front again then repeat in other direction (you never raise out of squat or drop your arms this entire exercise)
  31. Stand on floor beside rebounder, facing rebounder, place one foot on rebounder and extend both arms straight in front of you, do stationary lunges in this position; holding sandbags together, add rotating straight arms/sandbags to side as you lunge
  32. Knee pulls with runners arms (one leg is still on rebounder, knee that is “pulling” is the one on the ground)
  33. Stand beside rebounder with one foot on rebounder and one on floor, squat pulse 2x then hop step over rebounder to other side, pulse squat 2x on that side (the entire time arms/sandbags are extended straight in front of you)
  34. Repeat #31 & 32 on other side of body
  35. Repeat #33
  36. Stand on rebounder with legs wide and toes turned out, do wide plie squats with chest fly arms
  37. Repeat #28-36
  38. Stand on ground beside rebounder facing away from the rebounder, squat, sit on rebounder, roll back bringing knees into chest, roll back up and stand and jump, pushing sandbags overhead
  39. Lay back on rebounder with feet on floor, do full sit ups with chest flys
  40. Sit on rebounder, knees bent and feet raised off floor, arms/sandbags extended straight at sides, push legs out straight then bring knees back into chest (hold arms isometrically)
  41. Lay back on rebounder with feet on floor, do full sit ups raising one leg while tapping sandbag to foot, alternate sides
  42. Lay on back on rebounder with head/shoulders raised, one leg is extended straight to ceiling and other leg is extended straight in line with rest of body (legs are in an L shape), arms are extended straight at sides, hold this position isometrically
  43. Sit on rebounder with feet on ground, hold both sandbags together and do Russian twists; raise feet off ground while continuing to twist
  44. Place sandbags between feet and hold them, lay on back on rebounder and raise and lower straight legs with sandbags still clasped between feet
  45. Repeat #39-44

3 thoughts on “Rebound Fitness: HIIT Rebound Compilation 2

    1. Have you done any of their workouts? Maybe I chose the wrong one for my first SanFran workout but I started one this weekend and didn’t finish it. I could barely hear the music and the trainer was using a spring bound rebounder and the squeaking of the springs was as loud as her talking. I stopped it after 5 minutes. It could have been a good workout but everything about the audio was unpleasant. If you have done them and can recommend one with good (audible) music and no loud squeaking of springs–please link to it here. I would like to try it.


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