AngieFitnessTV: Rebounder Cardio Fit Body Bar Sculpt

Rebounder Cardio Fit Body Bar Sculpt is another one of AngieFitnessTV’s feel good workouts. I really enjoyed it. I used it as a doubles work (second workout of the day at the end of my workday) and it was a nice way to end my day. The first half of this workout is done on the rebounder and the second half on the floor. The floor work is barefoot light sculpting using a body bar. Normally I cannot go barefoot even when other trainers do because of my bum feet, but Angie creates true barefoot workouts. No jumping or awkward moves to hurt my bad feet so I was able to wear my yoga socks for the entire workout. This workout was filmed live and there is a video snafu at the very end during the stretch. The camera freezes during cat/cow but the audio continues. Angie cues well and I would not have even known had I not glanced up briefly, just to see how fast she was doing her cat/cow. But follow her cuing and you’re fine. It doesn’t last long. She finishes the stretch then shares her stats from the workout. She burned 241 calories and “walked” 2915 steps. I burned 238 calories, “walked” 1974 steps and was in my cardio zone 57% of the workout. How did she get 1000 more steps than me? Weird, huh? I am able to keep time with her on rebounder so I’m not bouncing less. She wears an Apple watch and I wear a FitBit so maybe they count steps differently.

Rebounder Cardio Fit Body Bar Sculpt is 39:30 minutes; 1 minute intro, 3 minute warm up, 16 minutes of rebounding and 3:30 minute stretch. The last minute is Angie talking so this workout is actually 37:30 (minus intro and talking at the end). Equipment: rebounder, light hand weights (Angie is using 2 pound hand weights), pilates or playground ball and body bar (Angie is using an 8 pound body bar). The warm up is on the rebounder with the pilates ball between your thighs. Each exercise is done for 1 minute. I wore my 10 pound vest and used my 9 pound body bar.

Rebounder Cardio:

  1. (get your light DBs; pilates ball is still between thighs) Hop on rebounder while doing hammer curls to overhead press
  2. Hop forward and back with hammer curls
  3. Lateral hops side to side with alternating bicep curls
  4. Hop with a front raise and at top of front raise lower arms out to sides of body
  5. (set ball aside) Jack legs; add jack arms
  6. Scissor runs while pushing arms overhead
  7. High knee run, alternate pushing arms overhead
  8. Butt kick run with alternating hammer curls
  9. Hop twist side to side with alternating bicep curls
  10. Mini tuck jumps
  11. Hop forward and back with hammer curls
  12. Jumping jacks with bent arm lateral raises

Barefoot Body Bar Sculpt (move rebounder out of the way, get body bar and fitness mat):

  1. Alternating heel digs with bicep curls
  2. Hold body bar in front of you and hinge forward slightly, lift and lower one leg straight behind you
  3. Hold bar overhead with both arms, circle the bar (Angie calls it drawing a halo) while also circling your hips
  4. Overhead tricep extensions
  5. Hold bar in front of you just under chin, alternate raising legs straight out to sides
  6. Wood chop bar from one shoulder down to opposite hip
  7. Upright row with heels digs
  8. Alternating side lunges holding bar in front of you at chest level
  9. Repeat #6 on other side of body
  10. Standing chest press with heel digs
  11. Put one end of the bar on the ground and hold other end of the bar in one hand (for balance), straight leg lifts to the front
  12. Hold bar in hands, palm facing ceiling, legs wide, draw a large circle with arms/bar
  13. Deadrow–first singles then changes to 3 rows while hinged over before straightening
  14. Hold bar overhead with both hands and do alternating side bends
  15. Straight arms, bar extended overhead, raise and lower heels

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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