Power Strike 7

Power Strike 7 is another kickboxing workout from Ilaria Montagnani. I remember loving all of her PowerStrike workouts but I haven't done them in a long time. I had actually planned to go through all of them before doing this one but I got sidetracked by my discovery of Heather Robertson. Now I really wish … Continue reading Power Strike 7


POWERSTRIKE 5 with Ilaria Montagnani

PowerStrike 5 is a 48 minute kickboxing workout; 5 minute warm up, 41 minute training time and 2 minute cool down/stretch. Another excellent kickboxing workout by Ilaria Montagnani. This one is a little different from PowerStrike (4) and 6. The basic structure is the same: punch drills followed by kick drills and ending with punch/kick … Continue reading POWERSTRIKE 5 with Ilaria Montagnani

Ilaria Montagnani’s PowerStrike (4)

Ilaria Montagnani's PowerStrike is a 58 minute kickboxing workout; 6 minute warm up, 48 minute training time and 4 minute cool down/stretch. The “4” in parenthesis is because it is not clear exactly where this PowerStrike falls in the DVD chronology. It’s titled as straight PowerStrike, which would imply it is the first Powerstrike, but … Continue reading Ilaria Montagnani’s PowerStrike (4)

Ilaria’s PowerStrike Kickboxing 6

Ilaria Montagnani’s PowerStrike 6 is a 49 minute kickboxing workout; 5 minute warm up, 42 minute training time and 2 minute cool down/stretch.  I love Ilaria’s kickboxing workouts—actually I love all of her workouts that I own. I own many other kickboxing and kickboxing inspired workouts, but Ilaria’s feel like REAL kickboxing. Intense and advanced. … Continue reading Ilaria’s PowerStrike Kickboxing 6