Cathe’s Low Impact Circuit

Low Impact Circuit is a low impact cardio + strength workout and it was just what I needed this morning after brutalizing myself with Maximum Intensity Cardio yesterday. I really, really liked this workout a lot. First, I have to say that it is not as hard as most Cathe workouts that I own, but … Continue reading Cathe’s Low Impact Circuit

Ilaria Montagnani’s PowerStrike (4)

Ilaria Montagnani's PowerStrike is a 58 minute kickboxing workout; 6 minute warm up, 48 minute training time and 4 minute cool down/stretch. The “4” in parenthesis is because it is not clear exactly where this PowerStrike falls in the DVD chronology. It’s titled as straight PowerStrike, which would imply it is the first Powerstrike, but … Continue reading Ilaria Montagnani’s PowerStrike (4)