Awesome Intervals

Awesome Intervals is another workout DVD that I got at Mindy Mylrea's $3.99 sale and it was another disappointment. During the warm up I nearly turned the thing off and stuck in Cathe's Cross Fire (always my go-to workout if another workout doesn't work out for me). The step choreography for the warm up was immediately … Continue reading Awesome Intervals


Cathe Workout Blender

This review is a little different from many of my other reviews. First let me explain what Workout Blender is, for people who don't know. For $19.97 a month you can join Cathe's On Demand streaming service. What this entails is access to every single Cathe workout that is available on DVD--all ready to stream … Continue reading Cathe Workout Blender

Simply Circuit

Simply Circuit is a cardio + strength workout, and the strength work is all upper body focused. Those types of workouts are hard to come by so as soon as I read that this was upper body focused, I bought it! I got this workout on sale on Gin Miller's website a while ago--and it … Continue reading Simply Circuit

Hard Work Conditioning 24/7

Hard Work Conditioning 24/7 is the 3rd Hard Work Conditioning workout by Patrick Goudeau. Patrick is the master of metabolic strength training and this is another excellent addition to his collection. It is called 24/7 because he has it set up so you can use this workout every day in different ways. In fact, the … Continue reading Hard Work Conditioning 24/7

Cathe Live Rotation

At the time of the creation of this rotation (and the end of it--when I post it), I have done 66 Cathe Live workouts out of 109. I had to stop doing new-to-me Cathe Lives during this 5 week rotation--but I am definitely not finished! I still have a list of Cathe Lives I plan to … Continue reading Cathe Live Rotation

Cathe Live: Bootcamp w/ Step

Bootcamp w/ Step is another awesome, fun and effective cardio + strength Cathe Live workout. This workout is set up circuit fashion. There are 8 circuits and each circuit consists of a cardio blast on the step followed by a lower body strength exercise and ending with an upper body strength exercise. The workout ends … Continue reading Cathe Live: Bootcamp w/ Step

The Firm: Advanced Cardio Blast

The Firm was the series that originally got me addicted to home DVD workouts. They challenged me but didn't kill me. I haven't done them in many years however because my fitness level has increased and they stopped challenging me. However, recently I've become a little nostalgic and have been wanting to revisit not only … Continue reading The Firm: Advanced Cardio Blast

Cathe Live: You Can Do Anything for a Minute

You Can Do Anything for a Minute is one of Cathe's newer live workouts. I was intrigued by the video clip so I shifted things around in my rotation to fit it in. And I am glad I did! It is a great cardio + strength total body workout. I got an excellent workout. But … Continue reading Cathe Live: You Can Do Anything for a Minute

Cathe Live: High Intensity Cardio Step

I found this Cathe Live workout very tough this morning. I gave blood yesterday and didn't feel well afterward. Then this morning, I did Ripped with HIIT Lift It Hit It Chest, Shoulders & Triceps. I finished my workout off w/ High Intensity Cardio Step. And I struggled. So there was a lot going on--I … Continue reading Cathe Live: High Intensity Cardio Step

Cathe Live: Step HIIT + Upper Body Weights

Step HIIT + Upper Body Weights is the second Cathe Live that Cathe created and this one was done much better than Kickbox Bootcamp (the first Cathe Live Cathe created)--which is a great workout but full of problems, IMHO. On the Cathe Live site this is just listed as Step HIIT; however, on her forum she … Continue reading Cathe Live: Step HIIT + Upper Body Weights