Cathe Live: You Can Do Anything for a Minute

youCanDoAnythingForAMinuteLive-4-21-16You Can Do Anything for a Minute is one of Cathe‘s newer live workouts. I was intrigued by the video clip so I shifted things around in my rotation to fit it in. And I am glad I did! It is a great cardio + strength total body workout. I got an excellent workout. But as usual, the only thing Cathe really seemed to skimp on was back work. She hit every other muscle group, but back was neglected. This is the way it usually goes in some of her live workouts; when she does skip or skimp on a muscle group (and she doesn’t always!), it always seems to be your back that is neglected. Still, a great and intense workout.

The idea of this workout, as reflected in the title, is doing each exercise for one minute. Are you actually doing each exercise for a minute? I don’t know because I didn’t time it, but it seemed some moves were done longer than a minute and some not quite a minute. But when writing this review, I did time some of the intervals (not all) and those were all approx. one minute. According to the forum description of this workout (and comments Cathe makes during the workout) the exercises are random and not structured into circuits. This also seems accurate because even though it is a cardio + strength workout, it doesn’t alternate cardio work w/ strength work; they do appear pretty randomly.

You need a lot of equipment for this workout and it is one of those workouts that needs an initial run through to determine what weights you need for each exercise, so I will be making notes for myself in the breakdown below. Also, your step is set up differently than it normally is. Rather than having it lengthwise in front of you, it is to your side and width-wise (is that a word?). You only use the step for cardio drills. Also, any intense plyo/HIIT level drill, though you do it for one minute, you do take brief recoveries during that minute (so you aren’t going all out for a solid minute).

You Can Do Anything For a Minute is 50 minutes long; 3:30 minute warm up and 2:30 minute stretch. It aired live on 4/21/16 and here is the video clip. Equipment needed: full size step at 8 inches, barbell at 45 pounds, dumbbells (5, 8, 10 and 12 pounds), medium tension resistance tubing (w/ handles), firewalker loop and fitness mat. In the future I will also have 7 pound dumbbells. I had two barbells available–one at 50 pounds and one at 30 pounds. In the future I will have 3 barbells at the ready–one at 60, one at 50 and one at 30. My barbell pad will be on the 50# barbell. BTW, this workout moves at a pretty fast clip, which is the reason for having 3 barbells w/ different weights at the ready. Except for the one time when Cathe removes plates from her barbell, you really don’t have time to adjust your barbell weight during the workout.


  1. Swim lunges off step
  2. Squats alternated w/ bicep curls, 10# DBs (in the future I will use 12# DBs)
  3. Snowboarders
  4. Jumping jacks w/ firewalker loop around ankles
  5. Curtsy lunges alternate w/ overhead press (alternate sides); 12# DBs
  6. Plunge lunges off step
  7. Jump out into plie squat, bringing DBs almost to floor, jump feet together and bring DBs overhead, do 2 overhead tricep extensions; 10# DBs (in the future I will use 12# DBs)
  8. Jump forward, jump back, “attack” 2x (attack is squat jumps in place while bringing clasped hands down from overhead to between legs like you are hitting something) w/ firewalker loop around ankles
  9. Deadlifts; Cathe used 45# BB; I used 50# BB and in the future I will use 60# BB
  10. Tricep kickbacks w/ resistance tube
  11. High reaching pop squats
  12. Firewalkers (walking 4 steps to each side wearing firewalker loop around ankles)
  13. Wide leg deadlifts; Cathe used 45# BB; I used 50# BB and in the future I will use 60# BB (after this exercise she removes a plate from each side to prepare it for bicep curls)
  14. Forward leaning lunges w/ lateral raises, 3x on each side sand keep alternating sides; when you repeat you do singles; 5# DBs, in the future I will use 7# DBs
  15. Start standing on step, straddle step then when stepping back on step do a knee raise and overhead press, alternate sides; throughout the minute the overhead press changes to front punch–she goes between these two upper body moves while keeping the leg move the same; 5# DBs
  16. Bicep curls; Cathe uses 25# BB, I used 30# BB
  17. Squats; Cathe uses 25# BB, I used 50# BB
  18. Straight arm lateral raises w/ resistance tube
  19. Regular plyo jacks alternated w/ touch down plyo jacks
  20. Holding one DB in both hands, do a side lunge, circle DB in the middle and do side lunge to other side; 8# DB, in the future I will use 10# DB
  21. Push up hops on the step
  22. Plie squats, Cathe uses 25# BB, I used 30# BB, in the future I will use a 35# BB or DB
  23. Band pulls (arms at side, elbows kept close to sides, holding tube w/ about a foot between hands, palms facing the ceiling)
  24. Straddle jumps on step
  25. Push ups
  26. Front raise w/ leg abduction on step; 8# DB, in the future I will use 10# DB
  27. Tripod tricep kick back (tricep kickbacks while on plank); 10# DB
  28. Hip dips while in side plank

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