Evolution 20: Super Shred

According to Christine Bullock's website, Super Shred is Evolution 20 on hyperdrive. So if you've done Evolution 20 and are ready to kick it up a notch--Christine has you covered with Super Shred. She keeps the 20 minute workout format and still gives you multiple levels to do the workout at. One big difference in … Continue reading Evolution 20: Super Shred


Evolution 20

Evolution 20 is an 8 week fitness program created by Christine Bullock. It consists of 10 twenty minute workouts and one 10 minute core workout. These are broken down into two phases. Phase 1 is 4 weeks long and you do 5 of the 20 minute workouts. In Phase 2 you do the other five … Continue reading Evolution 20

Popsugar: Super Shred Full Body Workout

Super Shred Full Body Workout is another fun and effective 20 minute workout from Popsugar.  It is led by guest trainer Christine Bullock and Anna Renderer is present. This is the second Popsugar workout I've done that features Christine and I really like her. I like her so much I bought her Evolution 20 series and … Continue reading Popsugar: Super Shred Full Body Workout

Popsugar: Rock Your Bottoms Bikini Butt Workout

Rock Your Bottoms Bikini Butt Workout is another 10 minute Popsugar workout that gives you both cardio and lower body conditioning. These are fun and effective little add ons/finishers and I am really enjoying them. This one, as well as the other Popsugar 10 minute lower body workouts I've done, work wonderfully to finish off a cardio … Continue reading Popsugar: Rock Your Bottoms Bikini Butt Workout

10 Minute Solution: Butt Lift

I have purchased another 10 Minute Solution! I can't believe I had forgotten about these workouts. They are such neat little gems. I am digging out some of my older ones to use as add-ons again, so I will be reviewing a few more of these in the future. I was inspired to purchased Butt … Continue reading 10 Minute Solution: Butt Lift