Popsugar: Rock Your Bottoms Bikini Butt Workout

PSrockyourbottomsRock Your Bottoms Bikini Butt Workout is another 10 minute Popsugar workout that gives you both cardio and lower body conditioning. These are fun and effective little add ons/finishers and I am really enjoying them. This one, as well as the other Popsugar 10 minute lower body workouts I’ve done, work wonderfully to finish off a cardio or lower body workout. For me, it finished off a cardio Cathe Live this morning.

Rock Your Bottoms was led by guest trainer Christine Bullock. Anna Renderer was present of course. I knew I recognized Christine! I looked her up on Amazon and she leads 10 Minute Solution Butt Lift! So she is great at little 10 minute butt blasters! She leads some other workouts that I am now curious about and will take a closer look at: Evolution 20. There was also a 3rd person whose purpose was to show modifications but she did not do her job. She showed modifications in the first set of exercises then did the same version as Christine and Anna for the rest of the exercises. However, Christine did show modifications at the beginning of each exercise.

This workout is set up as a 4 exercise pairs that are repeated. One thing I did notice as the workout progressed, is that each side of the body is not worked evenly. Most especially the 3rd pair. However, it is just a 10 minute add on/finisher. Hopefully this isn’t all you are relying on to work your lower body. If it is, then you will need to make up the difference in time spent on one side of the body!

Rock Your Bottoms Bikini Butt Workout is 10 minutes long w/ a 40 second warm up and no stretch, tho Christine does direct you to do a standing figure 4 stretch at the end, which I did. The only equipment needed is a mat.


Set 1: 180 squat jumps and reverse lunges w/ push kick (you will stay very low throughout this exercise unless you are kicking–so you will be in squat or lunge and the fingertips of one hand will always be touching the ground unless kicking); do each exercise for approx. 30 seconds and repeat both exercises

Set 2: plié jump (actually jack in and out of plié squat) and plié hip lift (stay in plié squat but twist and raise hip, alternate sides); do each exercise for approx. 30 seconds and repeat both exercises

Set 3: dancing dog (start in down dog, raise one leg, bring knee to same side arm then lift knee to side (like a hydrant move) and lower–so basically a hydrant from down dog–tough move!) and side plank kick (side plank but on bottom knee; raise and lower hips with top leg straight, add kicking straight leg forward and back while raising and lowering hips); do each exercise for approx. 30 seconds and repeat both exercises on other side of body

Set 4: bridge kick (get into one leg bridge (hips lifted), bringing straight leg out to side and thread under other leg then kick back out) and tabletop kick (get into tabletop; raise and lower hips while kicking one foot in and out); do each exercise for approx. 30 seconds and repeat both exercises

For more info on Popsugar and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


2 thoughts on “Popsugar: Rock Your Bottoms Bikini Butt Workout

  1. Have you tried Millionaire Hoy’s channel yet on youtube? He is phenomenal! Very challenging Hiit type workouts with varying workout times from 10 minutes to 90 minutes and everything in between. LOTS of free workouts! He’s a perfect fit for a Cathlete. 🙂


    1. I actually just discovered him! YouTube recommends a lot of stuff to me now that I have subscribed and started following some channels. It gets a little overwhelming because they all look like they have potential. I have actually saved a few of his workouts to try some time in the future.


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