Popsugar: 30 Minute Cardio & Sculpting Tabata Workout

30 Minute Cardio & Sculpting Tabata Workout is led by Equinox Tabata instructor Raneir Pollard and Anna Renderer is present. I was interested in this not just because it was from Popsugar and Anna, but Raneir Pollard has recently been popping up in my YouTube app feed for GymRa. He is doing a lot of … Continue reading Popsugar: 30 Minute Cardio & Sculpting Tabata Workout


Popsugar: 25 Minute Calorie Crushing Cardio & Legs Workout

Calorie Crushing Cardio & Legs is a short but effective strength + cardio workout by Popsugar and Anna Renderer. This was a fun little workout that combines bodyweight strength with cardio blasts--and some of the cardio is also plyo strength moves. For such a short workout, Anna does a great job giving your lower body … Continue reading Popsugar: 25 Minute Calorie Crushing Cardio & Legs Workout

Popsugar: Cardio Barre

Cardio Barre is another 10 minute workout from Popsugar. The full title of this workout is Cardio Barre Workout for the Best Full-Body Burn Ever--which is a totally inaccurate title. I was expecting much more from this workout than what it delivered. It is not full body and it did not give me any cardio. … Continue reading Popsugar: Cardio Barre

Popsugar: 20 Minute Kettlebell Workout

I love kettlebell workouts, so I am surprised it took me so long to get to this one. It has been on my "to do" list for a while. This is a fun little kettlebell drill workout. It is a Popsugar workout led by Yumi Lee, owner of a Crossfit gym. Anna Renderer is present … Continue reading Popsugar: 20 Minute Kettlebell Workout

Popsugar: Bigger Booty Workout

Bigger Booty Workout is another 10 minute lower body workout from Popsugar and Anna Renderer. Another great little workout that is a good finisher for a longer lower body or total body strength workout. This morning I used it to finish off the Cathe Live lower body workout I did (Long & Strong Legs). I … Continue reading Popsugar: Bigger Booty Workout

Popsugar: Namaste Away Your Heartbreak Yoga Flow

Namaste Away Your Heartbreak Yoga Flow is a short but very well done little yoga flow from Popsugar. It is led by Chelsea Kruse, Mind Body Manager from Exhale Fitness and, of course, Anna Renderer is there. It has a silly name that has no bearing on the actual workout. It doesn't even make sense. … Continue reading Popsugar: Namaste Away Your Heartbreak Yoga Flow

Popsugar: Metabolism Boosting Workout

This was a surprisingly intense little metabolic workout from Popsugar and Anna Renderer! And only 20 minutes long. I was very impressed. It has another title (it flashes across the screen at the very beginning) of Cardio Strength Metabolic Mash Up, which is also appropriate. I used it this morning as a "warm up" before … Continue reading Popsugar: Metabolism Boosting Workout

Popsugar: Squat & Plank Challenge

Squat & Plank Challenge is a fun little 10 minute workout from Popsugar. It is led by Anna Renderer. As usual, I used it as an add on/finisher to a Cathe Live workout. It is not terribly challenging to be honest. It is bodyweight training but none of the moves are hard or complicated. But I … Continue reading Popsugar: Squat & Plank Challenge

Popsugar: Bikini HIIT workout

Bikini HIIT is a fun little 20 minute workout from Popsugar, led by Anna Renderer. I really liked this workout a lot. It was an excellent finisher to the total body strength workout I had just completed. However, what bothers me to no end is the liberal use of the acronym "HIIT" by trainers. This is … Continue reading Popsugar: Bikini HIIT workout

Popsugar: 15 Minute Bootcamp Workout

This is a fun little bootcamp workout from Popsugar and Anna Renderer. It's not super intense or super advanced, but for 15 minutes I really liked it. It works well as an add-on finisher workout to round out any workout. I pretty much liked every exercise in this workout--including the warm up and cool down … Continue reading Popsugar: 15 Minute Bootcamp Workout