Popsugar: Namaste Away Your Heartbreak Yoga Flow

PSNamasteNamaste Away Your Heartbreak Yoga Flow is a short but very well done little yoga flow from Popsugar. It is led by Chelsea Kruse, Mind Body Manager from Exhale Fitness and, of course, Anna Renderer is there. It has a silly name that has no bearing on the actual workout. It doesn’t even make sense. I almost didn’t try it just because of the name. I’m glad I decided to try it anyway!

This little yoga flow is only 8 minutes long, so you are not holding any pose for very long. You actually go through a lot of different poses, so it is very dynamic. Sometimes it did feel a little rushed but I still really enjoyed it. None of it is advanced yoga but it will stretch you out very nicely. I really enjoyed this yoga flow and it fit very nicely after a cardio + strength workout to finish cooling me down and stretching me out. The length also makes it a great add on.

Namaste Away Your Heartbreak Yoga Flow is 8 minutes long and all you need is a mat. It starts w/ a forward fold w/ hands clasped behind back and raised to ceiling; while in this position you lean into one hip and look over shoulder (alternate sides). Down dog. Alternate down dog to plank 3 times. Table top plank (knees held a few inches off floor). Cat/cow. Thread the needle. Back to down dog. Raise right leg into 3 leg dog. Bring foot between hands, lower back knee then press hips back and straighten leg, stretching hamstring/calf. Shift forward, raise knee off ground and twist torso toward front leg, raising arm to ceiling. Return to down dog and repeat on other side of body. Three leg dog again; bring knee underneath body then return to 3 leg dog, bring knee to tricep outside of body and return to 3 leg dog and finally, bring knee to opposite elbow and hold here; extend the leg straight and place foot on floor, twisting torso and raising hand to sky (like a very wide split stance side plank). Repeat on other side of body. Back to 3 leg down dog and this time bring foot between hands and rise into crescent pose; clasp hands behind back and stretch back, arching back; float forward into warrior 3 but with hands still clasped behind you. Return to crescent then to down dog and repeat on other side of body. Figure 4 balance move, reaching hands down to mat (this felt amazing!). Forward fold. Down dog. Child’s pose. Kneeling hip opener (on knees, lean back and place hands on floor behind you, arching back and pushing hips forward); from this position, reach left hand to sky, twisting slighty to right; then reach right hand to sky, twisting slightly to left. Seated spinal twist. End in lying butterfly.

For more info on Popsugar and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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