Martial Fusion: Kickboxing Cardio Power

Kickboxing Cardio Power is another cardio kickboxing workout by Guillermo Gomez in his Martial Fusion series. Jessica Smith (his wife) is one of the background exercisers. The DVD includes 9:30 minutes of bonus drills and a short tutorial in which Guillermo uses the other background exerciser to demonstrate form. Like Guillermo's other workout that I've … Continue reading Martial Fusion: Kickboxing Cardio Power


Cross Training for Fitness

Cross Training for Fitness is collection of 5 approx. 15 minute martial arts inspired workouts led by Jessica Smith and Guillermo Gomez, whom I recently discovered is Jessica's husband. If you hit "Play all" you get a 1:30 minute intro from Jessica and Guillermo. They tell you that these workouts are based on the principle … Continue reading Cross Training for Fitness

Martial Fusion: Fitness Kickboxing

Martial Fusion is a series of cardio kickboxing workouts by Guillermo Gomez who is a 4th degree black belt and Jessica Smith's husband. In addition to the main workout, there is also a 24:30 minute heavy bag bonus. The heavy bag bonus is more of a tutorial. Guillermo gives a lot of instruction on how … Continue reading Martial Fusion: Fitness Kickboxing