Martial Fusion: Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing

Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing was stuffed in my stocking this year! Yay! Santa knows exactly what I want. I love Guillermo Gomez‘s cardio kickboxing workouts and this is another great one. Guillermo promises you 60 minutes of non-stop cardio and that’s what he delivers. I burned 522 calories in 62 minutes. Plus, like all of his workouts I own, it was fun. Though my FitBit claims I was in my peak heart rate for 20 of those 62 minutes, I never felt like I was struggling. I got a great cardio workout and felt great afterwards–not worn or wrung out. This is not a low impact workout but there are no plyometrics. This is not an advanced workout–intermediate level.

Guillermo’s wife (and one of my favorite trainers), Jessica Smith is one of the background exercisers. I recognize the setting, too! Some of Jessica’s workouts have been filmed in the same place. Walk Strong 1 comes immediately to mind, but some others, too. It seemed like Guillermo was at least attempting to count in English during this workout because early on he apologizes for counting in Spanish and said he cannot help it. Then he did count in English for a while before returning to Spanish. It doesn’t bother me! For one–it’s cute. Two, there isn’t a lot I remember from High School Spanish: Yo soy Jen, Como esta usted? and counting to 10 in Spanish. So I understand the counting!

Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing is 62 minutes; 7:30 minute warm up and 3:30 minute cool down/stretch. No equipment is needed but I wore weighted gloves. Like Guillermo’s other cardio kickboxing workouts, the structure of the workout is building a single kickboxing combo. He builds the combo in layers and when he teaches each individual segment, you drill that segment for a while before combining what you have learned. In addition, the combo teaching sections are all separated by what Guillermo calls “fillers.” The fillers are cardio blasts and other boxing drills. Here are the fillers that you will do: double jacks, cross jacks, regular jumping jacks, speed bag arms (while doing boxers shuffle), butt kick runs (he calls these jump ropes, but you are only doing jump rope arms with butt kick run), knee pull drills, various punch drills, kick drills and fast feet with speed bag arms. In addition, during the course of the workout you will do 1 set of 40 air squats and later a second set of 16 air squats then you will hold the squat isometrically while pulsing. The actual combo is uncomplicated and fun to do. Overall, another excellent and fun cardio kickboxing workout from Guillermo Gomez!


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