Martial Fusion: Kickboxing Cardio Power

Kickboxing Cardio Power is another cardio kickboxing workout by Guillermo Gomez in his Martial Fusion series. Jessica Smith (his wife) is one of the background exercisers. The DVD includes 9:30 minutes of bonus drills and a short tutorial in which Guillermo uses the other background exerciser to demonstrate form.

Like Guillermo’s other workout that I’ve done (Fitness Kickboxing) this is not a super intense workout. It is a steady state cardio workout. No complicated moves and no plyometrics. However, it is not low impact. But it is an enjoyable way to get your cardio in. I did the main workout plus the Bonus Drills and in 52 minutes burned 400 calories. Not too bad.

Kickboxing Cardio Power is 42:30 minutes; 6 minute warm up and 4:30 minute stretch. This is more of a cardio boxing workout. There is only one set of kick drills in the entire workout and then some kicks in the Bonus Drills (below). After the warm up, Guillermo builds a combo in layers. It is the only combo in the workout. You do it on both sides of the body. It consists of various types of punches, knees, V steps and jacks. You work on this combo until about 26:30 minutes into the workout. Then you spend the next 7 minutes doing various drills-punches, knees pulls, squats and the only kicks in the entire workout (not counting the Bonus Drill, below). Then about 34 minutes into the workout, you repeat the combo again. Before you repeat it on the other side of the body, you do jack/punch drills.

Bonus Drills is 9:30 minutes. Guillermo spends a lot of the time talking and there is no music. The first 1:30 minutes he discusses the form for drill #1. Then before drill #2, Guillermo does another 30 second intro about how important having a soft/padded mat is when doing these drills then another 30 seconds of form instruction. Before drills #3 and #4 there is more form instruction. The point of these drills is to help open your hips to improve your punches and kicks.

  1. Squat into a back roll, bringing feet to floor over head then roll back up into squat and stand, never using your hands, 10 reps
  2. Hip switch (start in kneeling lunge with back leg crossed behind you, lower bottom to ground and roll onto back with front leg extended and back leg crossed behind it, when you are on your back, switch leg positions then roll back up into a kneeling lunge but with leg positions swapped), 6 reps
  3. Do 6 reps of an easier modified version of drill #2
  4. Runners lunge (with one hand on ground and other on front knee) into a round house kick, 10 reps each leg

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