Popsugar: Bigger Booty Workout


Bigger Booty Workout is another 10 minute lower body workout from Popsugar and Anna Renderer. Another great little workout that is a good finisher for a longer lower body or total body strength workout. This morning I used it to finish off the Cathe Live lower body workout I did (Long & Strong Legs). I will say I didn’t find this the best Popsugar lower body 10 minute finisher, but it was a good one. I did like it. Not sure I will return to it tho, considering all of the other excellent ones Popsugar and Anna have created but it is a good one.

Bigger Booty Workout is 10 minutes long. #8 below is a stretch and she actually does it after the 10 minute clock runs out; however you do not stay there for the whole stretch. She just tells you to do it and gets down into position herself, but then the video ends. I would say you could consider 1-3 a warm up. Definitely #1. Equipment needed: a mat and at least one set of dumbbells. Anna suggests a set of 10-15 pound dumbbells. Anna used 10 pound dumbbells and her two exercisers used 8 pound dumbbells. I used a set of 15 pound dumbbells and one 25 pound dumbbell.


  1. Hip circles (get on all 4s and rotate bent knee/hip in a circle)
  2. Straight leg extensions (similar to a bird dog pose; still on all 4s, one leg straight out behind you and opposite arm straight out in front of you; raise and lower back leg)
  3. Standing kickback (from standing position, bend forward and kick one leg back then come back to standing–it is a slow kick btw)
  4. Single leg bridge (lay on back, one foot on the floor and the other foot raised out straight and place one DB on hips; raise and lower hips, pushing through heel and squeezing glutes at top); one 25# DB
  5. Reverse lunge + single leg squat combo (reverse lunge then come up and squat, keeping one leg off the floor–so a balance move); 15# DBs
  6. Alternating curtsy lunges; 15# DBs
  7. Repeat 4, 5 & 6
  8. Figure 4 stretch

For more info on Popsugar and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page



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