Cathe Live: Cross Fire Quick Fix + Core

crossFireQuickFixPlusCore-8-18-16All Cathe has to do is put “Cross Fire” in the title of a workout for me to need to try it. I love her Cross Fire DVD workout. I have loved it since the first time I did it and it is one of my favorite DVD workouts that I return to frequently. So I was itching to do this one as soon as she announced the title. I finally got to it this morning and boy did it deliver. I loved it! This workout was excellent in so many ways. I’ll start with the fact it is a short HIIT workout. First, the total workout time is 34 minutes but the actual HIIT portion (including warm up and a stretch) is only 25 minutes! How perfect is that? Cathe has a lot of Live 40ish minute strength and metabolic workouts that this would round out perfectly–just tack the 25 minute HIIT portion of the workout onto the end! That is another thing I love about it–before she takes you into the core work, she cools you down and stretches you out. But if you want to do the core work it is also excellent and so fast paced it keeps your heart rate elevated! According to my Fitbit I burned 260 calories in 34 minutes–not bad when you consider that only 16 minutes of that was the actual HIIT portion (I was in my peak heart rate range for 15 of the 34 minutes–so this workout delivers some intensity!).

All of the HIIT drills are cardio blasts that you have seen in many other Cathe workouts–both DVD and live. She does use many drills from the Cross Fire DVD workout, but also lots of other blasts from other workouts. She even brings in a few of the core moves from Cross Fire! Excellent, excellent workout! The cardio/HIIT portion is almost entirely high impact–so lots of plyometrics. I adored it and will use it again and again!

Cross Fire Quick Fix + Core is 34 minutes long; 6 minute warm up, 16 minutes HIIT cardio, 2 minute cool down/stretch, 7:30 minutes core and 1 minute stretch. The only equipment needed for this workout is a firewalker band and a mat. The structure of this workout is 3 HIIT cardio circuits. For each circuit you do 4 different exercises then you repeat them. After the 3 HIIT circuits you get about 30 seconds of recovery then you go into the 2 minute cool down and stretch before coming to the floor for the core work. You only use the firewalker loop for HIIT Circuit #2. It aired live on 8/18/16 and here is the video clip.

HIIT Circuit 1:

  1. Shuffle, shuffle, drop (the drop is a squat w/ fingertips touching the floor)
  2. Quarter turn jump squats: side, center, other side, center (fingertips touch the ground when you jump to sides)
  3. Squat digs
  4. Suicide runs

Repeat Circuit 1

HIIT Circuit 2 (firewalker around ankles for this circuit):

  1. Plie jacks
  2. 3 jacks + 1 tuck jump
  3. Air jacks
  4. Hi/Lo squat jumps (one hand touches the floor during squat portion)

Repeat Circuit 2

HIIT Circuit 3:

  1. Scissor, scissor, wide tuck jump (2 alternating jump lunges + 1 wide tuck jump)
  2. Turning plunge lunges (alternating jump lunges but you turn to the side each time)
  3. Burpees
  4. Line taps (lateral squat jumps–staying in squat the entire time and touching the floor w/ fingertips)

Repeat Circuit 3


  1. Crab kicks (in crab, raise one foot and opposite arm/hand and touch them; alternate sides)
  2. Bicycle maneuver
  3. Soldier planks (in straight arm plank, raise one arm and opposite leg; alternate sides)
  4. Kick outs (in straight arm plank, bring leg underneath body and kick out to side, raising opposite hand to tap foot; alternate sides)
  5. High pulse crunches (hands behind head, keep shoulders/head elevated and pulse; this changes to reaching hands to knees while still pulsing)
  6. Full sit ups (Cathe also calls these ankle grabbers in other workouts)
  7. In side elbow plank w/ top arm behind head, rotate elbow to wrist on floor
  8. Reverse crunches w/ head/shoulders raised
  9. Supermans (lay on stomach, arms bent in 90 degree goal post at sides; raise and lower arms/chest/legs)
  10. Swim (on stomach with arms straight in front of you, head/chest and legs raised, paddle arms and legs)
  11. Another swim version (still on stomach w/ chest and legs raised, do a sort of breast stroke arm movement but arms/hands come all the way around to hips while opening and closing legs)
  12. Superman (still on stomach but arms are straight out in front and legs are straight; raise and lower legs/arms/chest in this position)








5 thoughts on “Cathe Live: Cross Fire Quick Fix + Core

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you! This is an excellent workout. My son was visiting last weekend, and I was looking for something short and intense, and boy, did this deliver! Unbeknownst to me, my son came down to the basement while I was in the midst of the workout, and he got great pleasure from teasing me about how I was “sucking wind”. To me, that is a sure sign of a great HIIT workout. 🙂 I agree with Brigitte – I love love love your reviews. Thanks so much for sharing them.


  2. I loved this one too. I’m thinking of starting a sts rotation in September and this is perfect on in between lifting days. I love your reviews and breakdowns. I count on you for my must do Cathe live workouts!!!


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