Cathe’s CrossFire

CrossFire is one of Cathe’s newest workouts. It is a 55 minute cardio workout; 6:30 warm up, 41:30 training time and 7 minute cool down/stretch. Also included are two bonus tracks: a 9 minute core segment and 4:40 low impact tabata. I LOVE this workout. In fact, CrossFire is my new favorite cardio workout. It is advanced, tough–but fun, too! It is so varied and fast-paced, but never too fast so that you feel like you can’t keep up. And the music is very motivating–it has a great beat and fits the workout perfectly. And time flew while doing this workout.

The back of the DVD case breaks down the time for each segment of the workout and lists the equipment you will need. You need a Firewalker loop (but you can use a resistance strap tied into a loop–the flat rubber kind, not the resistance bands with handles), pairs of 3, 5, 8 and 10 pound dumbbells, one 15 pound dumbbell, a set of “slide and glide” disks (paper plates can be substituted but I found they aren’t really necessary) and resistance tubing as a marker.

Like many of Cathe’s DVDs, CrossFire has the option of a plethora of premixes to make this workout any length or impact you want. On the main menu, if you just choose “play” you get the 55 minute workout. In order to see/do the bonus sections, you have to go to “Chapters” and go the very end–that’s where the two “bonuses” are. However, I am sure they are worked into several of the many premixes. The workout is broken down into sections; before each section, the bottom of the screen gives you the name of the section and any equipment you might need for it.

After the warm up you go into the Fitness Blast, which is 8:50 minutes. It is a HIIT workout. There are 4 basic HIITs and they are each done 3 times for a total of 12 HIITs. The first time you do each HIIT, you immediately repeat it, then at the end of the segment you do each HIIT one more time.

The next section is the Firewalker tabata, which is 4:55 minutes long. Tabata is just a form of HIIT workout in which the high intensity move is done for 20 seconds, then you recover for 10 seconds–that equals one tabata cycle. You do 8 tabata cycles to complete a full tabata circuit. For this section there are 4 moves; you go through them once, then repeat them for a total of 8. They are all done with the Firewalker band around your ankles.

Next is Circuit Blast, which is 22:45 minutes. Though CrossFire is not a strength workout, weights are used. They are used primarily to keep intensity up, but there is a strength aspect to it, I suppose–metabolic weight training. Circuit blast is a mixture of high/low intensity circuits, and each circuit is done in pairs. For instance, you will do a high intensity interval (HIIT), followed by a low intensity interval, then you will repeat the pair before moving onto the next circuit pair. Circuit Blast consists of 6 circuit pairs, each repeated twice for a total of 12 circuit pairs (or 24 circuits).

The next section is Plyo tabata and it is 5:20 minutes long. It is just what the name says–tabata HIITs that are plyometric. There are 4 tabata cycles each done twice for a total of 8.

For the 55 minute workout, this ends the training period and you move on to the stretch.

The bonus low impact tabata (4:40 minutes) is constructed just like the other tabata segments–4 tabata cycles each done twice for a total of 8. This section uses the disks; however, they are not needed. You can do every move low impact without the disks.

The bonus core (9:10 minutes) is a really neat core workout. I really like it. It has 4 core moves, each repeated. The first is crab where you touch your opposite foot and alternate, for a total count of 32. When you repeat it you go faster. The second move is one sided oblique crunch–you do 32 reps on each side. The third move is plank with weights–you alternately go into side plank and bring one weight toward the ceiling, 16 reps each time. The last move is also in plank. It is a balance move in which you raise the opposite arm and leg, 16 reps each time.

Today was the first time I did Crossfire and I did the workout plus the bonuses, but in the future I will probably just do the 55 minute workout and sometimes add on the 9 minute bonus core section. This workout is definitely going into my regular rotation.

Premixes (all premixes contain warm up and stretch):

Premix #1: CrossFire Plus Core  64:09

Premix #2:  Timesaver  Low Impact Tabata 17:56

Premix #3: Timesaver  Firewalker Tabata 18:09

Premix #4: Timesaver  Plyo Tabata 18:31

Premix #5: Timesaver  Plyo Tabata  + Firewalker Tabata  23:27

Premix #6: Timesaver  Triple Tabata 28:04

Premix #7: Timesaver  Fitness Blast + Firewalker Tabata 26:59

Premix #8: Timesaver  Circuit Blast 35:59

Premix #9: Timesaver   Fitness Blast/Plyo Tabata/Core  33:14

Premix #10: Less Impact  56:16

Premix #11: No Tabatas  53:56

Premix #12: CrossFire Extreme 73:44


49 thoughts on “Cathe’s CrossFire

  1. Hello again! After following your advice on the KCM dvds and then looking for workout videos at my local library, I found Cathe’s Crossfire – and I loved it! Granted I modified it some as I have neck and shoulder issues, but I got a great workout in! I also did KCM’s Muscle Up DVD and her Strength and Stamina DVD (the premix that combines both workouts on each DVD) and I loved and was challenged by each of those workouts too😀.

    Since I loved Crossfire so much, I will probably end up buying the DVD for my collection, but if I am ordering this DVD and paying for shipping (US to Canada), I might as well buy more than one Cathe DVD, you know, to make the shipping costs worth my while 😁. After reading numerous Cathe reviews on your site, I can see that there is LOTS of choice, so I would like to ask for your advice once again.

    My goals are pretty basic, I need to put on some muscle and to ditch 10 or 20 lbs of fat – neither of which are easy to achieve at 57, but I do have ‘toys’ such as dumbbells, barbells, a club step with lots of risers, kettlebells etc, and since I am now happily retired, I have more time and inclination to get back to seriously working out. So, after all that preamble, what would be the top 10 Cathe dvds that you would recommend? Or alternatively, if I decided to buy a program, would LITE or ICE be better? Looking forward to your thoughts.


      1. Many thanks and no worries. I saw you post about surgery tomorrow so I do realize that you have other things on your mind – I am sending you positive thoughts and best wishes for a safe and smooth surgery and an excellent and speedy recovery!


      2. Thanks! This is a relatively minor surgery compared to the others I’ve had over the past two years, and hopefully this is the last one for a long time (dare I hope–the last ever???). The recovery period for this one should be quicker than the others, but it still frustrates me how I lose hard earned strength. Especially after all the work I’ve been doing to build myself back up after my last surgery. But oh well! I will roll with it!

        I gave you a ton of Cathe workout suggestions. Let me know which ones you end up buying. I’m glad you enjoying Kelly’s workouts. Kelly and Cathe are two of my favorite trainers.


    1. Hello Yvonne! That is definitely a difficult question. Cathe has a plethora of excellent workouts. But first, if you were to purchase a program, I would definitely chose LITE with the Pyramid Pump bonus DVD. I do love ICE but if I had to choose between the two, LITE would win. Outside of that, if I had to just pick 10 Cathe workouts–you got one the first I couldn’t part with–Crossfire. That is one of my favorite Cathe workouts. Afterburn is another. And High Step Challenge and High Step Training are two of my favorite Cathe workouts. However, you do need the square high step to do those 2. That’s 4 right there. Strong & Sweaty: Total Body Giant Sets is another must have. And if you have no problems with plyometrics, then Ripped with HIIT (RwH): Lift it Hit it Legs. I would also get the two RwH Lift it Hit it upper body workouts (Chest, Triceps & Shoulders and Back, Biceps & Shoulders). However, if you like to do all of your upper body in a single workout rather than split into two workouts, Strong & Sweaty: Ramped Up Upper Body is a good substitute. If you’re not into plyometrics then Xtrain: Cardio Legs is excellent and if you want something more intermediate than that, ICE: Chiseled Lower Body Blast is excellent. Now I am losing track of how many since I am offering up substitutes.

      Before I finish out the list, I will tell you the reason I chose the ones above, other than the fact I love every one of them and they are very effective workouts. You said you want to build muscle AND lose fat. Then you want metabolic workouts. Total body strength workouts are going to give you a better calorie burn than split series. Also, workouts that alternate cardio blasts with strength work will do that too. So everything I listed so far has a metabolic element, either due to the pacing or the fact it incorporates cardio bursts. With the exception of the RwH Lift it Hit it upper body workouts. Those two will build muscle but not burn many calories. You will get a better calorie burn from Strong & Sweaty: Ramped Up Upper Body.

      Okay, it looks like I am at 7 or 8 (this if you only choose one of the lower body workouts that alternates cardio and strength–the one that suits your fitness level best; and 7 if you go with Ramped Up Upper Body, rather tahn the RwH upper body workouts). So 2-3 more. My next suggestions are for some of my favorite Cathe workouts that are even better because you get 2 workouts on a single DVD PLUS premixes that mix the two workouts together: Kick Punch Crunch/Legs & Glutes and Super Sets/Push Pull. And finally, my all time favorite: STS Total Body.

      And a couple more favorites, in case some of these don’t work for you: Great Glutes, Flex Train, Athletic Training, Xtrain: All Out Low Impact HIIT and X10.


      1. Wow! Thank you so much for this info – I clearly have a lot of workouts to review and decisions to make! Part of me is leaning towards getting a program such as LITE and then rounding out my training with a few of the other DVD workouts such as Crossfire and another couple. Again, many thanks for all of your wonderful reviews.

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      2. OMG! I just need to share. I have a Cathe DVD that I bought while thrift shopping, Cyclemax. And I didn’t mention it because, well, I don’t have a spin bike. That said, I read a comment on a review where someone stated that there was so much standing work on the bike during this workout that she felt like she was on an elliptical. Ding ding ding – I just used the Cathe Cyclemax DVD for my elliptical workout – speeding up and slowing down etc based on Cathe’s instruction – and got the best elliptical workout ever. Mind blown. So thank you, because I would not have bought that DVD except for reading your reviews and wanting to see what kind of an instructor Cathe is – the answer is awesome, just like your reviews. And now I am off to read more of your reviews on the dvds you have mentioned above.

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      3. I have a few of Cathe’s cycling workouts, too. I never did review them because I don’t have a spinning bike, but I do have a recumbent bike. I do the same thing you do–I increase/decrease the resistance on it and I still get a great workout, even though I am not standing while riding.


  2. Yes I did see it on cardio slam. I probably went to crossfire first and didn’t go to cardio slam until later. Something like that. However, I did eventually respond to you on cardio slam. Did you see that? I wished you well. Let me know . I will say it again. My thoughts are with you and yes you will be getting back to your HIIT soon enough!

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  3. Thank you! I have been doing the crossfire extreme. Have you tried that premix and what are your thoughts on that?


    1. No, I don’t think I ever did the extreme premix. If I did I don’t remember much about it. Plus it would have to have been a weekend workout since I don’t have that much time M-F (I workout for an hour before I go to work–so 75 minutes is too long). What I usually did was either the straight Crossfire workout or I would do the CrossFire + Core premix. I also used short premixes as add ons to other workouts or as doubles workouts. Crossfire used to be one of my favorite workouts. Still is–but as mentioned in my other reply I can’t do workouts of this intensity right now. But I will again one day!


      1. I didn’t see your reply that you couldn’t do workouts of this intensity right now? Are you ok?


      2. You commented on 3 different posts: To the Max, Crossfire and Cardio Slam. I talked about it under Cardio Slam. If it’s still not there leg me know and I’ll post it here.


    1. I don’t see why not. You already use a resistance band looped around your ankles for a few of the circuits, so if you are able to complete the entire workout with the band on then that is awesome! It will definitely up the challenge!


  4. I tried to like this one, but premix 7 is the only one I end up using. That was is a lot of fun though, so I suppose worth it in the end. I am not a cardio lover anyway, so I need a dvd that truly convinces me! lol. I thought the acceleration was usually off, but that’s probably just me.


    1. I actually like premix 7 a lot too. It is a great doubles or add on workout. Crossfire is still one of my all time favorite cardio workouts. What do you mean “the acceleration was usually off”?


      1. What I mean is that I didn’t always feel like I was ‘working up’ to anything. It wasn’t as seamless or flowy as I would have liked. lol. Does that make any sense?


      2. Yes–you’re referring to workouts like her Imax that increase in intensity, to a sort of peak? I like that, too, but what I really enjoy about Crossfire, To the Max and other workouts like All Out Low Impact HIIT is the variety–it keeps the workouts from being boring because the exercises are changing constantly and they are all pretty intense!


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