Cathe Live: Cardio Mish Mosh

cardioMishMosh-7-30-15Cathe’s Live Cardio Mish Mosh is a very cool cardio workout that I know I will return to frequently. It is comparable to Crossfire and To the Max–but only in diversity and intensity. The best way to describe this workout is to think of every single cardio/HIIT/plyo move Cathe does in her vast library of workouts, whether that move shows up in a cardio workout, a metabolic workout or a cardio + strength workout. Now, imagine trying to cram them all into 44 minutes. Not possible, I know, so you will not see every single move–but a lot of them appear in this workout. It also has what I love so much about Xtrain workouts in general–few repetitions. There are a few (and I note where they appear in the breakdown), but for the most part you only do each exercise once then move onto the next. This workout also uses various equipment. There is no step moves tho–so obviously that leaves out a lot of Cathe’s cardio, but if it doesn’t require a step, then it is probably in this workout. You have low impact moves, high impact moves, high intensity moves, metabolic moves, plyometric moves and even some lower intensity/recovery moves. You will get an excellent, intense and varied cardio workout. I will say my least favorite part was the band work at the beginning. I felt that she did some of these moves (not all of them) a lot faster than she has done them when they appear in her DVD workouts. In those workouts I can always keep up with Cathe’s pace. I was lagging on a few band exercises in this workout; it seemed she was moving at light speed. Also, near the end she keeps saying “this is the last exercise,” then does another exercise–she does this twice. Not a big deal, but if you are ready for the workout to be over, you will be disappointed. So be prepared and there will be no disappointment!

Cardio Mish Mosh is 44 minutes long; warm up 7:30 minutes and cool down/stretch 3:30 minutes. This workout aired live on 7/30/15. Here is the video clip. Equipment needed: one long fitness band (as a marker on the floor), a set of 5 & 8 pound dumbbells and a mat (also used as a marker on the floor).

Place band on the floor as a marker.

  1. Box jumps over/around band;
  2. Shuffle the length of the band and at each end drop/squat and touch floor w/ fingertips;
  3. Switch jumps over band;
  4. Scissor jumps over the band;
  5. L jumps over band;
  6. Bunny hops over the band;
  7. Twist jump 4 to each side with 4 jacks at each end of the twists;
  8. Leap 4x to each side (jumping on one foot while abducting the other);
  9. Shuffle the length of the band and at each end drop/squat and touch floor w/ fingertips;

Put band away; no equipment needed.

  1. Grapevine to side then 6 power scissors;
  2. One arm burpees;
  3. Snow boards, 3 sets of 10;
  4. Flying angels, 3 sets–first set 10 reps, 2nd set 8 reps, 3rd set 6 reps;;

Get your mat and place on the floor as a marker.

  1. Start at one end of the mat, shuffle around to other end and drop/squat, touching fingertips to floor then shuffle back;
  2. High reaching pop squats: straddle mat, squat, touching fingertips to floor and 180 jump squat (land still straddling mat but facing other direction)–two sets, first set 12 reps, second set 10 reps;
  3. Wide burpees–straddle mat for burpees, keeping legs wide and wide tuck jump at top of burpee;
  4. Recovery move: step over mat 3x w/ calf pump;
  5. Start at end of mat, 4 power hops straddling the mat, 4 jacks at other end of mat, turning as you jack;

Get rid of mat and have your dumbbells close by.

  1. Lateral skates using 3 dumbbells on floor as markers so you are skating wide;
  2. Suicides: set all 4 dumbbells down on one side of the room, lay band out (as a marker) at other end of room–start at band, run and grab one DB, run back to band and set down, run back and grab another DB–and keep going;
  3. Explosive side lunges w/ one 8# DB;
  4. Pivoting sumo squats w/ two 8# DB;
  5. Lateral jumps w/ two 5# DB held at shoulders, repeat w/ one 8# DB;
  6. Squat kick, squat lunge, pivot to sumo squat and raise front knee then back knee (while remaining in sumo squat), one 8# DB;
  7. Mountain climber kicks–come down like you’re doing a mountain climber but switch feet, come up and kick back leg, lower and switch feet (like a mountain climber), come up and kick back leg;
  8. Squat kick, squat lunge w/ one 8# DB.

5 thoughts on “Cathe Live: Cardio Mish Mosh

  1. Looks like an eat your porridge & peanut butter type of workout! So looking forward to trying out Cathe LIVE. : ) Thanks for all of these breakdowns & reviews.


    1. You’re welcome! I just did this one again this morning. Burned 400 calories in 40 minutes. Not bad! And lots of fun. And you will LOVE Live. It is actually making my life difficult. It is all I want to do–and yet I have all of these other great workouts that I love and also want to do. But Cathe Live wins more often than not!


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