Cathe Live: Total Body Cardio & Weights

totalBodyCardioAndWeights-10-15-15Yet another awesome cardio + strength workout from Cathe Live. Cathe’s live workouts are a treasure trove of these types of workouts–and btw, cardio + strength is my absolute favorite type of workout, and Cathe consistently does it better than anyone else out there. Not necessarily metabolic strength, tho I do love that, too, but circuit workouts that alternate strength work w/ cardio. Probably because my home exercise obsession started 15+ years ago w/ The Firm‘s cardio + strength workouts. I’ve been addicted ever since.

The great thing about the cardio + strength Live workouts I’ve done so far is that they are all different. Lots of fun, great workouts, but each is unique in their own way. They all contain similar exercises but they are always put together differently. If I would ever stop purchasing new workouts I could definitely see structuring all of my rotations around Cathe Live workouts. They are just such great workouts and too much fun to ever stop doing!

Total Body Cardio & Weights is 52 minutes long; 5 minute warm up, 3 minutes core and 3:30 minute stretch. This workout aired live on 10/15/15 and here is a video clip. Recommended equipment is 5-15 pound dumbbells and a mat. I needed heavier dumbbells so I also had 20 and 25 pound dumbbells. And of course, to get the best workout possible, I will need to heavy up in the future. Everything is noted in the breakdown below–Cathe’s weights, my weights and what I will increase to next time I do this workout. The structure of this work out is a steady state cardio combo, followed by a higher intensity cardio move. Then you do a compound strength move followed by an isolation strength move. You do 5 rounds. The 5th round is extended and has more strength work at the end. The workout ends with standing core work.

Round 1: Cardio: jogging in place, pendulums, shallow/cardio lunges to the side and back, jumping jacks and scissors. The cardio ends w/ a combo in which you wide jump forward, jump in and out, jump back and do jacks. Strength: Squat w/ overhead press (10#DB, I will use 12# in the future), then overhead press only (no squatting). Alternate alternating front raises w/ double arm front raises; at the top of the front raise you pull the dumbbell back to your shoulder (8# DB, I will use 10# in the future).

Round 2: Cardio: 4 power hops forward, 4 block jacks backward; different jack variations. Cardio ends w/ flying angel jacks. Strength: sumo squats w/ bicep curls (10# DB, I will use 12# DB in the future). Reverse flys w/ 10# DB, 3 sets of 10 reps.

Round 3: Cardio: twist/hops w/ jacks and jump ropes. Skipping/front kicks, side skip kicks, back skip kicks. Jumping jacks. Cardio ends w/ 3 jumps forward, 180 jump then jump 3x back. Strength: static lunges w/ overhead tricep extensions (8#DB, I will use 10# in the future). Tricep kickbacks w/ 10# DB.

Round 4: Cardio: cardio boxing. Cardio ends w/ 3 rope climbs/1 elbow strike combo. Strength: deadlifts and dead rows (Cathe uses 15#DB, I used 25# DB). Rotational rows (Cathe used 12# DB, I used 15# DB, I will use 17.5# DB in the future). 3 sets of 8 push ups.

Round 5: Cardio: static/split lunge jumps. Wide jump squats into side jump lunge–the jumps are small, so squat, side lunge, squat, other side lunge; you do a small jump each time to change position. Strength: plie squats w/ narrow upright rows (12# DB); repeat but do wide upright rows. One arm rows: 8 normal rows, 8 horizontal rows, 8 normal rows (total of 24 rows) (Cathe uses 15# DB, I used 20# DB). One leg tricep dips alternated w/ 5 tricep push ups; 3 sets total (first set you do 32 tricep dips, and last two sets you do 16 tricep dips). Alternating traditional bicep curls then alternating hammer curls; end w/ 4 double arm hammer curls (12# DB, I will use 15# DB in the future).

Standing Core: 1. side bends–Cathe holds two 10# DB in one hand and other hand is behind head (I used one 20# DB). 2. Squat and raise one knee at the top, twisting 12# DB held in both hands to the side of the raised knee; alternate sides.


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