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catheLive2At the time of the creation of this rotation (and the end of it–when I post it), I have done 66 Cathe Live workouts out of 109. I had to stop doing new-to-me Cathe Lives during this 5 week rotation–but I am definitely not finished! I still have a list of Cathe Lives I plan to sample. And since Cathe adds a new workout every week, the list just keeps growing. This rotation was very hard to construct. I had only 30 slots to work with and 66 workouts to chose from. And I love most of them! How to whittle them down by more than half and put them into a workable rotation? That was very hard. In fact, I had initially planned to do a 4 week rotation but there were workouts I just couldn’t seem to fit into the rotation that I simply could not in good conscience leave out. They were too awesome, too important, too incredibly effective to leave out… but they just didn’t fit into the structure I had created. So I decided to end the 4 week rotation with a week of pure intensity metabolic strength workouts. So that is why it is 5 weeks long. I do think I chose the best of the best for this rotation, but I also (grudgingly) was forced to leave out some awesome workouts that I love and felt deserved a place here. But as I said, I only had 30 slots to fill. So some had to be benched.

Now, there are many ways to structure Cathe Live workouts into an excellent and comprehensive rotation and this is just one way. So who knows? Maybe by the time I sample another 20 or so workouts another Cathe Live rotation will be in order. The basic structure of this rotation is: Monday: total body strength + cardio, Tuesday: cardio, Wednesday: lower body, Thursday: upper body, Friday cardio kickboxing, Saturday: total body strength, Sunday: rest. And I also tried to make Wednesday or Thursday a cardio + strength workout.

There are many other ways to structure a rotation, but this is the one I created this time around. Are these the only workouts I did during this 5 week period? No, but this is a Cathe Live only rotation so that is all that appears here. However, for those interested, due to the fact I workout for an hour every morning and Cathe Live workouts frequently fall in the 40-50 minute range, I did add-ons. I chose to stick with the streaming theme and my add-ons during this rotation are all Popsugar, BeFit and GymRa that are all free on Youtube. If you are interested, you can see reviews (and the time limit each workout falls into so you can utilize them as add-ons yourself if you wish) for the workouts I did on the Streaming page. I also did doubles workouts in the afternoon after work. These were not Cathe Live workouts either so they are also not listed here, but they were (again) either streamed or Kelly Coffey-Meyer 30 Minutes to Fitness workouts.

So, after 5 weeks–what is the verdict? I really enjoyed this rotation. It was a great rotation and I got great cardio and strength work. Overall, it was a very metabolic rotation. So I am very pleased with it. However, the hardest part about this rotation was the fact Cathe came out with new Cathe Live workouts every week. And some of them I wanted to do so very badly! But I couldn’t because I had to stick with the rotation. However, I plan to do two in particular as soon as this rotation is complete! And just reviewing the descriptions and clips of some of the new Cathe Live workouts made me wonder if maybe they would have fit in this rotation even better than what is already here. But alas, 5 weeks ago they did not even exist, so I had to work with what I knew and had actually done.

One final note here at the very end of this rotation (for me). The final metabolic week (week 5) is something to keep in mind if you are looking to blast some fat. During this 5 week rotation, I did not change my diet in any way. I did not lose weight the first 4 weeks, but the scale dropped in week 5! Again–these are not the only workouts I was doing–I did add on/finishers and doubles, but I was also doing add on/finishers and doubles in weeks 1-4, so I attribute it to the Cathe Live workouts I used for week 5. Very intense, very metabolic. Something to consider if you are trying to drop some weight. Combine workouts like the ones in week 5 with some calorie restriction and you could probably drop some weight. Just a thought.

So here it is! 5 weeks of Cathe Live only. Have fun with it! I did!

Week 1:

Monday: Low Impact HIIT Circuit (53 minutes)

Tuesday: Solid Cardio + HIIT (45 minutes)

Wednesday: Boxing w/ Leg Blasts (58 minutes)

Thursday: Strong Upper Body w/ Core (57 minutes)

Friday: Gloved Up & Ready (50 minutes)

Saturday: Strong Total Body (47 minutes)

Sunday: Rest or yoga

Week 2:

Monday: Total Body Cardio & Weights (52 minutes)

Tuesday: Cardio Mish Mosh (44 minutes)

Wednesday: Totally Toned Legs (56 minutes)

Thursday: Cardio & Weights (Upper Body) (54 minutes)

Friday: Quick Fix Kickboxing (52 minutes)

Saturday: Total Body Weights (64 minutes)

Sunday: Rest or yoga

Week 3:

Monday: High Intensity Aerobic Weight Training (56 minutes)

Tuesday: Cardio Band Blast w/ Weights (48 minutes)

Wednesday: Cardio Leg Blast w/ High Step (55 minutes)

Thursday: Upper Body Sculpting (51 minutes)

Friday: High Energy Kickboxing (48 minutes)

Saturday: Stability Ball Total Body Weights (54 minutes)

Sunday: Rest or yoga

Week 4:

Monday: Low Impact Cardio & Strength (53 minutes)

Tuesday: High Intensity Cardio Step (45 minutes)

Wednesday: Lean Lower Body (51 minutes)

Thursday: Step HIIT + Upper Body Weights (66 minutes)

Friday: Cardio Boxing w/ Stability Ball Abs (48 minutes)

Saturday: Total Body Sculpt (71 minutes)

Sunday: Rest or yoga

Week 5 (bonus/metabolic week):

Monday: Metabolic Circuit Blast (46 minutes)

Tuesday: PHAT #1 (50 minutes)

Wednesday: High/Low HIIT (42 minutes)

Thursday: Compound Giant Sets (42 minutes)

Friday: Crossfire Express (36 minutes)

Saturday: PHAT #2 (45 minutes)

Sunday: Rest or yoga





16 thoughts on “Cathe Live Rotation

  1. Starting this rotation today. Just moved into a new home and happy to have a workout room, but don’t have TV/DVD player for workout room yet. Thanks for putting this together. Love your blog and refer to it often!


  2. I just found this but thank you for posting. I only have the Cathe live subscription and not the On Demand so this works perfectly for me. Keep up the awesome work.


  3. Thank you, I’ve started this morning. I tried to do your other rotation but couldn’t stay away from Cathe Live so this is perfect!


    1. That was kind of my problem while doing the rotation! I loved doing it because I love Cathe Live–but I also couldn’t do Cathe’s new Live workouts immediately! It drove me crazy!


      1. You have excellent willpower. I might substitute a few new ones in the rotation…I’m weak!


    1. You’re welcome! Hope you enjoy. let me know what you think. I am planning on creating another after I do more Cathe Live workouts so any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


      1. Just wanted to let you know that I finished up your rotation this morning. I got a little off the map the last week and replaced the cardio workouts with run (I didn’t have internet access). It was so much fun. Tough but no dread factor. This rotation really improved my endurance, which I love! I’m still very much in a honeymoon period with Cathe Live and it was great to have a guide through them. I’m even going to use your rotation as a template moving forward! I do agree it’s a very metabolic rotation but surprisingly I didn’t miss the heavy weights that much. My daughter also told me last week that my traps were looking big, so I must be doing something right! One more thing I loved was working core a few days a week instead of doing a long core workout twice a week. I’ve noticed a real improvement in my core strength. Thanks again for all your time and effort! You rock!!!!


      2. You’re welcome! I am so glad you enjoyed it! I am actually planning to put together another Cathe Live only rotation at some point–probably at the end of the year. But right now I am creating a metabolic rotation that will have a lot of Cathe workouts, Cathe Live workouts and metabolic workouts by other trainers. I have been planning it for a long time and am finally going to do it. I hope it ends up being as good as I hope–then I will post it here.


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