Cathe Live: Cardio Boxing w/ Stability Ball Abs


Another great cardio boxing workout from Cathe–and another great Cathe Live workout. Cathe has a lot of cardio boxing live workouts! And so far I’ve loved almost all of them. This one is really no different than the others. It is different, but the same concept. Cardio boxing alternated with cardio blasts. There is almost no kicking in this workout but that’s ok because it wasn’t advertised as a kickboxing workout. There is some kicking tho–switch/jump kicks and squat lunge squat kicks. Other than that, it is all cardio boxing. It is not low impact either, but no plyometrics. There is jumping and hopping tho–which gets your heart pumping. Overall, I think Cathe worked both sides of the body evenly. She messed up on a few combos (which was cute) but corrected herself and seemed to fix the snafu.

Amanda was also part of this workout! The camera focused on her sometimes rather than Cathe but that is fine because her form and effort is as stellar as Cathe’s. The ab work was great, too and a nice way to end the cardio. I am not going to break down the cardio boxing but I will break down stability ball abs (below).

Cardio Boxing w/ Stability Ball Abs aired live 10/02/14. Here is the video clip. It is 47:30 minutes long; 6 minute warm up, total cardio boxing time (including the warm up) 33 minutes, stability ball abs 12 minutes, and stretch 2:30 minutes. Equipment: boxing gloves, stability ball and mat. I used 2 pound weighted gloves.

Stability Ball Abs: 1. crunches on the ball w/ hands behind head; 2. crunches on the ball w/ arms straight overhead, palms together; 3. lay on floor w/ feet/calves on ball and do more crunches w/ hands behind head; 4. banana holds while holding the ball overhead; 5. straight leg sit ups, holding ball overhead and raising one leg at top of move; alternate legs; 6. sit ups rolling ball over legs and feet and when you lay back down bring ball overhead to floor; 7. bent knee boat pose w/ ball resting on shins and arms overhead; 8. straight leg boat pose holding ball overhead; 9. get into C sit and twist ball side to side, tapping around w/ ball on either side of body; 10. still in C sit, bring ball overhead to one side the overhead to other side (like a rainbow or arch); 11. roll-ins–get into plank w/ shins on ball and roll ball in and out; 12. same as #11 but you do 2 roll-ins and one pike roll in on ball (you roll in but keep legs straight so butt goes high into air and body is in a V).


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