Cathe Live: High/Low HIIT


High/Low HIIT is a very cool workout–more so than I expected. In fact, it is the Ripped with HIIT premix you always wanted but wasn’t offered on DVD. A workout that alternates the high impact/plyometric HIITs from Ripped w/ HIIT with the low impact HIITs from the same series. I LOVED it! Excellent and intense. I have to note that I did not get the full impact of the workout this morning due to internet buffering problems. The workout kept freezing and I would have to back out of it and resume playing because if I didn’t, the buffering never “caught up.” This happened repeatedly in the first 15 minutes of the workout then finally stopped and I was able to do the rest of it w/out any issues. But this is a HIIT workout so I got more rest periods than I should have, making it seem easier to me than it actually is. However, I still felt I got an excellent workout–so I am sure it will be even better when I do it w/out the buffering issue! And I will be returning to this one.

Another bonus about this workout is the structure. It is 42 minutes long but the last 9 minutes is core work and a short stretch. She gives you a cool down and a standing stretch immediately after the HIIT workout, so if all you want is a 33 minute HIIT workout w/ warm up + stretch–just stop it after the first 33 minutes! I love that about this workout as well since it works perfectly as a doubles workout, or as an add on after a short strength workout. So another gem from Cathe Live.

High/Low HIIT is 42 minutes long; 7 minute warm up, 23 minute high/low HIIT, 3 minute cool down/standing stretch, 7:30 minute core, 1:30 minute stretch. It aired live on 12/11/14; here is the video clip. Equipment needed: one 10 pound dumbbell and a mat (mat will be used as a marker during the HIIT and also for core work). You will do two sets of most exercises. I don’t break the core work down in detail because it is pretty detailed, but Cathe basically did a long crunch series with lots of different leg positions and movements. It was very challenging.

Lay mat out for first series of exercises:

  1. Half Circle Shuffle Springs (shuffle drop from one end of the mat to the other)
  2. Jump Shot w/ Knee Repeater (circle arms while doing knee up at corner of mat (like it’s a step), then do 6 elbow to knee; alternate sides)
  3. High Reaching Pop Squats (180 plyo pop squats while straddling the mat and reaching arms overhead when jumping)
  4. Wide Football Runs straddling mat (run forward and tap mat w/ fingertips, run back and tap mat w/ fingertips)
  5. 3 Power Hops forward straddling mat then 2 Plyo Jacks and jump turn
  6. 3 skaters over mat and one jump
  7. Snow boarders

Put mat away and grab 10# DB

  1. Pivoting sumos w/ DB
  2. Jump forward, jump back and jump rope, plyo jack, jump rope; repeat then immediately do 2 sets of box jumps; do this series twice on each side of body, take a brief rest and repeat the whole thing
  3. Corner to Corner Diagonal Lunges w/DB
  4. Vertical Butt Kicks, 3 sets of 10 reps
  5. Explosive Side Lunges; alternate sides (w/ DB)
  6. Grapevine + 6 Power Scissors (alternating jump lunges)
  7. Marching Sumos w/ DB
  8. One Arm Burpees
  9. Travel Bob and Weaves (3 bob and weaves then travel (shuffle step) to side while circling DB)


  1. A long series of crunch variations w/ different leg positions and movements (5:30 minutes)
  2. While lying on your back, plant one elbow on the ground with the fingers pointing straight up in the air; the other arm lifts up, raising your torso while your other elbow remains planted on the mat
  3. Elbow plank hold; add marching feet; changes to out and in feet; straight arm plank hold; lower to elbow plank and do plank jacks, raise to straight arm plank and do plank jacks; keep alternating

6 thoughts on “Cathe Live: High/Low HIIT

  1. Would you ever consider doing/posting
    a rotation with just the Cathe live videos? They sound awesome by your description


    1. I have been considering that–actually, I plan to! I love Cathe Live workouts so much I could do them every day. I want to sample more tho before I create a rotation. I have mapped out a skeleton rotation of my workouts up until the beginning of May and I have been plugging in 1-2 untried Cathe Lives every week. So probably by early May I will have a much bigger sample to pull from–probably at least 1/2 of all of her available Cathe Lives by then. So that’s when I will probably start playing with a rotation.


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