Cathe Live: Metabolic Mashup

metabolicMashUp-3-3-16Metabolic Mashup is Cathe‘s most recent Live workout. Normally I don’t do Cathe Lives this quickly, but something about this workout excited me. I love Cathe’s metabolic workouts and the video clip for this looked awesome. So I squeezed it in today on my rest/yoga day. And finished it off with yoga (I love my yoga Sundays and did not want to forgo it). I loved it! I was as good as I expected. Since I am a little sore from some of last week’s workouts and I am lifting heavy tomorrow, I matched Cathe’s weights for most of the workout and still got a great workout. So, like most of her metabolic workouts, it is pretty versatile. Lift heavier and get a more intense workout (which I will probably do in the future), lift lighter and still get a great workout w/out killing yourself. Another Live keeper (or one I will return to, since I technically cannot “keep” them). This is basically a total body workout, but the arms and lower body are getting the most work here. The chest and shoulders get worked, and the core gets some work. The back doesn’t get much; it does get some with rear delt flys and pullovers but no focused work. And of course, you are getting cardio, too.

At the beginning of the workout (after the warm up) I was afraid this was going to be too much like her newest workout DVD ICE: Metabolic Total Body, which I LOVE, but don’t want a carbon copy of. It seemed kind of similar at first, but it quickly veered off and became it’s own unique metabolic workout.

Metabolic Mashup is 50:30 minutes long; 7 minute warm up and 4 minute cool down/stretch. Equipment recommended is a range of dumbbells from 5-15 pounds and a mat. I also used 25 pound dumbbells for squats/deadlifts. It aired live on 3/03/16 and here is the video clip. Below I’m listing the dumbbell weight Cathe uses and what I used (if I used something different)–I am also listing what I plan to use in the future when I want to go heavier. These notes on weights btw are for my own personal reference. I create workout cards for every workout I do that uses dumbbells (or barbells or kettlebells) but I do not create those workout cards immediately. Usually I create them before I do the workout a second time–which could be a week later, or a month later. I can barely remember what I lifted yesterday, let alone a week or month ago. That’s the whole point of logging things. I need that information handy. And since I’m writing a review anyway, there is no point in redundancies. I just keep it all in one place–my blog/database.

  1. Air Squats
  2. Plie Squats w/ bicep curls (both hammer and traditional); 8# DBs, I’ll use 12# DBs in the future
  3. Alternating forward leaning lunges; tap elbow to opposite knee
  4. Holding DBs at sides, do a front lunge then lift front foot off ground (while staying in lunge) while doing straight arm side raises; do 3 on one leg before changing to other leg; after doing several of these you will just do side arm raises while standing; 5# DBs, I’ll use 7# DBs in the future
  5. Squat turn, squat press (holding one DB and facing to the side, squat w/ DB at shoulder, pivot into lunge, bringing DB down near ankle, pivot back to squat bringing DB back to shoulder, then stand pivoting feet forward again and doing overhead press) 10# DB
  6. Alternating side lunges, bringing DB down to opposite foot; 8# DB, I’ll use 10# in the future
  7. Repeat #6 w/ heavier DBs; 10# DBs, I’ll use 12# in the future
  8. Side lunge and do 3 DB swings then come up into tree pose (briefly); Cathe used 8# DB, I used 10# DB, I’ll use 12# in the future
  9. Reverse lunge w/ bicep curl into overhead press (she does both single arm and double arm; then at the end, you hold in reverse lunge while doing single arm overhead presses); 10# DBs
  10. Forward lunge w/ rear delt fly; alternate sides; 8# DBs
  11. Superset rear delt flys: 10 reps w/ 12# DBs, 10 reps w/ 10# DBs
  12. Plie squat w/ upright rows; 12# DBs
  13. Sumo pulse walks (remaining in sumo squat while holding one DB in both hands take 3 steps forward and 3 steps back); Cathe uses 10# DB, I used 15# DB
  14. Bicep curl w/ one arm and overhead press w/ other arm–do these simultaneously (24 reps each side); 10# DBs
  15. Lateral plie walks (4 steps to each side); 12# DBs
  16. Plie squats w/ one arm overhead tricep extensions; 10# DBs
  17. Side lunge, curtsy lunge, side lunge, side leg raise; no DBs and fingertips touch the floor w/ each lunge
  18. Pulsing curtsy lunges w/ different arm variations
  19. Static lunges w/ overhead double arm tricep extensions; 8# DBs
  20. Single leg deadlift into a front raise; 8# DBs, I’ll use 10# in the future
  21. 2 squats + 1 deadlift; you do that series for a while then you do just squats, then just deadlifts, more squats followed by more deadlifts; Cathe used 15# DBs, I used 25 DBs
  22. Tricep kickbacks in plank, 10# DBs
  23. Pullovers w/ leg extensions; Cathe used two 10# DBs, I used one 30# DB
  24. Push ups w/ alternating shoulder taps
  25. Chest flys w/ leg extensions; Cathe used 10# DBs; I used 20# DBs
  26. Sit outs–alternate sides w/ a push up in between each sit out



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