Cathe Live: Metabolic Circuit Blast

metabolicCircuitBlastMetabolic Circuit Blast is a very intense HIIT/metabolic strength training workout and I love it! Cathe Live workouts almost never disappoint! This is the 34th Cathe Live workout I have tried and so far I have loved all of them except for 3 (two I didn’t like and 1 I liked but didn’t love). All of the others I’m pretty sure I’ve been enamored with. And this one is no exception–LOVE it! In this workout you alternate HIITs with metabolic strength training exercises. Cathe really preps you for this workout with a long warm up (9:30 minutes!) that gets pretty intense in the second half. I was starting to wonder if the workout had already begun! Excellent and intense workout for your cardio days. BTW–it is high impact, lots of plyometrics.

Metabolic Circuit Blast is 46 minutes long; 9:30 minute warm up and 2 minute cool down/stretch. For this workout you need a resistance tube, a firewalker band and dumbbells (8s, 10s, 12s and 15s). It aired live 7/10/14; here is the video clip. Due to the intensity and metabolic factor of this workout, I actually found the weights Cathe uses for the majority of the exercises appropriate since this isn’t a strength workout anyway, but an intense cardio workout that uses dumbbells to increase intensity. There was only one exercise, I think, that I used heavier dumbbells than Cathe did.

  1. Quarter turn power jump squats
  2. Squats w/ overhead presses; 10# DB
  3. Sprint shooters
  4. Alternating front lunges bringing elbow to opposite knee (no DBs)
  5. Plie jacks w/ firewalker around ankles
  6. 3 jacks + 1 tuck jump (firewalker still around ankles)
  7. Plie squats w/ on arm upright row; one 15# DB
  8. Air jacks w/ firewalker around ankles
  9. Squat jumps, touching the floor w/ finger tips at the bottom (firewalker still around ankles)
  10. Lateral plie squat walks; 10# DB
  11. Squat digs
  12. Squat kick, squat lunge (no DBs)
  13. Lay resistance tube on floor in straight line; 180 stance jumps straddling the tube
  14. Standing chest flys w/ band (stand on band and fly arms overhead but slightly in front of head)
  15. Overhead tricep extensions; 12# DBs
  16. Lateral hops holding one 10# DB; hold it w/ both hands at about chest/neck height and when you jump you raise it to nose/forehead height
  17. Side lunge and place DB on ground, side lunge and pick DB up, do one arm overhead press at top of move; one 10# DB
  18. Alternating side lunge holding one DB in both hands; bring DB to foot when you lunge and jump w/ an overhead press in the middle of the lunges; one 10# DB
  19. Turning power lunge jumps
  20. Reverse lunges w/ bicep curls; Cathe used 10# DBs, I used 12# DBs
  21. Line taps using one DB on the floor as a marker; lateral squat jump from one side of DB to the other
  22. Pendulum lunges, when you are in the reverse lunge position you will do a small hop; 10# DBs
  23. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, drop that transitions directly into suicide runs

8 thoughts on “Cathe Live: Metabolic Circuit Blast

  1. Thanks for your response! I seem to have developed an addiction to new workouts so I’m seriously considering getting the subscription to Cathe Live. Your reviews pretty much convinced me!! Your blog is incredible and informative. Thanks so much


    1. I have the same problem! I am trying to stop buying new workouts. Cathe Live does help because I have an enormous supply of new-to-me workouts at my fingertips! I’m glad my blog is so helpful! I decided to update the Cathe Live page–it’s about time, after doing 34 Cathe Live workouts, to give a general opinion. Tho who knows? after doing 34 more, my opinion might change again. but I doubt it!


      1. Me too!! I switched from on demand to the live workouts. I just love the variety, and I find them just as challenging as the more polished DVD workouts.
        I did this one this morning and… Wow. My face doesn’t always turn beet red, but when it does, there’s usually a Cathe metabolic workout involved!!

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    1. Hi Peg–I think the exercises are the same intensity as anything she does in a DVD workout. But one thing to keep in mind, is they are different from her DVDs. And one big thing that makes them easier is that, unlike in her DVDs, you get short breaks to towel off and get a drink of water. They are not long breaks and you don’t get a zillion of them, but they are there and you don’t get that in a DVD. Maybe some people pause a DVD and take their own breaks, but I never do, so I like those little breaks! BTW–I wear a fitbit and I don’t see any different in calorie burn between DVD and Cathe Live–so she is working me just as hard.

      One thing I find unique about the live workouts I’ve been doing is that there are a lot more cardio + strength workouts (which I love) than anything she has in her DVD collection. They are all different from each other–even when they contain some of the same exercises, she makes the workouts unique. And also, she has a lot of upper body workouts. Now Cathe has a lot of split series DVDs, but she generally breaks them up by muscle groups (Back & Chest, Biceps & Tricpes, etc). In her live workouts she works the entire upper body thoroughly and I LOVE that.


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