30 Minutes to Fitness: Cardio Quick Fix

Cardio Quick Fix is another workout in Kelly Coffey-Meyer‘s 30 Minutes to Fitness series. I had held off on buying this one for a long time because it seemed like it would be too easy. But then she had her New Years Day sale so I snagged it up (along with a few of her other, older workouts that I didn’t own). And it turned out that Workout 1 was pretty easy but Workout 2 was an intense and fun interval workout. Actually, they were both fun but they weren’t both intense. There is a modifier in all of the workouts in case anything is too difficult. She did modify exercises in Workout 2 and in the bonus but I don’t remember her actually modifying anything in Workout 1. It is that easy–no modifications needed.

Cardio Quick Fix contains two approx. 30 minute cardio workouts and a 15 minute Abs/Glutes/Hips bonus. Plus Kelly includes 9 premixes that mix the 3 workouts up in different ways (premixes are listed at bottom of review). If you do premix 5 (both workouts combined) then finish it off with the bonus, that is a full hour workout (premix is 45 minutes and bonus is 15 minutes).

Both workouts have the same warm up. The warm up is fine but the music is very corny. The music in the rest of the program isn’t terribly exciting either but it does have a good driving beat that works well with the exercises–and it isn’t corny like the warm up music!

Workout #1 is 25 minutes long; 3:30 minute warm up and 2:45 minute cool down/stretch. This is a straight up low impact, low intensity cardio workout. In 25 minutes my Fitbit said I burned 176 calories and I did break a sweat. So not horrible for something low impact and low intensity. The beauty of this workout is it really is fun. In spite of the fact that it did not challenge me, I actually really enjoyed it! I used it to get some cardio in after finishing an upper body strength workout that I created in Cathe’s Workout Blender. So my heart rate wasn’t terribly elevated when I started this workout (the workout I had just finished was upper body strength only–no cardio or metabolic moves). This workout is perfect for a beginner or someone returning to exercise. And it is actually fine for anyone who wants to take it easy one day but still get some cardio in. In fact, it is perfect for your rest day. Do this workout then finish it off with some yoga. I am really surprised at how much I enjoyed this pretty easy workout. But I did. So I will find ways to include it again. As a warm up before doing yoga and I also like the idea I mentioned above–doing premix 5 which combines both workouts then finishing it off with the bonus for a full hour. Workout 1 can serve as an extended (and fun!) warm up!

This workout is made up of two combos. Kelly teaches each of the combos in layers then you run through the completed combo a few times. The moves are so basic that I am not going to break everything down, but some of the moves are things such as insole taps, jab/cross, grapevine w/ speed bag arms, boxer shuffle w/ arm movements to make it more intense, jog in place, triple knees, jump rope, etc.

Workout #2 is 30 minutes long; 3:30 minute warm up and 3:30 minute cool down/stretch. This workout is an interval workout. Although I wouldn’t call it a HIIT workout (at least not for me) it did get pretty intense. Everything is relative to a person’s fitness level. This could be a very intense HIIT workout for some people. I really enjoyed this workout a lot. It is built on the “high/low” concept. You do a move high impact and intense then you recover by doing the same move but low impact/lower intensity. I love advanced crazy intense plyometric workouts like Cathe and other trainers deliver but sometimes I want an excellent and intense intermediate level workout–without the crazy plyometrics. Kelly always delivers for me. This workout isn’t easy but it isn’t killer either. It is just what I want and need some days and today was one of those days. I had just finished Cathe Live: Strong Upper Body & Core and I wanted to finish it off with some cardio but I was worn out from an hour of strength work. This workout gave me exactly what I needed.

After the warm up you do a kind of second warm up–some cardio that lasts another 2:30 minutes before you start the high/low drills. Each high/low drill is done twice.

  1. Low: marching; High: high knee run; repeat
  2. Low: alternate squatting side to side; High: pop squats (squat jacks); repeat
  3. Low: alternating knee lifts; High: alternating knee lifts w/ a hop/skip; repeat
  4. Low: side steps; High: fast lateral skaters; repeat
  5. Low: elbow smashes w/ wide stance; High: ice breakers (add a jump to the elbow smashes); repeat
  6. Low: bob and weave; High: alternating front punches and as you punch you hop while raising one leg out to side (alternate legs); repeat
  7. Low: jacks; High: one jack + one air jack; repeat
  8. Low: two side steps; High: chasse while circling arms then come into cross back lunge and touch the ground (alternate sides); repeat
  9. Low: squats; High: fast squat jumps; repeat
  10. Low: alternating reverse lunges; High: speed reverse lunges and add a “pop” as you alternate; repeat

Bonus Abs/Hips & Glutes is 15 minutes long. This is a very unique little bonus made up of exercises that work all of the muscle groups listed with each exercise–so you don’t get individual exercises for each muscle group, but each exercise works all 3 muscle groups! And they are unique exercises! I used this bonus as an add on after doing Cathe Live: Metabolic Circuit Blast which is a very intense 45 minute workout–so I was already sweaty and well worked-out! I was expecting this to be a very low key add on. Though it was easier than Metabolic Circuit Blast, it was not easy! It kept my heart rate elevated and worked all of the muscle groups listed well. It starts with standing exercises then you go to the mat. All you need for this bonus is a mat and a light dumbbell. I used one 5 pound dumbbell.

  1. Alternating reverse lunges w/ figure 8 arms
  2. Start in Warrior 2 pose; reach front hand down to front foot then pull hand/arm back while standing and leaning back (like pulling an arrow in a bow) with other arm held out straight in front of you
  3. Repeat 1 & 2 except this time holding a light dumbbell
  4. Start on all 4s; bring one knee in under body then come up into split down dog, raising same leg to the ceiling
  5. Lay on your side, leaning on your elbow, your top leg is bent with the knee on the floor in front of you; do a controlled running motion with both legs, raising both legs off the ground until they return t starting position where you tap the front knee on the floor
  6. Sit on your bottom and lean torso back onto elbows, knees are bent and feet on floor; push hips up off floor while raising one bent leg, hold hips up while opening raised/bent leg to side so that outer thigh taps the ground beside you then return to start; alternate sides
  7. Ends with one minute of lower body stretching


Quick Fix 1: (1st set workout 1 & 1st set workout 2) 27:29 minutes

Quick Fix 2: (2nd set workout 1 and 2nd set workout 2) 23:35 minutes

Quick Fix 3: (1st set workout 1 and all of workout 2) 36:38 minutes

Quick Fix 4: (2nd set workout 1 and all of workout 2) 34:16 minutes

Quick Fix 5: (both workouts) 44:39 minutes

Quick Fix 6: (workout 1 1st set + bonus) 29:25 minutes

Quick Fix 7: (workout 1 2nd set + bonus) 27:03 minutes

Quick Fix 8: (workout 2 1st set + bonus) 29:42 minutes

Quick Fix 9: (workout 2 2nd set + bonus) 27:50 minutes









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