Cathe Live: Gloved Up & Ready

glovedUpAndReady-2-4-16Gloved Up & Ready is another excellent cardio boxing + metabolic strength training workout from Cathe Live. This one is particularly fun and intense due to the structure. It is 50 minutes and since it starts with cardio boxing, I have no idea how long the warm up is; you start punching immediately and it blends right into the workout. The first 33 minutes of the workout is cardio boxing. But she splits it up differently then usual. You start with Cathe‘s usual boxing combos alternated with cardio blasts for the first 14 minutes then you move to the heavy bags. Cathe does some heavy bag “tabatas” but they are really just HIITs. You do recovery punches then some very fast and intense punches. And you do not need a heavy bag to get your heart racing on the HIIT punches! I wore 2 pound weighted gloves and for the tabata/HIITs she has you punch at about waist height very fast while simultaneously doing fast feet. Very intense. And it is always more than 20 seconds. This is always your heavy bag tabata btw–tho the recovery punch combos are different. You do heavy bag tabatas w/ punch combo recoveries for approx 4 minutes then you return to the floor and do another 4:30 minutes of cardio boxing. Then you do another 2:30 minutes of heavy bag tabatas. You return to the floor again for the final 6 minutes of cardio boxing. It ends with 13:30 minutes of metabolic weight training. This was an awesome, fun and intense metabolic workout. I loved it!

Gloved Up & Ready is 50 minutes long; 33 minutes of cardio boxing, 13:30 metabolic strength training and 3 minute cool down/stretch. It aired Live 2/04/16; here is the video clip. Recommended equipment: boxing gloves, heavy bag, dumbbells in 5, 8, 10 and 12 pounds and a mat. I wore 2 pound weighted gloves, did not use a heavy bag (not necessary if you are wearing weighted gloves) and used 7 and 8 pound weights instead of 5s; also, in the future, instead of the 12s, I will use 15-20 pound dumbbells.

Metabolic Weight Training:

  1. Do a front raise but when DBs are overhead, reverse lunge w/ a military press, as you return to standing, lower DBs w/ straight arms (second part of front raise); Cathe used 5# DBs, I used 8# DBs
  2. Holding DBs at sides, do a front lunge then lift front foot off ground (while staying in lunge) while doing straight arm side raises; do 3 on one leg before changing to other leg; Cathe used 5# DBs, I used 7# DBs
  3. Static reverse lunges w/ overhead tricep extensions; 8# DBs
  4. Curtsy lunges w/ bicep curls; 10# DBs (I will use 12# in the future)
  5. 2 squats + 1 single leg deadlift, alternate legs; 12# DB (in the future I will use 15-20# DBs)
  6. Get your mat out; sit outs–alternate sides w/ a push up in between each sit out
  7. Tricep kickbacks in plank; 10# DB



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