Popsugar: Full Body Stretching

PSFullbodystretchFull Body Stretching is another 10 minute workout from Popsugar and led by Anna Renderer. It’s a pretty simple and gentle stretching workout, perfect to finish off a more intense cardio, lower body or total body workout. All you need is a mat. You will be stretching your entire body. I used it to finish off Cathe Live: Gloved Up & Ready and it stretched me out very nicely.

For more info on Popsugar and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


  1. Lying quad stretch
  2. Trunk twist (laying spine stretch)
  3. Hip flexor stretch (runners/lunge stretch)
  4. Seated glute stretch (seated spine stretch w/ knee hugged into chest)
  5. Seated figure 4 stretch
  6. Crossed legs hamstring stretch (ankles crossed while standing and bent over, touching floor/toes w/ fingertips)
  7. Standing chest opener stretch (hands clasped at small of back and pulling arms/shoulder back)
  8. Rotator cuff stretch (place hand on hip/waist and pull elbow forward w/ other hand)
  9. Tricep overhead stretch
  10. Standing toe lift (forward bending calf/hamstring stretch; alternate legs)

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