Popsugar: Reboot Your Butt

Reboot Your Butt is a short but excellent and effective glute workout. It is led by guest trainer Heather Dorak who is a "celebrity" pilates instructor and of course Anna Renderer is present to do the introductions and the workout with Heather. The full title of this workout is Reboot Your Butt with this Toning … Continue reading Popsugar: Reboot Your Butt

Popsugar: Stretch Workout For Leaner, Longer Limbs

This is the stretch workout I combined w/ the 5 minute Popsugar Bye-Bye Cottage Cheese Thighs for a little 10 minute (total time) finisher that gives you a short cardio burst and ends with a nice stretch. Like Bye-Bye Cottage Cheese Thighs this workout is sponsored by Target's C9 wear and everyone in the workout … Continue reading Popsugar: Stretch Workout For Leaner, Longer Limbs

Popsugar: Fat Burning Pilates

This is my first 30 minute workout by Popsugar and I didn't know what to expect. I was intrigued by the title and the little bit of it I watched. A sort of cardio-pilates workout. And I will be honest, I did not expect this to be super hard. Well--it was! This was a very … Continue reading Popsugar: Fat Burning Pilates

Popsugar: Full Body Stretching

Full Body Stretching¬†is another 10 minute workout from Popsugar and led by Anna Renderer. It's a pretty simple and gentle stretching workout, perfect to finish off a more intense cardio, lower body or total body workout. All you need is a mat. You will be stretching your entire body. I used it to finish off … Continue reading Popsugar: Full Body Stretching

Popsugar: Ultimate Bikini Bottom Workout

This little 10 minute workout is different from the first 3 Popsugar workouts I've done so far. I also feel the title--Ultimate Bikini Bottom--is a misnomer. Yes, this workout does include exercises for your glutes, but this workout in no way will give you the "ultimate" bikini bottom. In reality, no 10 minute workout is … Continue reading Popsugar: Ultimate Bikini Bottom Workout

Popsugar: Skinny Jeans Workout

Another fun and excellent 10 minute workout from Popsugar. As usual, I used this as an add on after doing a more intense workout. This morning it was Cathe Live: Bootcamp w/ Step and this workout did an excellent job finishing me off. This workout is metabolic lower body work--cardio and bodyweight strength. This workout … Continue reading Popsugar: Skinny Jeans Workout

Popsugar: Ultimate Inner Thigh Workout

Ultimate Inner Thigh Workout is another 10 minute workout from Popsugar. It is led by Anna Renderer. I am using these 10 minute workouts as add-ons after other workouts. This morning it was Cathe Live: For the Love of Cardio. So I had just finished a fairly intense 44 minute¬†cardio workout. This was a perfect … Continue reading Popsugar: Ultimate Inner Thigh Workout