Popsugar: Stretch Workout For Leaner, Longer Limbs

pslongerleanerlegsThis is the stretch workout I combined w/ the 5 minute Popsugar Bye-Bye Cottage Cheese Thighs for a little 10 minute (total time) finisher that gives you a short cardio burst and ends with a nice stretch. Like Bye-Bye Cottage Cheese Thighs this workout is sponsored by Target’s C9 wear and everyone in the workout is wearing C9 fitness clothes. It is led by Anne Renderer.

Now, this workout obviously doesn’t have to be paired w/ Bye-Bye Cottage Cheese Thighs. You can use it after any cardio or lower body workout that needs a good stretch afterwards (Cathe Live) or even any of the longer streaming workouts. Some of Popsugar‘s longer workouts have inadequate stretches and GymRa‘s stretches are pretty skimpy too. So if adding 5 more minutes to a workout is doable for you, this is a great little stretch to use. And actually, skimpy stretches are not confined to streaming. Many trainers on DVD (RIPT90 and Meta Shred immediately come to mind…) are guilty of skimpy or no stretches at the end of their workouts. And stretching is important. So at only 5 minutes this is a great use of your time.

Stretch Workout for Leaner, Longer Limbs is 5 minutes long and all you need is a mat. There are two other exercisers w/ Anna but no one is showing modifications (not that modifications are actually needed).


  1. Pilates Scissors
  2. Advanced Bridge (this is like a crab, pressing hips upwards)
  3. Down Dog into Runner’s Stretch combo
  4. Walk Out to Push Up (start in plank, walk hands to feet and hang down in forward fold, then walk back out to plank and do a push up; ** since this is a stretch, I substituted Up Dog for push ups)
  5. Kneeling Hamstring to Hip Flexor Stretch
  6. Forward Bend to Squat (hands will always been on floor/toes throughout this stretch)
  7. Tricep Stretch w/ side bend

For more info on Popsugar and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.







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