CoffeyFit Raw: Hips & Glutes

***Update: Kelly has removed all of the Raw workouts lI reviewed from YouTube. I am sure they are still available on her Raw streaming site but that is not free.***

Hips & Glutes is an excellent, excellent workout from Kelly Coffey-Meyer‘s free CoffeyFit Raw YouTube series. I watched the entire workout before doing it to prepare myself and I honestly did not think this workout would be as painful as it was. The good pain. The majority of this workout focuses on the hips and glutes as the title indicates but the workout ends with some core work. However, you only get one circuit of core exercises. Kelly’s camera battery died during the final exercise, which would have been another core circuit, so that cuts the workout short. But that’s all you’re missing. It really doesn’t affect what an excellent workout this is. You get all of the hip and glute exercises, which are the star of this workout. I chose my weights in advance and I chose them surprisingly well. The only exercise I will go heavier on next time is the first exercise–squats. I will use my 50 pound barbell for the squats the next time I do this workout. I had a 40 and a 50 pound barbell ready to go for exercises #1-4 and I wore 2.5 pound ankle weights for the rest of the exercises (except the core work–I removed the ankle weights for that). This workout fried my glutes. I felt the burn severely during and after this workout.

I have loved all of Kelly’s Raw workouts. I really hope she keeps doing them. It seems like there hasn’t been a new one in a while, so I am a little worried! I only have two more to try then what will I do? Obviously revisit the ones I’ve already done, but I want more!

Hips & Glutes is 25:30 minutes long; 1:30 minute warm up and no stretch since her battery died during the final exercise. This workout is set up in circuits. Each exercise is done for 30 seconds with 10 seconds of rest and you do 4 sets of each exercise. Kelly uses a bench and a barbell @ 22 pounds. She says early on that she should have lifted heavier. I used my bench, a 40 pound barbell, a 50 pound barbell and 2.5 pound ankle weights. The weights listed below are what I used. I had the ankle weights on before the workout started so I wouldn’t have to pause the workout to put them on–and I quickly ripped them off before #9 (the core exercise). Since there is no stretch, and this workout works your lower body so well, I suggest doing a stretch after you finish this. I went immediately to Popsugar‘s 5 minute Stretch for Longer Leaner Limbs.

  1. Squats (4 sets) (40# BB; I will use 50# BB in the future)
  2. Bridges (shoulders on bench, BB on hips) (4 sets) (40# BB)
  3. Deadlifts (1 set) (50# BB)
  4. Deadlift but at bottom drop hips into squat then stand from squat (3 sets) (50# BB)
  5. Pizza push w/ hands on bench (pushing foot up to ceiling behind you) (no BB) (4 sets)
  6. Hydrants w/ hands on bench (no BB) (4 sets)
  7. Alternate raising straight legs to side (hands still on bench) (no BB) (4 sets)
  8. Alternating pizza pushers w/ elbows on step (no BB) (4 sets)
  9. Abs: sit on bench and lean back w/ hands on back of bench; pull knees in to chest then push back out (4 sets)
  10. She starts doing plank knee pull ins but her battery dies before she even gets through the first 30 seconds

For more info on CoffeyFit Raw and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.




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