RIPT90I discovered RIPT90 thanks to Amazon recommending products it thinks I might be interested in based on my past purchases, my wishlist, my browsing history, etc. RIPT90 appears relatively new. I have not seen this particular program before but Amazon has recommended others by the same company: X-TrainFit. I have looked at X-TrainFit’s other programs but they have never interested me. They looked cheaply made and too easy. Before I bought RIPT90, I thought it actually looked like a quality program (production value). Though I should have been clued in by the price. (I paid $29.98; it is currently going for $29.96 on Amazon.) After receiving and reviewing it (but before doing it!), I changed my opinion. It is pretty cheaply made. However, just because Beachbody didn’t put it together with a great studio, staff and packaging doesn’t mean the actual workouts are not worthwhile or challenging. It is actually an excellent program. Do not misunderstand–I have my criticism and nitpicks, as you will find in this review, but over all, with some tweaks, this is an awesome value for only $30. There is quality in the workouts–just not in the production.

RIPT90 contains 14 workouts ranging in time from 14-42 minutes. They are very metabolic, very intense and advanced. And they have no stretch or cool down at the end, which I discovered right away when my husband and I were previewing the workouts. This irritates me to no end. But I just used a Cathe workout stretch to finish off any RIPT90 workout I did. However, I was generally doing more than one RIPT90 workout back to back and I only have an hour to workout in the morning; also, I like to keep my doubles workouts to 30 minutes. So I couldn’t do a long stretch and most of Cathe’s are thorough and last 5-7 minutes. But if you are simply doing one RIPT90 workout a day (as the rotation calendar directs you to do) then finish it off with RIPT90’s Stretch DVD. It is an excellent 17 minute total body stretch and since these workouts are so short, that leaves plenty of time for a thorough stretch. Besides–your body needs it after the intensity of these workouts.

RIPT903RIPT90 was created and led by trainer Jodi Hendrix. It comes with a training guide, a nutrition plan and a workout rotation calendar. The “training guide” is very brief and generic. It breaks the 90 days into three 30 day segments–Conditioning, Strength, Sculpting… but they all use the same workouts. They just mix them up differently. I counted them on the calendar. I did not count Stretch or RIPT Abs in my count. You do all of the workouts 1-2 times the first month, all of the workouts 1-2 times the second month except for Shoulder Pressure and Deadlift Killer which you do 3 times and in month 3 you do all of the workouts 1-2 times except, Shoulder Pressure, Deadlift Killer and Chest Shredder which you do 3 times. I didn’t follow the rotation calendar but maybe I should have. There is a lot of shoulder work in these workouts and not just in Shoulder Pressure. This program is full of thrusters and other compound exercises that work the shoulders and they appear in many of the workouts. By the end of the week (I did the entire program over one week) my shoulders were aching. So maybe the calendar separates workouts so you aren’t burning your shoulders out. Maybe not. I don’t know because I am never going to follow it. However, you can do as I did and create workout cards to track how heavy you lifted or just use my break down below and don’t schedule workouts that hit the shoulders hard close together. I did them in a week for the purpose of giving them all a try. When I use the workouts in the future I will not use them in the same fashion and will mix them up with workouts from other trainers/programs.

RIPT902The “Training Guide” also tells you what RIPT stands for: Resistance Interval Plyometrics Training. It lists each workout and how many calories it estimates a 30 year old, 5’11”, 200 pound man will burn doing each workout. There is a short description of each workout that really gives you no useful information but does contain typos. The Nutrition Guide is probably the most useful part of the supplemental literature. It has some healthy recipes with nutritional breakdowns and some basic instructions on clean eating. The casing for the DVDs is actually very nice and reminiscent of P90X; in fact, another thing about this series is “reminiscent” of P90X. At the beginning of every workout in P90X, there is a little clip, set in a completely separate/different setting, in which Tony Horton talks about the workout you are about to do. It’s very brief but unique to P90X. Well, RIPT90 does exactly that. Right before each workout there is a short clip of Jodi Hendrix in a completely different setting giving a little summary of the workout you are about to do–frequently attempting to be clever/funny. I like the workouts enough that I shrug it off, but it’s such an obvious Tony Horton/P90X rip-off that it is cringe-worthy. The workouts are set is a small room, nothing fancy or ascetically pleasing. There is a timer that counts down the workout and there is band along the bottom of the screen that tells you what exercise you are doing and what the next exercise will be. There is also a counter that sometimes lists the correct number of reps you are supposed to do and sometimes it doesn’t. Jodi always has two exercisers behind him. One is doing modified version of the exercise and/or is also using a band rather than dumbbells or pull-up bar.

This program is a metabolic strength series. It’s advanced and its tough. You will burn fat and increase/define muscle (with proper diet of course). My husband did this series before me and he didn’t care for it nearly as much as I did. In spite of my criticisms I loved these workouts. They challenged me. A lot! I will definitely use these workouts again. I didn’t love Jodi; didn’t hate him either. He did a decent job. His count was frequently off. He frequently took breaks to “demonstrate form” but unlike other trainers, it clearly seemed he is taking a break because it was very hard. He doesn’t seem well versed in basic physiological information that any good trainer should know. You almost never see the modified version of an exercise in a timely manner. However, he does frequently encourage you to modify moves, sit out a set, or do less reps to bring the workouts to your level of fitness. Why didn’t my husband like these workouts? He didn’t like Jodi, he thought the workouts were too hard (he doesn’t like the metabolic aspect of it) and he hated all of the squats. My husband does not like to work his lower body and avoids it completely. Well, Jodi manages to bring squats into every workout. Not just in the warm up (there are always squats in the warm ups)–but in the workouts, too, including upper body workouts. Sometimes he just makes you squat, other times he incorporates squats into a compound move that works both the upper and lower body. I love that aspect of it because I love squats–my husband does not! He hates squats. And finally–the warm up and lack of stretch were some other things I didn’t like. You do the exact same warm up in every single workout. 1 or 2 of the workouts vary it slightly, but otherwise it is identical. And its not that great to begin with! So having to do it ad nauseam (as Tony Horton makes you do in P90X2–but at least RIPT90’s warm ups aren’t 15-18 minutes long like P90X2’s are!) gets old if you are following this as a 90 day program. And as mentioned in many places throughout this review, I am highly irritated there are zero cool downs and stretches in these workouts.

Finally, the background music is low key and generic. However each DVD has the option of playing it without the music. On to the individual workouts.


Minute by Minute is 25 minutes long with a 5 minute warm up. For the warm up you will repeat the standard jog in place, downdog to push up, squat circuit twice. Minute by Minute is actually a sort of “fit test” for this program. It was the last workout I did when sampling this series, but if you are using the rotation calendar it will be the first workout you do and the last. You will also do it several other times in the 90 day period, but it is used as a way to see how far you’ve progressed–as well as get a great workout! This workout consists of one circuit made up of 3 different exercises (5 pull ups, 10 push ups and 15 unweighted squats) that you repeat 20 times. You read that right–20 times. The aim is to complete each circuit in less than a minute so you have some recovery time before repeating (Jodi and crew averaged 15-20 seconds recovery time). If you can do 20 circuits at the most advanced level (as in no modifications) then you are super fit. It is impossible for me currently and probably always. If you do the entire workout, w/ no personal breaks, and do every single rep, then that is 100 pull ups, 200 push ups and 300 squats. Currently I cannot even do 1 unassisted pull up, and only 2-3 using an assist. So obviously I was modifying with bands. (**I decided to test myself after I posted this review and I was able to do 10 assisted pull ups. Nowhere near the 100 this workout calls for. Plus, due to the fact I have to get my foot in and out of the assist (which is time consuming), I will stick with bands so I get some recovery time). I also went to my knees on push ups (not immediately but halfway through). However, I did do every rep and every circuit–I just modified. Jodi does encourage you early on to modify however you need to and even sit a circuit out to regroup–but the goal is to eventually do the entire workout w/ no breaks and no modifications. It was still a tough, great little workout–even with modifications!

Dead Lift Killer is 38:30 minutes with a 10 minute warm up and a 1:30 cool down/stretch. Yes, I know above I said there were no stretches; however this workout has the rare cool down stretch (only one other workout in this series has a stretch and that is RIPT Abs). Other than to lower the heart rate a little it is essentially useless as it does not even attempt to stretch out the muscles worked. I have a lot of mixed thoughts and feelings on this workout. My primary thought/feeling is that I liked it. It hit the glutes/hamstrings very nicely and I am still feeling the stinging. I expect some DOMS tomorrow. The warm up was really long. It consisted of jogging in place, push ups to down dog and squats; you repeat that cycle 3 times then you do some long static stretching… of your quads. <???> At one point Jodi does seem to know what muscles a deadlift works (glutes, hamstrings and low back) because he mentions it, but he focuses on stretching the quads for a long time. He does hit the calves/hamstrings, too. During the workout he comments about how single leg deadlifts work your quads. Huh? I am not saying the quads aren’t an ancillary muscle that is being worked–they are, but so are your forearms holding the dumbbells! A deadlift primarily works 3 other muscle groups and those are not the quads. Finally–his rep count was frequently off. He did many of the exercises too fast to go super heavy (which I like to do with a deadlift). In spite of all of that, I did get a very good lower body workout. I finished it off with 10 Minute Torcher Lower Body Crush then used Cathe’s Xtrain Cardio Leg Blast stretch to stretch my lower body out since Jodi completely neglects that.


The only equipment needed for this workout is dumbbells. You will need at least two sets. That is all I used–a set of 30 pound dumbbells and a set of 20 pound dumbbells. You do 5 deadlift variations; 20 reps of each and end with an active recovery of 25 sit ups. Do this circuit 3 times then end the workout with a finisher of 50 jump lunges to completely burn your glutes out. (**My hamstrings were so sore the next day!)


20 Dead-Lifts

20 One-Leg Dead-Lifts (10 on each leg)

20 Straight Leg Dead-Lifts

20 One-Leg Straight Leg Dead-Lifts (10 each leg)

20 Sumo Dead-Lifts
25 Sit Ups
Do this circuit 3 times

Finisher: 50 Jumping Lunges

Back Breaker is 42 minutes long with a 6 minute warm up, no cool down/stretch. For the warm up you will repeat the standard jog in place, downdog to push up, squat circuit twice. This is an excellent and tough workout that seriously does the job. My back is aching afterward and I expect some serious DOMS. I have some nitpicks. First, there is a band modifier. This is great, BTW–but we need to see him early on! We don’t even see the band modifier for the first circuit of the pull ups! I cannot do 72 pull ups–not even with an assist. (This is how many pull ups you do btw.) So I used the band option. Having done many other workouts (P90X and others) that use band modifiers I am already well aware of how this is done, but what about the exerciser that isn’t familiar? They have no idea how to modify this exercise until well into the workout! The same thing happens when we move to the second circuit that uses dumbbells–he doesn’t show the modified version with bands right away. This is something that should be demonstrated immediately. In spite of these criticisms, I loved this workout. By the end of this workout you will have done 72 pull ups, 100 bent over rows, 50 renegade rows and 100 sit ups. No too shabby. **Yep, I had DOMS the next day.

Equipment needed for this workout is a pull up bar or bands for the pull ups, and dumbbells or a band.


Circuit 1 (repeat 3x):
8 wide grip Pull-Ups
8 standard grip Pull-Ups
8 close grip Chin-Ups

Circuit 2 (repeat 5x):
10 Bent Over Rows
10 Explosive Bent Over Rows
10 Renegade Rows

Circuit 3 (do once):
10 Reverse Flys (3 sets)
10 Pull-Overs (3 sets)
20 Push-Ups (5 sets)

Shoulder Pressure is 21 minutes with a 4 minute warm up and no cool down/stretch. For the warm up you will repeat the standard jog in place, downdog to push up, squat circuit twice. Because of the length of this workout, I paired it with Back Breaker and totally burned my back and shoulders out. I really enjoyed this short but effective workout. It is not a comprehensive shoulder workout–nevertheless it does a good job. By the end of this workout you will have done 75 overhead presses, 75 upright rows and 100 sit ups. All you need for this workout is dumbbells.


15 Overhead Press
10 Sit-ups
15 Sumo High Pulls (upright rows w/ sumo squat)
10 Sit-ups
Repeat Circuit 5x

Finisher: 25 Lateral Raises

Metabolic Mania is 25 minutes long with a 4:30 minute warm up and no cool down/stretch. For the warm up you will repeat the standard jog in place, downdog to push up, squat circuit twice. This is a tough cardio/HIIT workout that includes a lot of core work. You do 3 circuits; each circuit contains 3 exercises and each circuit is repeated 3 times. You need a set of light weights and one heavy dumbbell or a kettlebell. Jodi’s count is off frequently–usually to your benefit and you do less reps than you’re supposed to be doing, but at least once he has you do more. You need dumbbells for this workout. You can also use a kettlebell for one of the exercises if you own one.

Circuit #1 (repeat 3 times):
10 Slalom Press (skaters while punching light dumbbells)
10 Spiderman Push-ups
20 Tuck Jumps

Circuit #2 (repeat 3 times):
10 Mountain Climbers
10 Burpees
20 Squats

Circuit #3 (repeat 3 times):
10 Step Outs (in plank, kick leg underneath you to opposite side, or bring knee to opposite elbow)
10 Dumbbell Swings (kettlebell swing w/ a dumbbell except you bring the dumbbell/kettlebell all the way overhead)
20 Jumping Lunges

Leg Overhaul is 25 minutes long with a 4 minute warm up. This warm up is slightly different from the others. For this one you alternate between jogging in place and downward dog to push up; you cycle through it twice. The reason he doesn’t include the usual squats in the warm up is because the first exercise is 5 sets of unweighted squats. Compared to the other RIPT90 workouts I’ve done so far, I didn’t find this one very challenging. It is a decent lower body workout, but nothing I would ever think to return to. At least on it’s own. I do think pairing it with Dead-Lift Killer would make a more well rounded lower body workout that clocks in at 64 minutes. However, you would also need to tack on some lower body stretching. I have been using Cathe‘s Xtrain Cardio Leg Blast stretch (8 minutes) to finish off RIPT90’s lower body workouts, but she has other lower body stretches that are shorter. And of course you could just use RIPT90’s 17 minute Stretch. All you need for this workout is dumbbells.


30 seconds of Unweighted Squats (5 sets/15-20 seconds of rest between each set)

10 Static Lunges (3 sets)

10 Squats (3 sets)

Calf Raises – 20 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest (7 sets)

10 Goblet Squats (3 sets)

10 Jumping Lunges (6 sets)

Death by Thruster is 25 minutes long and it is brutal. Brutal! This workout is a monster! But the end of it you will have done 225 thrusters! This workout is metabolic muscle building, fat frying at its finest and it is tough. I started with 15 pound dumbbells and quickly dropped to 12s then 10s by the end. I was pushing hard to finish by the end of every circuit (those lunge thrusters start out seeming so doable and by the end–OMG). You are getting strength, cardio and HIIT with this workout. You are working lower and upper body as well as your core. What is a thruster? It is a front loaded squat with an overhead push press. This workout has it all, but it is just criminal that Jodi provides no cool down and stretch because damn–do you ever need it by the time you are done. Luckily, Cathe can provide me with that and I popped in Flex Train and went straight to the stretch.

I got ahead of myself in my gushing all over this workout. The warm up is 5 minutes and no cool down/stretch. For the warm up you will repeat the standard jog in place, downdog to push up, squat circuit twice. This workout is made up of one circuit of 4 different styles of thrusters that you repeat 3 times. Choose your weights well. The challenge (for me at least) will be to get through this entire workout one day using only 15 pound dumbbells. I am no where near that level yet. Finally, Jodi’s count was off half of the time.

Exercises (repeat 3 times):
15 Thrusters
15 Burpee Thrusters
15 Sumo Thrusters
15 Lunge Thrusters (15 each leg that is)

Arm Annihilator is 35 minutes long with a 4:30 minute warm up. For the warm up you will repeat the standard jog in place, downdog to push up, squat circuit twice. This is another great workout. I will say that I have become accustomed to the way Cathe hits your muscles in so many different ways. Jodi is pretty straight forward, but it still does the job. Maybe it’s not as interesting but it is a change of pace. Like Body Beast and P90X, I think workouts like the ones in RIPT90 are a great way to shake up the way I am normally working out–which is primarily Cathe these days. I finished this workout off with two upper body focused 10 Minute Torchers and really fried my arms. My biceps feel bruised. **The next day, they were so sore!


Equipment needed: dumbbells or band, pull up bar or bands, and a chair (or step with 5 risers, or a workout bench–something for tricep dips).



15 Biceps Curls to Overhead Press (3 sets)

15 Hammer Curls (3 sets)

5 Jumping Jacks to 5 Tricep Push-ups (8 rounds no rest)

5 Biceps Curls with heavy weights (10 sets)

15 Triceps Dips (3 sets)

5 Chin-Ups (10 sets)

50 Sit-ups (3 sets)

Dirty Dozen is 22:30 minutes long with a 4 minute warm up and no cool down/stretch. For the warm up you will repeat the standard jog in place, downdog to push up, squat circuit twice. After doing Death by Thruster yesterday I approached this workout with some dread. However, this workout wasn’t nearly as punishing! It’s a great little workout. It consists of 12 exercises and you do 12 reps of each exercise–then repeat. I was so nervous I went too light on my dumbbells the first round! But I heavied up on them the second time through. I think this workout would be excellent as an add-on to another workout or even just repeat it–or do it 3 times. Seriously! Skip the warm up the second (and third) time through and it is 41 minutes if you do it twice and 59:30 if you do it 3 times. By itself, I don’t think it’s enough of a workout, but definitely awesome if added on to another workout or done at least twice. For this workout you need a set of dumbbells, a pull up bar (or bands) and if you have a kettlebell you can use that, too, for one of the exercises (or just use a dumbbell).

Exercises (do 2 times):

12 Tuck Jumps
12 Pull-ups
12 Thrusters
12 Dead-Lifts
12 Push-ups
12 Burpees
12 Fly Traps (core move; lay on back and jackknife straight arms and legs till they touch)
12 Push Press (he actually just does overhead presses the majority of the time)
12 Side Knees alternating each side
12 Dumbbell Swings (kettlebell move except he brings the dumbbell all the way overhead)
12 Sit-ups
12 Squats (unweighted)

Total Body Tamer is 32 minutes long with a 2:30 minute warm up. The warm up in this workout is a little different than the others. You go through the standard jog in place, downdog to push up, squat circuit one time then end with jogging in place before moving on to the workout. This is another tough metabolic strength workout. I feel like your shoulders get the most work, but maybe it just seemed that way because mine are still smarting from Death by Thruster. Equipment needed for this workout is dumbbells or bands and a pull up bar or bands. You can also use a kettlebell for one of the exercises if you own one. As usual, Jodi’s count is off. Also, we are supposed to do 10 sets of weighted burpees but you only actually do 9 sets. I don’t think anyone is complaining!


15 Weighted Thrusters (3 sets)
5 Pull-ups (10 sets)
5 Push-ups (10 sets)
10 Clean and Jerk (deadlift, hammer curl and overhead press) (5 sets)
5 Weighted Burpees (w/ overhead press) (9 sets)
10 Sit-ups + 10 Dumbbell Swings (5 rounds)

Ups and Downs is 18 minutes long with a 5 minute warm up. For the warm up you will repeat the standard jog in place, downdog to push up, squat circuit twice. This is a tough and quick cardio workout of the HIIT variety. I did it immediately after finishing Total Body Tamer, so I was already tired! Its a great metabolic workout on its own or it finishes off another workout nicely. All you need for this workout is a dumbbell or bands.


30 Dumbbell Snatch (single arm but alternate arms; you start with the dumbbell on the ground in front of you and you squat to place it on the ground before switching hands)
30 Mountain Climbers
30 Squats
10 Burpees
20 Dumbbell Snatch
20 Mountain Climbers
20 Squats
15 Burpees
10 Dumbbell Snatch
10 Mountain Climbers
10 Squats
20 Burpees

Chest Shredder is 37 minutes long with a 5 minute warm up. For the warm up you will repeat the standard jog in place, downdog to push up, squat circuit twice. Another tough strength workout. I was dreading this workout because the chest is my least favorite muscle group to work. My favorite muscle groups to work are back and lower body. I hate chest work. Even tho this was a tough workout, it wasn’t the hardest chest workout I’ve ever done. Cathe still holds the title for that with several workouts (Ripped with HIIT & Gym Style come to mind…) but this was still a very good workout that burned my chest (and other muscle groups) very well. Lots of core work, too. Equipment needed for this workout is just several sets of dumbbells. I also used my weight bench for chest flys and presses but Jodi and crew just did theirs on the floor.


15 Wide Arm Push-ups
15 Standard Push-ups
15 Close Hand Push-ups
10 T-bar Push-ups (5 each side)
15 Chest Fly
15 Chest Press
25 Sit-ups

Repeat this circuit 3 times

Finisher: Forearm Planks, hold for 30 seconds, 5 times

RIPT Abs is 14 minutes long. No warm up but there is a 1 minute stretch at the end. This is a great little core workout. Not the toughest I’ve done, but it does a good job and I like how it alternates between plank and supine core work. It also uses a ladder progression; you do a circuit of exercises that you repeat 3 times. You start out doing 40 reps of most of the exercises, then the next time through you drop to 30 reps and the final time through you drop to 20 reps. You always hold the forearm plank for 60 seconds on each circuit.


Hold Forearm Plank for 60 seconds
Twist Crunches (Russian Twist)
Plank Knee to Elbow (Spider Plank)

Repeat Circuit 3 times; 40 reps first time, 30 reps second time and 20 reps 3rd time

Stretch is 17 minutes. This is a very nice total body stretch and one you should tack on to the end of every single workout if you are only doing one workout a day. Seriously. These are short workouts with zero stretching at the end. This will thoroughly stretch you out! I hate that these workouts have no cool downs or stretches at the end and both are so important. If you are limited on time and/or are doing more than one RIPT90 back to back (like I did), you can do like I did and just use a shorter stretch from another workout. I am spoiled because Cathe chapters her workouts so well that it is easy to go into any one of hers and go straight to the stretch. I know that isn’t possible with the majority of the workout DVDs out there (they aren’t chaptered) so at the very least become familiar with the common stretches and stretch yourself out after the workouts.

At the beginning and during this workout Jodi recommends doing this segment before or after your workout or on your rest day. NO! His ignorance is appalling. You do not hold cold/unworked muscles in static stretches. You warm them up first. It is after the workout that you do static stretching. And if you are going to stretch on your off/rest day–at least do something to warm up a little. A few minutes of jumping jacks and jogging in place.

Since this is a stretching workout I am not going to break it down in detail, but here are the basic stretches and the order they appear: neck stretches, overhead/side stretches, hamstring/calf stretch (bend at the waist/touch toes/floor), downdog, cat and cow, thread the needle, quad stretch (while laying on stomach), tricep and shoulder stretches, shin stretch (sit with legs straight in front of you and toes pointed; reach for toes), spinal twist, play dead (lay on back and stretch arms overhead and legs straight/toes pointed).


79 responses to “RIPT90

  1. I am going to start this tomorrow.
    Would I still be able to practice my Martial Arts once weekly for an hour?
    I guess it’s called doubles but I’m weary of not having enough recuperation time.
    After reviewing this against P90X and other similar workouts I like this better.
    You have a phenomenal blog!

    • thank you! It shouldn’t be a problem unless you are starting to feel run down. If you do start to feel that way then just swap out one of the RIPT90 cardio days for your martial arts workout. Then you are still getting all of the strength training and your martial arts should work perfectly for a cardio and conditioning workout.

  2. Could you please upload your workout cards or worksheets for ript90 and if you have it for ript90fit as well ? It would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Is Total Body tamer a good twice weekly full body routine?
    I am only an every other day workout guy so the best Ript90 full body workouts are the ones I would do.
    Thanks for input!

    • I think it would work. It does hit all of the major muscle groups. As long as you increase the weight you lift every couple weeks–or any time you feel like you could just keep pushing out more reps than Jodie has you doing–so that you keep progressing and challenging yourself.

  4. Hey I am skipping around both RipT90 and Ript90 Fit and love it. I just wanted to comment and say that I thought Dirty Dozen was the hardest so far. I could not imagine doing more than 2 rounds. Pull ups can really get heart rate up and there is almost no rest. Thoughts? I know you commented that you thought it was not hard enough.

    • Obviously doing full pull ups makes anything harder. At the time I did RIPT90 I was using a pull up assist since I couldn’t do more a few pull ups without an assist (I still can’t). I do not remember that specific workout (I haven’t done RIPT90 in a while) but I do remember that in some of the workouts the pull ups were done too fast for me to get my foot in and out of the assist while keeping pace with the trainer, so I did the band substitution. I probably did that with that workout.

      I re-read what I wrote and I didn’t say it wasn’t hard enough. I just said it wasn’t as hard as Death by Thruster which I do remember vividly since that is a workout I returned to frequently for a while–and found it very challenging. But again, that could have been because I was either using an assist or the band substitute. So if you are doing full unassisted pull ups then yes, that is definitely going to make the workout more challenging.

  5. I was given this as a gift and I like working the entire body in one session 3 days per week.
    The rest days allow me to recoup.
    I see total body tamer and minute by minute work the body as a whole.
    I plan to do tbt one week for 3 days and mbm the following for 3 days.
    Days off abs rest and recoup.
    If I keep adding resistance on these as able will they be enough to improve physique and strength?
    Any advice is appreciated as I read you helped others and thought you could set me on track.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Ben, the simple answer is yes–doing something is always better than doing nothing. However, fitness gains are also dependent on where you are starting. If you do not exercise at all then yes you will see gains with your plan. As you already mentioned, you will have to keep increasing resistance to keep seeing results but for an out of shape person then yes–you will see big gains quickly. But fitness is fickle. When people keep doing the same thing day after day (month after month), their fitness stalls. Their body becomes used to it and your more efficient at the moves–leading to less gains. So alternating the two workouts week by week is a good idea to stall that, but eventually (may not be for 6 months if you are out of shape) you will need to move on to some different types workouts to start seeing gains again. I am guessing by the time you stop seeing continued improvement, you will be ready to branch out into other workouts anyway.

  6. You can sign up for a free month of on demand at xtrainfits website and RIPT 90 FIT is available on demand. I’ve been through three of the new FIT workouts and like them better than the first series. The warm ups are different for each workout and now there is a short cooldown/stretch at the end.

    • Yes–I will definitely be reviewing it. But when? I don’t know. I have a big pile of new-to-me workouts I still need to do/try, plus I am currently focusing on Metashred Extreme, Cathe Live and Cathe’s workout blender workouts. Those are doing the job for me right now, so I don’t know when I will move on to other things. But I am definitely interested and plan on purchasing it.

      • i like your reviews, you introduced me to trainers I did know exist….
        I will be waiting for your RIPT90 FIT review

  7. Hi and thanks for answering.
    How does this compare to another low cost but highly reviewed program called Supreme 90 Day Workout?

    • I do both. Supreme 90 Day has greater variety of exercise movement. It also doesn’t include doing pull ups. RIPT90 is more old school basic exercises and more repetitive with lots of pull ups.. I think S90 will get you in better condition, but RIPT90 is no slouch. I actually do RIPT90 routines most of the time, because I like the simplicity.

      The most important ingredient in an exercise routine is effort. If you bust your ass using either one you will get great results.

      If you don’t have access to a pull up bar then your choice is simple.

  8. I can’t do some of the exercises at home. Can you make a RIPT90 app so people with the same problem can bring it to the gym?

    • I did not create RIPT90–I just purchased and reviewed it. So you are asking the wrong person. You need to find the company who produced the program’s website.

      • When would you recommend to do the workout during the day after lunch, after breakfast, or after dinner?

      • The best time to do any workout is what works best for you–as in, what best fits into your day so that you can make working out a regular habit. Also, these are intense workouts, so what time of day do you have the most energy? Also, if super intense workouts make you queasy (they make me queasy if I do them with food in my stomach) then you will want to do them on an empty stomach. What has worked for me for 15+ years is to work out first thing in the morning. It is how I start my day–so I workout before I eat breakfast on an empty stomach. That is a personal choice and everyone is different.

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  10. What 3 full body routines from RIPT90 would you recommend that would cover muscle and cardio building benefits?
    I plan to use your suggestions and alternate those with 3 days of RIPT ABS and stretch.
    Like Mike Cather said the simple, but effective workouts make this more enjoyable than P90X.
    Don’t get me wrong, Tony Horton is an excellent trainer but his chit chat and jokes detract from the workout’s momentum.

    • Hi Josh–sorry it took me so long reply. I had to return to the review because I didn’t remember RIPT90 having a lot of total body workouts. And I was right–only Total Body Tamer, so I’m not sure what you are looking for. RIPT90 is primarily isolation workouts that are very metabolic. I would say that the majority of RIPT90 workouts also double as cardio, but Total Body Tamer is the only total body workout in this program. But if I am misunderstanding, let me know.

      • Hey Mike,
        I am going to cycle between Total Body Tamer, Minute By Minute, and use X3 Challenge and Incinerator also.
        Do TBT and MBM for 3 weeks, recovery week, then start Challenge and Incinerator for 3 weeks, off then go back to TBT and MBM.
        I work construction 12 hours 6 days weekly and with Muay Thai workouts 3 nights 60-90 minutes I am toast and can’t do every workout in these programs as there is not enough recovery for me.
        So I am left with alternating MT 3 nights and 2 nights of these workouts full body style.
        Since I am only using them twice weekly I will add resistance to the chinups and pushups and use heavier weights on the dumbell exercises to increase intensity and help with strength and muscle building.
        This blog has been extremely helpful.
        Thanks to all for input and suggestions.

  11. How would you compare Ript90 to P90X as far as muscle building goes?
    Could I include P90X Yoga or X3 Yoga on the Ript90 rest day or would it impede recuperation?
    I am starting to favor this program over others.
    Tony H. spends way too much time chatting and cracking jokes.
    Jody H. is more of a serious, lets get it done trainer.
    May alternate between Ript90 and Body Beast every 90 days indefinitely.

    • Yoga shouldn’t interfere with muscle recovery. In fact, it is helpful! For actual muscle building, P90X and Body Beast are better overall programs. Now, P90X not necessarily as a whole, but the actual strength workouts. RIPT90 is a good for building muscle as well as leaning out, but it is a higher rep more metabolic program (so endurance strength work). P90X and Body Beast are pretty solidly hypertrophy programs. So with the right nutrition + progressive overload you will gain more muscle with those two programs than with RIPT90. Again, you will build muscle with RIPT90 but not at the same rate. In fact, it is ideal to alternate between hypertrophy and metabolic endurance. So it sounds like you already have a good plan in place!

      • I put the RIPT90 workouts to paper and I follow them that way. I do them at my own pace adding to the length of the workouts, but allowing me to lift heavier. Doing so the RITP90 work out times get closer to P90X times. I like RIPT90 more due to the simplicity of the routines.

  12. For optimum results with the bodybuilding do you suggest the 20 min cardio before or after doing the Body Beast workouts?
    Realistically, how much cardio can I do and how many days and still gain some muscle.

    • I would always do any cardio after your strength training–that way you are coming to your strength workout fresh and you can give it 100%. The cardio is a just a finisher. I am not a fitness trainer, so I can’t really give specifics on how much or how little cardio to do. However, what I have read is to do 3 short but intense (HIIT level) cardio sessions a week. And either do them separate from your strength training or after you finish your strength training–again, so you are able to give everything to the strength training for the best results.

  13. Gotta choose between this or body beast.
    Want to build muscle but also like to have cardio in there at least twice weekly.
    Which will give me the best use of time and allow muscle building and health (cardio)?

    • They’re both great programs but Body Beast only includes one 30 minute cardio workout. However, you can easily do it 2x a week if you want to. Body Beast is a more focused strength training program. RIPT90 is also excellent but the workouts are more metabolic and high rep. So you are getting cardio with almost every workout and the strength training isn’t as focused. You do muscle splits, but the amount of reps and the metabolic factor make it difficult to lift as heavy as you can in Body Beast. And any program you do, you can add as much cardio to it as you wish. So you can do a Body Beast workout, then go for a run, or add on another (cardio) workout. I always added on a Weider Ruthless 20 minute workout after I did a Body Beast workout to get my cardio.

  14. Hey! Love your site, been using it a bunch lately. I am a home workout junkie, done pretty much every beach body set and just picked up RIPT 90. Love it too! Do you have recommendations on other strength focused ones in the vein of RIPT and Body Beast. Specifically muscle group focused workouts for strength, not total body.


    • Thanks! I’m glad my blog has been useful! Yes, there are other trainers that do great programs but the only one (outside of Beachbody) that I can think of that also does excellent muscle splits is Cathe‘s STS. In my opinion that is the very best strength training program out there on DVD. Better than anything Beachbody has done. Now, if you are just looking for excellent muscle split workouts that you can combine into your own rotation, she has several of those, too. Burn Sets from Xtrain, Gym Styles workouts (Back, Shoulders & Biceps, Chest & Triceps, and Legs), Ripped w/ Hiit Workouts (Back, Biceps & Shoulders, Chest, Triceps & Shoulders, and Legs) and she has others, too.

      • Ok. I have heard a lot about Cathe but am not sure where to start. I have been working out for 4 years at home, love intense workouts and cross fit when I am in town. Which do you recommend?

      • It depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for super intense workouts but with some great strength work (split series workouts. too) then I would recommend Ripped with HIIT series. Xtrain is also excellent. It is intense but not as intense as Ripped with HIIT. As for a pure strength training program that is all muscle splits–that would be STS. But again–what are you looking for?

  15. After completion and a week off to rest/recover would starting Ript90 again provide anymore benefits?
    I’m thinking of doing it for an entire year, just getting in some recovery after each 90 day cycle.

    • I think there are definitely benefits to repeating it. The important thing would be to focus on the progressive overload principle. Keep track of the weights your lifting and/or the reps you are preforming and you want to be increasing one or the other (or both, depending on the exercise–so for pull ups/push ups you want to be doing more). So you could do this program for an entire year (taking recovery weeks of course!) as long as you were seeing improvements in strength. You will know it is time to move on to something new when, due the structure of the workouts, you cannot lift heavier or do more reps (example–you’ve been plateauing for a month–no increases in weights or reps). Then you’ve maxed it out and should switch things up with something new. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t come back to it again in a few months. After you’ve been doing something else for a while I’m sure it will challenge you all over again.

  16. Will I overtrain if I continue my Muay Thai classes while attempting to follow this 99 day workout?
    Muay Thai is M,W,F evening for an hour each class.
    I want to build muscle as I train in Thai classes.

    • I don’t think you will. That is just my opinion but I worked out twice I day when I did RIPT90 and I didn’t overtrain. I did an hour in the morning which was 2 RIPT90 workouts done back to back, then in the afternoon I did some type of cardio (which was not Muay Thai but is frequently kickboxing).

  17. To be honest, so far I have found Ript90 to be on equal ground with X3 and some workout surpassing those of X3.
    X3 does have a really good intense chest/back workout, and their MMX is a pretty decent cardio routine too.
    You mentioned doubles.
    That may even be a better way for me to go.
    Do bag training separately from R90 which gives me under an hour a day of training time.
    Also, R90 has no recovery week which is always beneficial and I may throw in.
    I happen to be very impressed with your knowledge of proper training, nutrition, the total spectrum.
    Your site is becoming my “go to” for advice.
    All the best.
    BTW…thank you for your service!

  18. I’m back.
    Finding out that I can probably do bag punching after some of the workouts that run 30 minutes or less.
    Think 20 minutes(10-2 minute rounds)would detract from Ript90 workouts?
    I’m starting to believe that if I did the stretch workout a few days or added yoga, this program might equal P90X3 and give the original a run.

    • No, I don’t think it would detract from RIPT90 workouts, tho I advise you do the workout first and finish it with the rounds. That way the strength training gets all of your energy while you are fresh, and you finish it off with the punching.

      I haven’t done P90X3 yet tho I own it. I had planned to use it as a doubles workout since I assumed they were all 30 minute workouts, but then I read there is a stretch at the end that is a few additional minutes and a warm up you can add that is 12 minutes (and I think warm ups are necessary), which brings the time up to 45 minutes. So now I’m not sure how I am going to do it. At 45 minutes it is too long for my doubles workout but too short for my main morning workout. If I do it in the morning, I will have to incorporate some kind of daily add on of about 15 minutes to bring the time up to an hour. How did you handle it?

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  20. Hi!
    Thank you for posting such a prompt response.
    I will come back here often to keep up to date.
    BTW, from what I have read and learned here I would take your advice over that of your hard core “gym rat” any day of the week.
    Continued success with the site.

  21. Hi and thanks for your great site and fitness tips.
    Which Ript90 workouts would you suggest that work well back to back?
    I figure that way I could do Ript90 workouts 3 times weekly every other day and do other type workouts on 2 alternate days for 30 minutes each.
    That will give me a good 2 days of rest and recovery.
    Your advice is welcome and appreciated.

    • Hi Joe–the RIPT90 workouts I’ve paired and done back to back are Back Breaker + Shoulder Pressure, Deadlift Killer + Leg Overhaul, Chest Shredder + Arm Annihilator and Total Body Tamer + Ups & Downs. You can also use Metabolic Mania, Death by Thruster and Dirty Dozen to finish off any workout in the series.

  22. Hi!
    How does RIPT90 compare to P90X in terms of it’s muscle building component and can I do extra training after the workouts for 15 minutes?
    Also, does the calendar leave days for rest and to work yoga or stretching?

    • Hi John, P90X is more strength focused than RIPT90 though you will build strength and muscle with both programs. RIPT90 is a more metabolic program. All that means is that that even the strength workouts will give you some excellent cardio. P90X’s pure strength workouts do not tend to raise your heart rate that much–but RIPT90s will! And I always do more after a RIPT90 work out. They are short workouts and I work out for an hour in the morning, so I usually did two RIPT90 workouts back to back. Sometimes I followed a RIPT90 workout up with something else. And yes, there is a short stretch workout in RIPT90 and they include it in the calendar. They give you one stretch/rest day a week.

  23. Thanks in advance for response.
    I have p90x3 and supreme 90, but am considering this as I want to build muscle and improve my boxing training.
    The short workouts also help.
    Can I still continue my twice weekly/45 minute session boxing workouts while following this program through the 90 days?
    How would you rate the muscle building compared to body beast.
    Thanks again!

    • Yes, you can definitely continue doing your boxing while doing RIPT90. You can build muscle with RIPT90 but not as much as Body Beast. Body Beast is a hypertrophy/muscle building program. RIPT90 is more metabolic/endurance level. You can still build muscle but not as much. In fact, they could be used nicely in conjunction with each other. Body Beast for the building cycle then follow it up with RIPT90 for the cutting/defining cycle.

  24. Paige, hi, healthcare workouts will build muscle, yes there are workouts that focus on fat burning but the overall tone of the workouts you can build muscle. You must increase your calorie intake everyday, take in extra protein and some carbohydrates, training regularly will also help you, if you need more information, just ask away.

  25. Okay, I accidentally bought this ript90 DVD set thinking I was buying p90x (yes I know, how the heck did I miss that!?) But I am in desperate need of getting into shape. I’m not your typical person who wants to get fit, I’m only 5’2 and weigh 105 soaking wet 😦 I really want to build muscle and not look so thin and unhealthy. I seriously don’t think I can afford to lose anymore weight and I’m scared this workout plan is going to make me look even thinner. HELP!!!! I’m motivated and willing to do whatever I have to to not only look healthier but to actually be healthier in all aspects. Do you think this workout plan/set (I have no clue what to even call it because I have no knowledge of anything “fit” other than, that’s how I want to be) will work for me? I just figured, “the starting point is to buy the dvd’s and equipment needed”, and here I am…

    • Hi Paige, with RIPT90 workouts, as long as you are lifting heavy dumbbells and eating enough, you will build muscle. However, if you are afraid of losing weight, these are not the workouts for you. They are very metabolic. So you build muscle but burn fat (and frequently lose weight). A better program for gaining muscle but not burning a lot of calories is Body Beast. And of course, eating properly plays a large role in any fitness program. So you need to be eating at least at a maintenance level for your weight and height, if not more. And lots of protein!

  26. I must admit that I love the ript90 workouts. I have tried many of the beach body workouts but this has to be my all time favourite. Well worth the money and there are no hints as beach body does about buying more of their products which I hate, if I want to buy protein shakes it wouldn’t be from beach body.

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  28. I have just done a few of these workouts thus far. Because they all seem repetitive and basic I see myself putting the workouts to paper and doing them without the video. I consider this set to be a good workout plan. I paid $30 for the plan. Not bad.

    I also own P90X, Rushfilt, Supreme 90 Day and Ruthless. I would rank them in this order:
    1. Rushfit
    2. Supreme 90 Day
    3. Ript90
    4. P90X
    5. Ruthless.

    Ript90 is ahead of P90X, because I just don’t want to exercise 1 hour 6 days per week. I like Rushfit the most as it is the best routine for functional fitness and athletics (I play lots of baseball). It is also fast paced and more interesting than Supreme 90 Day, Ript90 and P90X which are similar to each other. Ruthless isn’t bad. I just prefer to lift weights.

    I like Jody Hendricks training style the most. Steve Uria of Ruthless is obnoxious and Tony Horton is a clown. The S90 trainer, Tom Holland is similar to Jody Hendricks. I like him, too.

    • Mike,
      Would Supreme 90 and Ript 90 be good enough for my workouts?
      I would do Ript first and when finished take off a week then start Supreme 90 and just keep alternating through these two?
      From what I can see they cover everything a layperson or even athlete would need to get in shape.
      Quite honestly, I think Rushfit was trying to cash in on the success of P90X at the time.
      Eric never came out with anything else of value and someone told me that that program was put together in about two weeks total time with no test group just GSP as the “face” of the program.
      Ript90 definitely is way ahead of P90X3 in terms of work per time.
      Just my 2 cents.
      I look forward to your input.

      • If you want variety, you can do as you suggest. They do things a little differently. One workout in S90 is worth the purchase price: Tabata Inferno. You wouldn’t go wrong purchasing S90 just for that workout alone. I mix up my routines right now and don’t follow a calendar.

        You can’t go wrong with buying either or both.

        I like Rushfit a lot. I found I was most athletic after following that routine for 60 days. Thing is one has to be dedicated. I play baseball and I need one day off before a game so I stick to mostly full-body workouts. It is off-season so I may get all Rushfitty 60 days out from the baseball season start.

  29. I never tried P90X2 due to the amount of equipment needed and I didn’t want to attempt Insanity since I was nervous that my old knee injuries would flare up from all the jumping around. I was also running quite a bit and trained for races using P90X with a running schedule hybrid for my marathon training.

    I first tried Focus T25 since it seemed like an easier workout for your joints from the reviews that I read and people who I talked to. It also incorporated weights for some of the Beta workouts and all but one of the Gamma workouts. Shaun T does not take any breaks for the entire 25 minutes. You are moving quite a bit from the start with a 3-minute warm-up. I did find the Speed and pure cardio workouts a bit painful for my arches that would flare up. I always work out barefoot from my P90X plyo days since it was a lot more tolerable for my high aches and wearing shoes was even worse. I don’t know why that is for me but it made some of the Alpha workouts just not suitable for someone like me. So I ended up only using the ones that involved weights but that’s only 5 or 6 workouts.

    P90X3 was a good 30 min workout that included a 3-4 minute warm-up. The variety of the workouts is really outstanding and you do feel like you got in a solid workout in only 30 minutes. You won’t get as ripped as P90X but you will get a decent workout. It’s not as non-stop as Shaun T but the variety of the workouts is better IMO.

    • Thanks for the info! So is there not a lot of jumping in Focus T25 and P90X3? I don’t mind plyo, but I also like intense, more metabolic workouts that do the job without making you jump all over the place. I just need a break from it sometimes. Cathe does some good, very intense, low impact workouts, but she also likes a lot of plyo like Shaun T.

      • Not a whole lot of jumping in both programs. Definitely not like P90X plyo at all. Shaun T has you moving the full 25 minutes with no breaks whatsoever. Tony goes on a Tony-like speed through the 30 minutes since he’s a chatterbox.

        I received RIPT90 and here are my first impressions of the first two workouts following their schedule. Minute By Minute was TOUGH! I can do pushups and squats all day long but pull-ups is my kryptonite so I was only able to do about 35 of the 100 total. I took one set off too but did the full compliment of pushups and squats. This was done on Friday and I was sore in many places for the rest of the weekend. Yesterday, I did the Chest Shredder and it wasn’t that bad. I found that the workout could have been done in a shorter time as I skipped over some of their breaks and talking to just press forward with the workout. The close-in push-ups were the worst, especially in the third set where my tris were on fire! Now that I know the sequence, I may just do this workout at my own speed and see how I can get it done in about 20 minutes instead.

      • Now I suddenly want T25 and P90X3 again. I will start watching them on Ebay again. And yes, some of the RIPT90 workouts are really tough. A lot of pull ups. I am actually working on pull ups via STS right now (using an assist). RIPT90 does them too fast for me to use an assist, but I hope to progress to the point where I can do the RIPT90 workouts doing at least a few sets of full, unassisted pull ups before resorting to the band. But that is still a while a way. STS, then some P90X 1 & 2 and Body Beast, then maybe I will be good enough at pull ups I can attempt some unassisted in RIPT90.

  30. Thank you much for the quick and thorough reply! I am a P90X graduate and been using the P90X3/T25 workouts since I’m more short on time now with children in my life now so I was looking for a short workout to mix it up a bit. The 20 min workouts is what attracted me to Ruthless but it gave me pause when I found out there were no weights involved. The variety of the RIPT90 workouts and the incorporation of weights grabbed my attention too but, like you said and reviewed already, the length of the workouts vary. It’s too bad the Ruthless didn’t use any weights like T25 Gamma does or I wouldn’t hesitate to try that out so I guess I will give RIPT90 a chance. Thanks for the help and love reading your other reviews too!

    • I’m actually a big fan of bodyweight strength training and I do think you can get a lot out of it–but I don’t think Ruthless is the best way to go for that. Mark Lauren is where the bodyweight strength training is. Ruthless would be more of a supplement to that. Mark’s YAYOG DVDs are pretty short–but still in the 30-40 minute range. I have been on the fence about P90X3 and T25 for a while. I can’t decide if I want them or not. What are you thoughts on how they compare to their predecessors? As in P90X 1 & 2 and the strength/DB workouts in Insanity and Asylum.

  31. Great review! I’m trying to decide if I should get this program or Ruthless but having a hard time deciding. If you had to pick one, which would it be?

    • Thanks! It depends on what your goals are. Both programs will give you excellent cardio and strength but if you are looking to build muscle then RIPT90 would be the way to go. If you have limited equipment then Weider Ruthless is your choice. You need zero equipment for Ruthless. For RIPT90 you need a variety of dumbbells and a pull up bar or a resistance band that attaches in a doorway. If you are limited on time then Ruthless is the better choice. Neither of them have super long workouts, but all of the workouts in Ruthless are 20 minutes whereas some of the workouts in RIPT90 are 30-40 minutes. The theres the trainers–Steve in Ruthless yells and pushes you, he also shows no modifications. In RIPT90, Jodi is very low key, very encouraging–a beta-male type. He shows modifications and encourages you to only do what you can and build from there. I don’t know if this helps? Personally, if I could only have one, I would go with RIPT90 because I love to lift weights and RIPT90 has the capacity to grow with you. But they are both advanced and will challenge you.

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