Popsugar: Ultimate Inner Thigh Workout

PSInnerthighUltimate Inner Thigh Workout is another 10 minute workout from Popsugar. It is led by Anna Renderer. I am using these 10 minute workouts as add-ons after other workouts. This morning it was Cathe Live: For the Love of Cardio. So I had just finished a fairly intense 44 minute cardio workout. This was a perfect mini workout to finish it off. I didn’t know what to expect, except it is supposed to hit your inner thighs and it is short. Well, there was several high impact cardio moves in this workout which was a pleasant surprise. It was also more challenging than I expected! Some of that could be due to having just finished another workout, but my thighs and core were actually protesting by the end. And yes, you read that right. You will also be working your core in this workout. So it is a multi-purpose little workout: legs, core and cardio–all in 10 minutes. Winner!

Ultimate Inner Thigh Workout is 10 minutes long. There is no warm up and you very briefly give your inner thighs a butterfly stretch at the very end (I held it for a bit longer!). No equipment is needed except a mat.


  1. Under the Fence: stand beside mat and do a deep squat, stepping over mat to other side, and lowering upper body like you are ducking under a fence
  2. Scissor jacks
  3. Gate Swing: start in a plié squat and jump in and out of deep plié squat
  4. Wide Sumo Squat Hop: while in deep sumo squat do hops
  5. Lateral Lunges: alternate sides
  6. Plank jack
  7. Windshield Wipers: lay on back, raise one leg straight to ceiling, other leg is straight on floor; cross raised leg over the body as far as possible then all the way to the other side of the body as far as possible
  8. Palm Press: lay on back, bend and raise knees, press palms together and put them between knees–press knees into hands (I felt this in my inner thighs and my core)
  9. Frog Press: open knees and press heels together; press feet/legs out and in, keeping heels together
  10. Palm Press
  11. Scissors: raise straight legs with toes turned out, heels in, and scissor straight legs
  12. Palm Press
  13. Narrow Bridge: knees bent and together, feet on floor; raise and lower hips

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