Cathe Live: Bootcamp w/ Step

bootcampWithStepLive-2-26-15Bootcamp w/ Step is another awesome, fun and effective cardio + strength Cathe Live workout. This workout is set up circuit fashion. There are 8 circuits and each circuit consists of a cardio blast on the step followed by a lower body strength exercise and ending with an upper body strength exercise. The workout ends with some fast paced core work that is very effective and keeps the heart rate elevated to the very end. An excellent total body workout, but as usual, Cathe completely ignores the back. However, I do have a solution for it in this workout. She hits the shoulders 3x, biceps and triceps 2x each and chest once. One of the tricep exercises is tricep dips on the step. In the future, I will just use a 25 pound dumbbell and do single arm rows–16 each arm–during the tricep dips (you do two sets of 32 tricep dips–so plenty of time to do 16 back rows). All of the cardio blasts are done on the step–all athletic moves, no complicated choreography. Overall another excellent workout.

Bootcamp w/ Step is 52 minutes long; 5:30 minute warm up, 5 minutes of core work and 2 minute stretch. The warm up is all done on the floor, so as soon she has you start doing knee raises on the step, you know the warm up is over and power 15s are imminent! It aired live on 2/26/15 and here is the video clip. Equipment needed: a step at 8 inches, a fitness mat and various dumbbells; Cathe used 10s, 12s and 15s; I also used 25s and 35s. Finally, after at least half of the cardio moves, she has you immediately do 16 jacks.

Circuit 1:

  1. Cardio: power 15s
  2. Lower Body: squats, 1 set of 24 reps and 1 set of 8 reps; Cathe used 15# DBs, I used 25# DBs
  3. Upper Body: rear delt flys, 1 set of 12, 1 set of 10, 1 set of 8; Cathe used 12# DBs, I used 10# DBs

Circuit 2:

  1. Cardio: knee up, down tap in around the world fashion
  2.  Lower Body: plie squats; Cathe used 15# DBs, I used 25# DBs
  3. Upper Body: overhead presses; 12# DBs

Circuit 3:

  1. Cardio: knee up to side of step then hop over step length-wise 6x
  2. Lower Body: pulsing cross-back/curtsy lunges off step; one 15# DB
  3. Upper Body: overhead tricep extensions; 12# DBs

Circuit 4:

  1. Cardio: starting on top of step, 2 straddle jumps w/ 2 hops on top step and one burpee; 6 reps
  2. Lower Body: alternating rear lunges (lots of different tempos); 15 # DBs
  3. Upper Body: hammer curls followed by holding DBs isometrically for a long time, ends w/ traditional bicep curls; 12# DBs

Circuit 5:

  1. Cardio: push up hops on step to count of 4 then 2 then singles; ends w/ fast feet toe taps on step
  2. Lower Body: squats, 28 reps; Cathe used 15# DBs, I used 25# DBs
  3. Upper Body: one leg tricep dips off step, 32 reps each leg (I will substitute one arm rows for this exercise in the future)

Circuit 6:

  1. Cardio: ricochets w/ one jack
  2. Lower Body: alternating side lunges, 12 reps; Cathe uses 10# DBs, I used 12# DBs
  3. Upper Body: lateral raises both single and double arm; 8# DBs

Circuit 7:

  1. Cardio: hops in a box (one foot on step, hop forward, hop over step, hop backward, hop over step; 2 sets of 8 reps
  2. Lower Body: plie squats; 12# DBs
  3. Upper Body: crazy 8 bicep curls; 12# DBs

Circuit 8:

  1. Cardio: drop and pop (3 hopping leg abductions off side of step, alternate sides)
  2. Lower Body: deadlifts; Cathe uses 15# DBs, I used 35# DBs
  3. Upper Body: push ups; one set of 10 reps, one set of 8 reps, one set of 6 reps


  1. lean on hip and same side elbow, raise legs straight on a diagonal and place top hand behind head; bring knees in and out, touching elbow to bottom knee, 16 reps each side
  2. Side elbow plank hip lifts, 16 reps each side
  3. Lay on back, legs straight and arms straight overhead; sit up bringing one leg up and touching finger tips to toe; alternate legs, 16 reps
  4. Side elbow plank w/ top hand behind head; bring top elbow to bottom hand; 12 reps on each side
  5. In straight arm plank bring knee to elbow on outside of body; 8 reps each side
  6. In elbow plank, shift body forward and back to 2/2 count; 6 reps

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