Cathe Live: For the Love of Cardio


For the Love of Cardio is a very fun Cathe Live workout. She doesn’t talk about the title but apparently she is assuming she is collecting everyone’s favorite cardio moves into one workout. And maybe she is! It is a fun workout. It is structured into 6 long combos that appear to be theme based. The first combo is familiar Cathe cardio moves we see pretty often in most of her workouts. The second combo is cardio kickboxing type moves. The 3rd combo is old-school cardio moves. Combo 4 is cardio blasts–so many HIIT level moves. Combo 5 is low impact metabolic lower body training. And the 6th and final combo is a hi/lo series using the mat. The intensity of the workout builds until the very end with Combos 4 and 6 being the most intense. Also, the only combos you repeat are 1 and 2. The rest of the combos you only run through one time. In the breakdown below I list each move but know that you are obviously doing many reps of each exercise. However once you do all the reps, you can throw it away because you will not repeat or return to that move again (unless you are repeating the entire combo, that is). And in the HIIT level combos you sometimes do two sets of an exercise (actually 2 exercises total, one in each combo).

Excellent fun workout!

Here is how Cathe describes this workout: This non stop, cardio packed workout will have something for everyone. Singing….. “With a blast blast here and a jab punch there, here a jump there a leap everywhere a pop squat”. Lol…well you get the point right? Come happy and leave sweaty.

For the Love of Cardio is 44 minutes long; 9 minute warm up and 3 minute cool down/stretch. It aired live on 9/10/15 and here is the video clip. The only equipment needed is a fitness mat which is used as a prop during the last cardio circuit and for the stretch.

Combo 1: power hop forward/block jack back; jack and jab; jacks w/ speed bag arms; wide leg march forward w/ jabs; plie squats w/ blocks; ice breakers; repeat combo

Combo 2: shuffle side to side; jab and shuffle moving backwards and do 4 jacks to change directions; high low jabs w/ a hop; speed bag one arm while shuffling forward, jab w/ other arm and retreat; scoot/skip forward and “sweep” back; jab-cross-reach-pull, all knee pulls, tap and side kick; repeat combo

Combo 3: butt kick jog; skip/kick forward 4 then skip/kick to side 4, 4 half-jacks back, 4 circle jacks; leap to side (lifting one leg to side) 3x + one jack; 2 heel/hops each side, 4 alternating single heel/hops; alternating knee hops; alternating hop front kicks; alternate high knee run w/ low butt kick run; run forward 4 and kick, run back 4 and kick; grapevine jog (you do not repeat this combo)

Combo 4: jump forward, jump back, quarter turn (squat) jump; squat dig (hop) 3x + one lateral jump; static lunge hop/lunge punch down; plie squat jump (touching the floor) + 2 hops; snowboarders (2 sets); (you do not repeat this combo)

Combo 5: alternating forward leaning lunges (bringing elbow to opposite knee); squat w/ alternating knee raises; alternating side lunges; side lunge/abduct/side lunge/stand–alternate sides; squat front kick squat back lunge (you do not repeat this combo)

Combo 6: (you need your mat for this combo) half-turn shuffle drop (around mat); wide burpees (straddling mat) w/ tuck jump; slam its (wide squat jump to each corner of the mart); jump shot + 6 elbow to knees (alternate corners of mat); high reaching pop squats (straddling mat) (2 sets); lateral skates over mat (you do not repeat this combo)



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