Cathe Live Rotation #3

Cathe has come out with some really awesome live workouts recently so I thought it was time for another Cathe Live workout rotation. This rotation is made up of primarily Cathe’s newer live workouts (newer than the workouts in my previous Cathe Live rotations, that is) but there are also some workouts that appeared in the earlier rotations. I do have favorites that are too good to be left out! There are also a few older live workouts included that I only discovered recently and that is why they weren’t included in the earlier rotations–but they turned out to be awesome workouts and so are included here as well. I don’t know how I missed them! When this rotation posts, I will not have followed it myself but I probably will follow it in some form in the future. Right now I am very focused on my blender workouts so I am doing them primarily, mixed with some Live workouts and Metashred Extreme.

This is a 4 week rotation. Each week you will do 3 days of strength work and 3 days of cardio. Day 7 will be your rest day. The first 3 weeks you will do splits at the beginning of the week and end the week with total body strength. The final week is all total body strength. You will also be getting core work every week.

Week 1:

Day 1: 4/27/17 Lower Body Bootcamp (58 minutes)

Day 2: 12/22/16 Keep the Cardio Coming (55 minutes)

Day 3: 4/20/17 Upper Body Bootcamp (57 minutes)

Day 4: 12/31/15 Rock it Sock it Kickbox (53 minutes)

Day 5: 1/21/16 ICE Chiseled Upper & Lower Body Blast (51 minutes)

Day 6: 4/13/17 Cardio Core Blast (53:30 minutes)

Day 7: Rest

Week 2:

Day 1: 12/08/16 Smokin’ Lower Body (46:30 minutes)

Day 2: 5/11/17 Warrior Kickboxing (59 minutes/10 minutes core)

Day 3: 7/28/16 Smokin’ Upper Body (53 minutes)

Day 4: 3/12/15 Cardio Core Circuit (46 minutes)

Day 5: 6/23/16 Summer 2016 Kickoff (59 minutes)

Day 6: 1/12/17 Kick Punch Cardio (51 minutes)

Day 7: Rest

Week 3:

Day 1: 9/17/15 Triset Legs (47 minutes)

Day 2: 9/29/16 Old School Cardio & Kickboxing (47:30 minutes)

Day 3: 3/09/17 Upper Body w/ Core Express (45 minutes/9 minutes core) (if you have time and want some cardio, add on 5/04/17 Quick Fix Cardio 32:30 minutes)

Day 4: 9/10/15 For the Love of Cardio (44 minutes)

Day 5: 10/13/16 Sweat, Jump & Pump (55 minutes)

Day 6: 12/18/14 High-Low HIIT w/ Step (42:30 minutes/7:30 minutes core)

Day 7: Rest

Week 4:

Day 1: 6/30/16 Total Body Giant Sets (59 minutes)

Day 2: 6/26/14 High Intensity Cardio Step (44:30 minutes)

Day 3: 12/01/16 Circuit Works + Barre + Core (54 minutes)

Day 4: 11/10/16 Cardio Boxing + Metabolic Conditioning (48 minutes)

Day 5: 1/19/17 Total Body HIIT (60 minutes)

Day 6: 7/24/14 Cardio Band Blast w/ Weights (48 minutes/6 minutes core)

Day 7: Rest








11 thoughts on “Cathe Live Rotation #3

  1. I know I am a bit late for the party. I did Lower body boot camp today and it kicked my butt. I am planning to follow one of the cathe live rotations you made. Deciding which one is going to be the problem. Thanks for taking the time to put them together and sharing them with us.


    1. I know! I love her Live Lower and Upper Body Bootcamp workouts. You’re welcome. I always plan to return to Cathe Live, especially now that she has another 100+ workouts that I haven’t done but I keep putting it off. She made it even harder when she made the individual Live workouts available for purchase. I bought my favorites (including those two bootcamp workouts!) which was quite an investment since I love so many of them. So who knows when I will start subscribing again? One day I’m sure but not any time soon now that I own so many (plus all of her DVDs!).


  2. I’m so missing your Cathe Live descriptions. You spoiled me for a long time … I’d just go to your web site and pick a Live one to try. Throughout the summer and fall, I’ve continued with Live but haven’t done any new ones … I just pick from the categories you have. I check your site about two days a week so look at all of your updates. I’m so impressed at how you find new things to do.


  3. Hi! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your website and all of your reviews! Your reviews have helped me so much with choosing my workouts. They are always so well written! I have fallen in love with Cathe Live workouts.
    I’m just wondering. Do you plan on reviewing some of the newer Cathe Live workouts?


    1. Hi Genny! I am so glad my reviews are so helpful. And yes, I will eventually be reviewing Cathe’s newer Live workouts. I have unsubscribed for a while to catch up on all of the other new-to-me workouts I have bought but I will be resubscribing probably in November/December time frame and at that time I will catch up on all of her newer Live workouts.


  4. Hi there, just trying to figure out which workout is featured in the photo you have used to illustrate your live rotation #3. It looks like a big fun class! Just curious, thanks, Sue


    1. Hi Sue–I honestly have no idea. When I am doing the Cathe Live Rotation posts, I just google “Cathe Live”, click on images and choose one to use!


      1. Ah well, thanks for taking the trouble to reply, it does look like a fun class doesn’t it? I’m looking forward to having a go at your new rotation, I think it will inspire me to work a bit harder. Thanks for the website, keep up the good work. sue x


      2. I actually think that picture and the one I used for the main Cathe Live page are from her road trips (but I am not positive). She has a few of the road trips workouts available as live workouts. 7/25/15 RT kickboxing class and 7/26/14 RT step class. You can try them and see!


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