Cathe Live: Cardio Boxing & Metabolic Conditioning


Cardio Boxing & Metabolic Conditioning is yet another of the many cardio boxing workouts offered in the vast and growing Cathe Live archive. I pretty much love them all. Lots of choices, lots of variety, which is good because I love cardio boxing. I also love metabolic conditioning, so this workout is a winner! I needed cardio today–no heavy lifting, even for my metabolic work, so I used the same weight Cathe used for the metabolic portion: 10 pound dumbbells for everything, and it was perfect for my needs today. I got a great and fairly intense workout. It wasn’t killer–especially the cardio boxing portion–but it gave me some great and fun cardio and the intensity increased with the metabolic conditioning.

The cardio boxing is typical Cathe format–boxing combos alternated with cardio bursts. The metabolic conditioning alternates more intense cardio blasts with metabolic strength work. Another excellent workout from Cathe Live!

This is listed in the Cathe Live library only as “Cardio Boxing”; however in all of her forum posts about this workout (and at the beginning of the actual workout) she uses the title I gave this blog post–which is obviously more appropriate and descriptive of what this workout actually consists of.

Cardio Boxing & Metabolic Conditioning is 48 minutes long; 29 minute cardio boxing (including warm up), 17 minutes cardio blasts + metabolic weight training, and 2 minute stretch. The only equipment needed is boxing gloves (I used 2 pound weighted gloves) and a set of 10 pound dumbbells. It aired live on 11/10/16 and here is the video clip.

  1. Shuffle, shuffle, drop the length of the mat
  2. Repeat #1, but this time go around the corner of the mat before you “drop”
  3. Alternating curtsy lunges w/ overhead press; 10# DBs
  4. Lateral skaters over the mat
  5. Plie squats w/ upright rows; this changes to plie squats w/ clean & pull; ends with more plie squats w/ upright rows; 10# DBs
  6. Football runs straddling mat
  7. Alternating overhead press; changes to squat w/ alternating overhead press; repeat these two series of exercises; 10# DBs
  8. Straddle power jump forward 3x the length of the mat + 4 jumping jacks as you turn to repeat
  9. Alternating reverse lunges; add bicep curls; this changes to bicep curls while standing on one leg; repeat series but this time stand on other leg at the end; 10# DBs
  10. High reaching 180 pop squats straddling mat
  11. Jump squat while bringing DBs down between legs, jump feet together w/ bicep curl to overhead press and 2 overhead tricep extensions; 10# DBs
  12. In crab, tricep dip then touch hand to opposite foot, alternating sides
  13. Straight arm plank to elbow plank, back to straight arm plank + 2 push ups–this equals one rep; 2 sets of 4 reps
  14. Reverse crunches





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