Cathe Live: Rock It Sock It

rockitsockitlive-12-31-15Rock It Sock It is 53 minutes long; 11 minute warm up, 20 minutes of cardio boxing, 8 minutes of cardio kickboxing, 8:30 more minutes of cardio and 4 minute cool down/stretch. All you need for this workout is boxing or weighted gloves. It also has heavy bag segments if you own one of those, but it isn’t necessary. I don’t own a heavy bag but doing the same exercises with 2 pound weighted gloves is still a great workout. It aired live on 12/31/15 and here is the video clip.

This is a great kickboxing cardio workout inspired by the ICE series Rock’m Sock’m Kickbox. There are definitely some similarities but it is also quite different. I love the DVD Rock’m Sock’m but I think I like this one even better. They definitely compliment each other! It is an intense cardio boxing/kickboxing workout with lots of intensity blasts. It’s also a lot of fun.

Here is how the workout plays out. The first 20 minute segment after the warm up is cardio boxing and it consists of cardio boxing drills and blasts plus 3 separate segments of heavy bag work. So, you do some cardio boxing, then some heavy bag, then some cardio boxing, then some heavy bag, then some more cardio boxing then the final heavy bag. The heavy bag is punch drills that end with two 20/10 tabata blasts then you do a cardio blast w/out the bag, then return to the floor for more cardio boxing. The tabata drills are always the same: fast alternating front punches that you can add fast feet to (I added the fast feet because it increases the intensity to make it at least somewhat worthy of the “tabata” label). Next Cathe has you remove your gloves for the kicking segment. As a note–I removed my gloves but regretted it. It is mostly kicking but there are punches plus the weighted gloves increase intensity. So in the future I will leave my gloves on for the entire workout. The kicking segment is made up of combos of front kicks, back kicks, squats to side kicks and jump kicks. She also inserts high impact blasts. The last 8 minutes of the workout is mostly cardio with some cardio boxing thrown in–things like flying jacks w/ front kicks, pendulums, etc.

Overall another excellent cardio kickboxing workout from Cathe Live.

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